FrenchTickling – Remastered Vintage Series Welcome In Our Tickle World Micha

Micha is an Extremely ticklish professional model.
She was 23 years old and worked for magazines in 2004 when we worked with her and she was one of our first professional models.
This clip is a combination of two scenes where the beauty is successively tickled by two guy from head to toes.
During the first scene she is immobilized on her back in spread eagle position and tickled on her extremely sensitive upperbody and feet.
Then for the second part of the clip she is strongly immobilized hogtied and gagged with a gag-ball during an extremely intensive tickle punishment on her most ticklish spots.
During the second part the tickling is more ruthless and the girl really suffers the punishment accentuated by the fact that she absolutely can’t move at all.
This was a great merciless punishment with a true beauty who discovered with us the tickling fetish.

Duration: 19:19.949
Size: 609,242 Mb

Download – Remastered Vintage Series Welcome In Our Tickle World Micha

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