FrenchTickling – Sole Up & Hysteria For The Submissive Cleo

The Submissive Cleo is back for a new topless tickle punishment.
She is immobilized with her right foot up and vulnerable for an intensive session.
The tickling begins slowly and increases progressively on her milky sole till she goes nuts.
Cleo has an extremely ticklish body and every inch of her perfect skin is super sensitive.
This clip is 60% foot tickling and 40% upperbody with ruthless attacks on her most sensitive spots.
The beauty explodes in laughter with some crazy reactions and you will love how she can’t stand the tickles when they become more intensive.
Some attacks on her body are unbearable for her and you will remember her reactions for a long time!

Length: 23:23
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Sole Up & Hysteria For The Submissive Cleo

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