FrenchTickling – Veronique Is Out Of Control “Face Down Punishment”

The merciless punishment continues on the super ticklish Veronique who is now immobilized face down for a ruthless tickling from head to toes.
She is a tickler’s dream because she reacts immediately to every touch on her hyper sensitive skin and her exceptional ticklishness don’t decrease over the years.
We even wonder if she does not become more and more ticklish with time because each time we tickle her she becomes even more crazy.
In this session the tickler gets her underarms, neck, hips, sides, legs and her insanely ticklish bare feet of course.
Veronique is one more time tickled to exhaustion and she endures here a really long session till she can’t take it anymore.
Still beautiful and still ultra ticklish, Veronique is our timeless tickle star!

Length: 19:03
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Veronique Is Out Of Control “Face Down Punishment”

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