FrenchTickling – Sarahni’s Bare Sole & Underarms Are Unbearably Tickled

Sarahni’s weak points are her feet and her underarms so the tickler decided to focuse on these spots without mercy.
For this last part she has her right feet up and totally at the mercy of feather, fingers, hairbrush and electric toothbrush.
Sarahni can’t stand to have her perfect soles and toes tormented like here and the poor beauty has to endure another intensive punishment.
The clip is 70% foot ticking and 30% underarms tickling so after an unbearable foot punishment the guy tickles her helpless super ticklish armpits till she cannot take it anymore.
Sarahni is really tickled to exhaustion and this was really difficult for her to endure so much tickling on her super sensitive body.
Once again we welcomed a super ticklish beauty in our production who endured the worst for your and our pleasure.

Length: 19:04
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Sarahni’s Bare Sole & Underarms Are Unbearably Tickled

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