FrenchTickling – Fantasies Continue Face Down With The Ticklish Dancer

Fantasies continue face down for the ticklish dancer Lisabeth.
This position is the worst for her because she can’t see her tickler and from where the tickles come.
The sadistic fingers run all long Lisabeth’s ticklish body exploring all her most sensitive spots as usual.
Lisabeth was more ticklish than usual during this session and her reactions are very arousing.
The first part of the clip is focused on her sides, underarms and neck then the tickler gets her extremely sensitive feet with fingers and different tickle tools.
We love to tickle Lisabeth each time but this session is particular and we really enjoyed that she accepted to fulfill our fantasies about a ticklish dancer.

Length: 20:09
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Fantasies Continue Face Down With The Ticklish Dancer

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