FrenchTickling – Upperbody Tickle Fun With Paige & Veronique

Paige & Veronique have now tickle fun with their extremely ticklish upperbodies.
During the first half of the clip Veronique tickles Paige’s underarms, sides, neck, belly and hips then Paige gets her revenge during the second half.
Both girls are crazily ticklish at each touch on their bodies and both girls are absolutely merciless.
This is a 100% F/F tickle action with two beauties who have maximum tickle fun.
At the end of Veronique’s punishment Paige tickles her helpless bare feet a few minutes.
Girls are super sexy, super ticklish and wonderfully sadistical, the perfect combination.

Length: 15:18
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Upperbody Tickle Fun With Paige & Veronique

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