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CurationDeTickly – Asia’s Holiday Tickle Vengeance on Angel

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and winter is here so the timing is perfect! Our favorite blasian has been tickled and teased by Santa, and then encouraged more by Angel to ultimately being double teamed by Santa and Angel. She’s more than ready to dish out her revenge on Angel’s naughty ticklish now candy-cane nyloned soles and upper body. Witness how one of our ticklee favorites relishes her opportunity to be be the tickler, diving head first into her opportunity to dish out her revenge on her gorgeous counterpart! Santa definitely enjoyed these ladies get naughty watching in the background 🙂

Length: 6:04
Resolution: 1080×1080

Download – Asia’s Holiday Tickle Vengeance on Angel

CurationDeTickly – Curated Conversations The Don Diva Part Tres

This clip concludes the conversational portion of the shoot with The Ebony Diva. We chat, drink, laugh and discuss all manner of things from fetish to family. I am massaging and lightly tickling her nylon covered feet as much as I can without going overboard lol. She sees the inner tickle fiend in my eyes and knows something is coming (and she’s right lol). Tickle Targets, Ticklish Sensitivity, Toe Alignment, Fetish Preferences, etc are all topics of discussion in this triggering interview. She even let her step-mom know she was shooting fetish content and lets us know her step-mom has “really pretty feet”, which in true kinky producer fashion I explore the idea of getting her step-mom and those mature pretty feet in front of the camera (stay tuned on the step-mother step-daughter ebony soles effort that I hope to coordinate lol). Her personality is magnetic, her laugh is triggering, we thoroughly enjoyed conversing with this beautiful woman about so much. The conversation series is fun to get to know the ladies before they become giggling laughing wreck’s, but the tickling is coming :). If you’re a lover of pretty women, pretty feet in nylons, that happen to be mad ticklish already, then scoop this one up.

Length: 12:16
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Curated Conversations The Don Diva Part Tres

CurationDeTickly – Ebony Diva First Time Hogtied and Tickled

As my guy NBA H-town likes to say, “Life Comes at You Fast” and for our Ebony Diva friend, it’s time to go swimming in the deep waters of tickle kinkery. Hogtied in the kitchen, we’re ready to see if our tickle victim can take the heat! A first for her, and ironically she’s casually talking about a Law & Order SVU episode, before our tickler gives her a hogtied baptism tickling her all over, and of course, removing her sneakers to get at those now sweaty nyloned soles. Not a whole lot to say here, just check the preview! Filmed in crystal clear 4K at multiple angles. Special shout out to Houston Foot Fetish for the camera man assist. Oh, you noticed the stocks at the end of the table did you? Why yes, they do get put to use! Stay Tuned and Stay #Triggered my friends 🙂

Length: 5:19
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Ebony Diva First Time Hogtied and Tickled

CurationDeTickly – TeeTee’s First Ever Hogtied Tickling Ordeal – Multi Angle

TeeTee now finds herself hogtied and completely vulnerable to the tickling she deserves. Her shapely legs and feet encased in sheer black nylon thigh highs definitely won’t help make this any easier for her. No setup, storyline, or plot here folks. Just a pretty girl, hogtied on a table rolled in the center of the room, for the purposes of being tickled intensely. Multiple cameras capture the tickling and TeeTee’s delicious reactions as the tickler explores her feet, legs, upper thighs, back, sides, and armpits purely for your viewing pleasure (and his own delight as well). We should also mention that this is her first time in such a position, and we hope it won’t be the last. 12 minutes of non-stop tickle torment of this lovely mixed beauty!

Length: 11:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – TeeTee’s First Ever Hogtied Tickling Ordeal – Multi Angle

CurationDeTickly – Tickle Tickle Miss Mariah

Meet Mariah, a gorgeous 20-something from Cali (we love California Girls) with shapely everything, including her succulent and sensitive meaty size 10 feet. Mariah falls into 2 categories that we love here at The Curation. THICK & TICKLISH :). No theme here, we just tie her up on the couch and give her ticklish soles the what for, for your enjoyment. She’s dabbled in the fetish world before so tickling isn’t 100% new to her. She lets us know the brush is what she hates (silly girl), so we explore her ticklish feet with fingers, comb, back scratchers, dryer balls, oil them up nicely and of course THE BRUSH! If you like pretty girls, with pretty feet, getting tickled on the couch, then this one’s for you ;).

Length: 11:43
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Tickle Tickle Miss Mariah

CurationDeTickly – Teasing TeeTee’s Ticklish Pits

We’ve introduced TeeTee to some foot tickling, but we explored her upper body and more before visiting the car. Here’s part of that quick exploration with the patent pending “standing in front of the mirror so you can watch yourself being tickled in real time” shot hehe. We had to cut this one a little short because as TeeTee says in the end “I don’t like that” and she was far more ticklish than she imagined on her upper body. Luckily we caught what we did on film ;). Short little clip with a lot of bang!

Length: 3:04
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Teasing TeeTee’s Ticklish Pits

CurationDeTickly – Mariah’s Thickalish Teasery

After a very spirited Introductory Foot Tickle, and being both Thick + Ticklish, we have Thickalish Mariah change into a sexy one-piece zip up outfit and nylons for the next phase of her tickle initiation. With arms tied at the wrists and anchored behind her tickler’s neck, she starts out saying “OMG this is so vulnerable”. The better to access your sensitive ticklish areas my pretty. No tools here. Just a tickler exploring the vulnerable tickle spots of a gorgeous young lady. After a couple minutes, he unzips her jumpsuit further exposing her beautifully inked body for more intimate tickles. Ribs, Pits and Thighs Oh My!! Mariah ends this one nice and sweaty, but still in one piece! A fun clip with a fun and ticklish young lady. Also, notice the stocks in the background 😉

Length: 8:17
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Mariah’s Thickalish Teasery