OrgasmGames – Just ’cause I’m squirming doesn’t mean I’m gonna cum

sure. whatever you say Hollie ;). She has the cutest Tennessee accent and is pretty confident in her ability to resist the vibrator. She’s also super fit that doesn’t help her. All she can do is thrash that much harder after she cums and the vibrator’s still on her clit

She’s gets pretty sensitive after she cums but she’s also a pretty strong minded gal so near the end I challenge her to 5 minutes of continuous vibration. She cums after about 2 minutes and the rest is mostly just grunts, moans, and ah’s that she tries her best to hold in as her eyes get a bit loopy

Orgasm button was on the fritz this shoot, but she does come around 4 times

Length: 14:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Just ’cause I’m squirming doesn’t mean I’m gonna cum

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