FrenchTickling – The Air Hostess Loses Control Face Down Now

The hyper ticklish air hostess Eliwen is now immobilized face down for more tickle torture.
She’s 100% helpless in this position and totally at the mercy of the two experimented ticklers who gave her another memorable punishment.
Her upperbody is mercilessly tickled during the the half of the clip with ruthless tickle attacks on her ribs, hips, back and underarms.
The girl explodes silly but she absolutely can’t do something else than to endure the unbearable tickles.
Then after an extremely intensive upperbody tickling the guys have fun with her helpless milky bare feet and wow… that’s great.
Eliwen’s laughter is a delight who incitate to never stop tickling her.
Her perfect feet are so sensitive that this is really heaven for the lucky guys.
Such a ticklish girl like Eliwen at the mercy of two sadistic ticklers.. Enjoy!

Duration: 15:03.352
Size: 470,485 Mb

Download – The Air Hostess Loses Control Face Down Now

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