FrenchTickling – Extreme Foot Tickling Therapy For Veronique Part 01

Veronique needs a good laughing therapy due to some depressive symptoms since a few weeks.
Her doctor gave her the adress of a famous specialist in this field for a special therapy based on hysterical laughter.
The fact that Veronique has horribly ticklish feet will help him to get the maximum laughter for a better health.
Her first day with the specialist consists of two tickle treatments during approx 20 minutes each.
For the first part she is strongly immobilized with a straitjacket with her helpless feet ready for an very intensive tickling.
The guy uses his fingers and some different tickle tools to pushes her to a real hysteria but she is so sensitive that he has no really difficulties.
Veronique becomes totally insane without any way to move at all while the fingers and brushes run on her deathly ticklish bare feet.
Ticklish girls like Veronique really need that!

Length: 22:03
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Extreme Foot Tickling Therapy For Veronique Part 01

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