FrenchTickling – Upperbody Punishments To Hysteria For Epona


Epona is a real 21 years old professional horsewoman we met thanks to a friend.
This session is an extremely intensive upperbody tickle torture with 2 differents situations.
During the first 15 minutes she’s immobilized on our special bench with her sides, hips, belly, neck and underarms at the mercy of three sadistic ticklers.
For the last 6 minutes of the clip she’s strongly immobilized in our stocks for one of the best underarms and hips tickle punishment we have ever filmed.
Epona goes nuts with insane convulsive reactions to hysteria and we were really impressed by her exceptional sensitivity.
This girl is THE tickle toy because she loses all control of herself when she’s totally unable to move.
Wow this is just great!

Duration: 21:04.568
Size: 663,06 Mb

Download – Upperbody Punishments To Hysteria For Epona

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