FrenchTickling – Lyanah’s Underarms & Hips Are So Fun To Tickle

Lyanah is back for a sadistical Upperbody tickling session.
She is super ticklish everywhere so we strongly immobilized her for an intensive underarms, hips, sides and neck tickle punishments.
The tickler begins with feathers during the first minute then he attacks with his experimented fingers to drive her crazy all long the clip.
Lyanah can’t stop laughing while the tickles run on her helpless body and her reactions are great because she can’t stand being tickled but she loves that at the same time.
This girl is a real wonderful tickle toy we could punish all day long and without any compassion.

Length: 21:05
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Lyanah’s Underarms & Hips Are So Fun To Tickle

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