FrenchTickling – Common Hysteria In The Stocks For Paige & Veronique

We are very proud to present you one of the most explosive tickle duo ever in our productions.
Paige and Veronique are immobilized together in the stocks for an extremely intensive tickle punishment.
Both girls are hysterically ticklish and you will see here a common explosion of hysterical laughter as we rarely seen.
The session is mostly foot tickling action but you’ll enjoy a lot of underarms tickling too.
Paige and Veronique lose all control of themselves in this clip and we invite you to watch the preview clip to understand exactly what we are talking about.
Girls are super super ticklish and you will never forget this extreme duo and their hysteric laughters.

Length: 22:24
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Common Hysteria In The Stocks For Paige & Veronique

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