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CurationDeTickly – Wednesday Addams Introduction to Foot (Tickle) Fetish Part 2

Wednesday’s fetish orientation continues where part 1 left off, with her very well taken care of size 8 feet being tickled! Soft as they look and moist to the touch, she is tickled continuously throughout this clip with some breaks for conversation and foot teasery. Not fond of being forced to show outward expressions of joy or laughter, she naturally tries to resist and stifle the sensations and subsequent reactions from having her sensitive feet taken to task by a tickler. It’s always fun when a ticklee goes from “I’m not that ticklish”, to saying “oh fawk” before their head rolls backward and laughter comes pouring out of them! In Wednesday’s case, it almost sounds painful that she’s in this position. She’s also asked about being tied up, is reminded of her toe-cuffs (which makes our tickler jealous), talks about how she progressively got un-ticklish on other parts of her body, and discusses other foot fetish facets she’s aware of including how she’d find ball-busting to be quite fun. But let’s not bury the lead, this video is over 12 minutes long and a solid 8+ has her feet being tickled with her doing her best not to give our ler the satisfaction of any kind of laugh. What can we say…..she tried 😉

Duration: 12:33.986
Size: 627,418 Mb

Download – Wednesday Addams Introduction to Foot (Tickle) Fetish Part 2

CurationDeTickly – Wednesday Adams Toe-Tied, Oiled Up, and Tickled

Wednesday’s maiden fetish shoot is winding down, but we couldn’t let her “sunny disposition” and those immaculate size 8 Feetbeaters go before a full-on tickle treatment and be on the receiving end of some Human Experimentation herself. Wednesday has her ankles tied and anchored to the couch, juicy big toes tied together, and multiple coats of oil applied to her soles throughout the duration of her final ordeal. She’s now ready to be subjected to a relentless cycle of tickling – oil, finger tickling, tools tickling, re-apply oil, repeat – aka the Full Monty! Only breaks in the action were for readjusting positions and making sure poor Wednesday wasn’t in any pain. Enjoy this 20 minute multi-angle episode of oily soles and toe-tied tickling goodness!

Duration: 20:15.113
Size: 892,487 Mb

Download – Wednesday Adams Toe-Tied, Oiled Up, and Tickled

CurationDeTickly – Oily Foot Tickling Frenzy for Sasha Monae

By now Sasha Monae has had her Orientation, has been tickled on her upper body, hogtied, and now is ready for her tickle finale here at The Curation. Hands tied behind her back and feet already oiled quite nicely and tied to the bed in front of her, our tickler taunts her verbally while extracting the giggles from her shapely soles. Starting only with hands, our tickler then uses a comb on her feet which proves to be very effective, before finally going to the heavy duty tools to really get her howling! Cackling and falling over laughing her ass off, Sasha can’t handle the electric toothbrush tracing her soles and toes as if she’s receiving an invisible soles tattoo! If you like pretty girls with pretty feet getting tickled, this is definitely the one for you!

Duration: 8:49.562
Size: 339,006 Mb

Download – Oily Foot Tickling Frenzy for Sasha Monae

CurationDeTickly – OH FU-K, OMG, PLEASE STOP

As in “OH FU*K OMG PLEASE STOP TICKLING ME!!”. This vid is ENTIRELY UPPER BODY FOCUSED, with complete concentration on her flat toned tummy with plenty of navel focus for the bellybutton lovers, and of course her smooth armpits. Meet Tee, a young 20-something Desi Woman with a gorgeous face, flawless skin, a shapely body, cute feet, and a bit of a potty mouth (but we like it). Unfortunately for her, she’s run into Jason who’s in full swing of his tickle awakening and she finds herself tied at the wrists, hands anchored overhead, and at his mercy. Jason takes up position behind her grabbing her from behind and beginning his tickle assault starting at her waist and working his way up to her armpits. We’ve never heard a young lady utter the words “OMG” and “Oh F**K” so many times in such a short period, but her delicious begging and pleading for mercy takes the cake. “OMG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE” will be music to your ears as Jason digs in and holds her in place from running away from his wiggling fingers. Her armpits, ribs, sides, back and navel all get very healthy amounts of tickling in this introduction of Tee to the The Curation.

Duration: 9:09.200
Size: 1 293,087 Mb


CurationDeTickly – Jason Tickles the Hot Ebony Diva

Jason’s Tickle Awakening has been fun but he’s about to pick up his preferred instrument of chaos, but not before one last tickle encounter and it happens to be with a feisty diva who prefers to struggle and fight more than laugh. Too bad she’s ticklish as all get out, is tied down in tight body suit with sheer black nylons on, and again Ticklish AF! The whole cosplay angle broke down because she was so ticklish she calls “Jason” by his real name, begs to be let go, threatens to cry, and we had to stop because she was literally on the verge of peeing on herself. We left these moments in because while the cosplay angle was the goal, we wanted folks to see how genuinely ticklish this model was and the fun during the shoot. With all that said, enjoy this clip and the added BTS footage we’ve included for both authenticity and hilarity!

Duration: 12:02.688
Size: 1 721,21 Mb

Download – Jason Tickles the Hot Ebony Diva

CurationDeTickly – Jason tickles the Bubbles out of Asia Perez

Jason Vorhees is back with an insatiable lust for Tickling! The prolific slasher returns to put down the machete and pick up his tickle tools, and his first victim is legendary Ticklee Asia Perez! Restrained to the bed with rope, saran wrap and duct tape, Asia is defenseless to fend off the tickle assault that Jason levies against her helpless tiny frame. Scantily clad with denim short shorts, fuzzy socks, and a flimsy top, Jason attacks Asia’s thighs, upper body with oil for increased sensitivity, legs, and her soft freshly pedicured size 6 feet. Asia’s sensitive nipples get targeted as she ends up topless and howling with laughter as they are interrogated under Jason’s wiggling fingers! Unbeknownst to Jason, Bubbles is Asia’s safeword and he proves to be an effective tickler getting her to scream it out multiple times throughout this 15-minute clip. Enjoy this fun first vid in a series featuring Jason the Serial Tickler! We had a lot of fun making this clip and Asia Perez was a doll to work with. Expect to see more of her in The Curation.

Duration: 14:50.266
Size: 2 123,99 Mb

Download – Jason tickles the Bubbles out of Asia Perez

CurationDeTickly – Tickling the Oily Golden Arches of Sunshine


Known for her “Golden Arches”, Sunshine finds herself in a rather compromised position, and ba da ba ba ba – I’m lovin it! This biracial HIGH ARCH having, pretty toes painting, meaty soled maven, undergoes a thorough tickling of her heavily oily soles. The clip opens with the tickler pouring an excessive amount of baby oil on her restrained feet, gives a big gulp as if he’s just drank a large glass of water, and then proceeds to go to town with fingers, tools, and vigor! No plot here…just a pretty girl, with pretty feet, that get really oily and tickled for nearly 10 minutes…Indulge!

Duration: 9:40.747
Size: 213,554 Mb

Download – Tickling the Oily Golden Arches of Sunshine