FrenchTickling – Khloe’s Extreme Tickling Please Stop I Will Cry

The beautiful Khloe from “” is back for an extremely intensive punishment in a never seen before room.
She gets here the tickling of her life with the FT Tickler who really really pushed her out what she’s able to endure.
The punishment is 50% upperbody and 50% feet tickling till she loses all control of herself.
Khloe is ultra ticklish on every inch of her perfect body but her feet are her weak point and the guy discovered in this session a special technique who drive her out of her mind.
This is the first time than Khloe becomes so hysterical her with explosive convulsions and she said him that she is not here to endure such extreme tickling.
Unfortunately for her the tickler is merciless even if she said him “PLEASE STOP I WILL CRY”.
Poor Khloe this is just the worst tickling of her life and it doesn’t stops.

Length: 20:22
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Khloe’s Extreme Tickling Please Stop I Will Cry

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