FrenchTickling – Lyanah’s Face Down Tickle Instructions

Lyanah is extremely ticklish everywhere but she loves to be tickled so we made a little game with her in face down position.
In this session she can asks to her tickler where she wants to be tickled and the technique he has to use.
This is a nice ticklish situation with a sadistic tickler who do exactly what her ticklee asks without any mercy.
Feathers, fingers, electric toothbrushes and hairbrushes run on her most sensitive spots and she really enjoys it even if it drives her crazy.
Lyanah is tickled on her bare feet, legs, buttocks during a long part, hips, sides, underarms, neck and arms.
The guy has so much fun with this fun situation and he does his best to offer her the most unbearable tickling as possible.
Lyanah is a fantastic tickle toy with beautiful and ultra ticklish feet, buttocks and underarms.

Length: 20:23
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Lyanah ‘S Face Down Tickle Instructions

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