FrenchTickling – Remastered Vintage Series Tickle Delights With Ysilis In Bikini

This is the compilation of Ysilis’s tickling punishments in bikini.
You will enjoy 2 different scenes of Ysilis tickled on the bench + the spread eagle session.
For the first scene Ysilis is strongly immobilized on the bench for a sadistical upperbody and bare feet tickling/Lickling.
Her sexy underarms are totally open for tickling and the tickler explores different ways with fingers and electric toothbrushes to discover what technique will get the best reactions.
Ysilis’s soles and toes are a delight to tickle and the guy uses his fingers, hairbrushes, electric brushes and his tongue to drive her crazy.
For the second scene she is tied on the floor and tickled from head to toes.
He punishes her underarms, neck, arms, sides, hips and belly then after that he gets her bare feet with brushes, fingers and he sucks and licks her perfect soles and toes.
Ysilis goes crazy as usual but she can’t remove her extremities from the tickling tongue.

Length: 32:15
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Remastered Vintage Series Tickle Delights With Ysilis In Bikini

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