FrenchTickling – Harleen Gets A Sadistic Revenge On Her Sister Ocelia

After enduring merciless punishments from her step-sister Ocelia this is now Harleen’s turn to get a well deserved revenge.
Ocelia is immobilized face down in the stocks for the tickling of her life because Harleen knows her perfectly and she knows how to drive her totally crazy.
She tickles her underarms, sides, hips, thighs and her extremely ticklish little feet till she goes nuts.
The helpless Ocelia explodes in laughter with desperate hysterical reactions at some moments who incitate Harleen to increase the tickling even more.
By the way the bare feet tickling part is a masterpiece.
This is a real intensive F/F tickle revenge with girls who are as ticklish as they’re some ruthless ticklers.

Length: 23:24
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Harleen Gets A Sadistic Revenge On Her Sister Ocelia

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