FrenchTickling – Paige Is Now Merciless With Veronique’s Bare Feet

This now Paige’s turn to have fun with Veronique’s horribly ticklish bare feet and she was not disappointed by her reactions.
Paige is perfectly sadistic and she discovered that she loves to tickle girls especially when they lose control of themselves like Veronique.
She really shows no mercy to Veronique’s helpless bare feet and she does her best to drive her totally crazy with feathers, fingers and brushes.
The tickle gloves are just incredibly efficient on Veronique’s bare feet and her reactions are a masterpiece in the world of tickling fetish.
Paige loves that and she tickles her in this way till Veronique goes nuts.
These ultra ticklish girls are a magnificent duo and both are perfect as ticklers as much as ticklees.

Length: 19:03
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Paige Is Now Merciless With Veronique’s Bare Feet

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