TheTickleRoom – First Time Wednesday Rose “Virgin Feet, Confused Reaction”

Here is a REALLY rare situation. We have a model who def doesn’t fit the general fetish model. Wednesday Rose is a 24 year old traveling soul with size 7.5 feet and she has NEVER let anyone touch her feet. She is REALLY against it. She claims to be a 18/10 ticklish and for those excited for that I am going to burst the bubble she isn’t. She 100% is HYPER sensitive and actually gets extremely turned on from her feet being touched. She is ticklish and giggles but its not a OMG laugh. She has a really light cute giggle and true look of confusion as I tickle her feet. Internally she is completely confused by this experience. She is a person who loves to take in all the emotions and sensations and she REALLY feels this. We start with a pretty long first interview and a tickle test. I remove her Doc martins showing her socked feet lightly tickling her. She closes her eyes and starts giggling. Then the socks come off and “O GOD NOOO”. She is SERIOUSLY nervous. This clip is a LOT of foot tickling. She giggles and begs closing her eyes often confused by the sensations. This is PERFECT for those who love a model coming into this terrified and loving it. She is amazing and this is truly a sensual tickle.

Length: 17:36
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – First Time Wednesday Rose “Virgin Feet, Confused Reaction”

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