FrenchTickling – Special Custom Request Lisabeth & The Blue Feathers

This is a special clip we made with Lisabeth due to a custom request where it was asked a tickling on her bare feet, neck and underarms with blue feathers.
If you love feathers tickling with a beautiful girl this custom is for you.
The tickler torments Lisabeth’s perfect soles and toes with a blue feather during the first 12 minutes then he tickles her sexy underarms and neck for the rest of the sesion.
The beauty is extremely sensitive with feathers on her most sensitive spots and she laughs all long this delicious punishment.
Lisabeth has some of the sexiest feet we have ever seen and they are so ticklish…

Length: 22:03
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Special Custom Request Lisabeth & The Blue Feathers

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