FrenchTickling – Anonymous Tickle Series : Slave #01 : Sole Up Hysteria

Imagine an anonymous ultra ticklish girl you can torment silly without limits due to the fact that she is nobody, only your tickle slave!
We did it and this new serie begins with our slave #01 who is an horribly ticklish mature woman totally at our mercy.
For her first punishment she has a sole up and mercilessly tickled by the merciless ticklemaster.
The subject # 01 absolutely can’t stand being tickled but she is nobody so we have no limits with her.
She is mostly tickled on her right foot but the tickler attacks her upperbody and her ultra sensitive neck too.
If you have a fantasy with ticklish slaves totally devoted to tickling punishments you’ll be amazed by this new serie.

Length: 22:18
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Anonymous Tickle Series : Slave #01 : Sole Up Hysteria

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