FrenchTickling – We Meet The Most Ticklish Girl Next Door’s Feet On Earth

Every year we have an exceptionnal ticklee we can call “The Ticklee of the Year” and for 2014 she is without a doubt Krysta. This new 21 years old model is a real firewoman and we can say that we have rarely seen such a ticklish girl like her. Her feet are really more than ticklish they are absolutely untouchable! The slightest touch with a feather drives her insane with incredible convulsions then you can imagine how she reacts when she’s tickled with fingers and brushes by the FT Tickler and by the sexy Mina. Krysta is so ticklish that the ticklers have asked some help to hold the device on the floor during all the clip. You’ll see the suffering on her face all long this incredible video and we don’t know if she will return in the future for a new session because she really endured the most intensive pain of her life. Some girl are super ticklish on their feet, believe us Krysta is above them!

Duration: 12:17.848
Size: 383,013 Mb

Download – We Meet The Most Ticklish Girl Next Door’s Feet On Earth

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