FrenchTickling – Funny Tickle Party With Kiara & Lorisse

Kiara and Lorisse have tickle fun with their ticklish bodies.
Each girl is successively tied on the bed and tickled by her friend without mercy on her feet and upperbody.
This is a very fun session where two girls are respectively tickler and ticklee for a maximum of crazy laughters.
Both girls are extremely ticklish everywhere and totally sadistic as tickler so you’ll enjoy her a great tickle party.
At some moments the FT tickler joins the action to tickle the feet of the tickler while she tickles her friend so both girls are tickled at the same time.
A crazy ticklish situation with merciless tickle action!

Length: 26:16
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Funny Tickle Party With Kiara & Lorisse

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