FrenchTickling – Khloe Is At The Mercy Of The Sadistical Ocelia

The ticklish beauties Khloe & Ocelia are back for a new intensive tickle session in the stocks.
Both girls are super ticklish and extremly sadistical so we suggested that they take turns tickling each other without any mercy.
They was really excited by this idea and they accepted the game immediately.
Khloe is the first to be strongly immobilized in the stocks and tickled to hell by her friend Ocelia.
She is tickled on her upperbody during the first half of the clip and on her helpless bare feet during the second half.
You’ll enjoy a few socks tickling part before the bare feet punishment.
Khloe laughs continuously all long the tickling till she’s really exhausted.
Ocelia is perfectly sadistical and she loves to tickle Khloe, she just forgot that she will be the next in the stocks.

Length: 22:12
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Khloe Is At The Mercy Of The Sadistical Ocelia

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