FrenchTickling – Tickling Is Even Worst Face Down For Salina

This is the last part of Salina’s tickling experience in France and she experiments here the face down punishment.
Her entire body is at the mercy of Camily and the FT Tickler who tickle her from head to toes every ways they can to get the maximum laughter.
Salina discovers that she fact that she can’t see the ticklers makes her even more ticklish and that it is absolutely unbearable.
The ticklers attack her bare feet, legs, hips, sides, underarms, back and neck till she loses control of herself with some great hysterical reactions.
Saline explodes in laughter under the tickles assaults and her reactions are really fun to watch.
A beautiful girl from South America who meet the French ticklers and their sadistical punishments.

Length: 21:05
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tickling Is Even Worst Face Down For Salina

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