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CurationDeTickly – Tickle Tickle Miss Mariah

Meet Mariah, a gorgeous 20-something from Cali (we love California Girls) with shapely everything, including her succulent and sensitive meaty size 10 feet. Mariah falls into 2 categories that we love here at The Curation. THICK & TICKLISH :). No theme here, we just tie her up on the couch and give her ticklish soles the what for, for your enjoyment. She’s dabbled in the fetish world before so tickling isn’t 100% new to her. She lets us know the brush is what she hates (silly girl), so we explore her ticklish feet with fingers, comb, back scratchers, dryer balls, oil them up nicely and of course THE BRUSH! If you like pretty girls, with pretty feet, getting tickled on the couch, then this one’s for you ;).

Length: 11:43
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Tickle Tickle Miss Mariah

CurationDeTickly – Teasing TeeTee’s Ticklish Pits

We’ve introduced TeeTee to some foot tickling, but we explored her upper body and more before visiting the car. Here’s part of that quick exploration with the patent pending “standing in front of the mirror so you can watch yourself being tickled in real time” shot hehe. We had to cut this one a little short because as TeeTee says in the end “I don’t like that” and she was far more ticklish than she imagined on her upper body. Luckily we caught what we did on film ;). Short little clip with a lot of bang!

Length: 3:04
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Teasing TeeTee’s Ticklish Pits

CurationDeTickly – Mariah’s Thickalish Teasery

After a very spirited Introductory Foot Tickle, and being both Thick + Ticklish, we have Thickalish Mariah change into a sexy one-piece zip up outfit and nylons for the next phase of her tickle initiation. With arms tied at the wrists and anchored behind her tickler’s neck, she starts out saying “OMG this is so vulnerable”. The better to access your sensitive ticklish areas my pretty. No tools here. Just a tickler exploring the vulnerable tickle spots of a gorgeous young lady. After a couple minutes, he unzips her jumpsuit further exposing her beautifully inked body for more intimate tickles. Ribs, Pits and Thighs Oh My!! Mariah ends this one nice and sweaty, but still in one piece! A fun clip with a fun and ticklish young lady. Also, notice the stocks in the background 😉

Length: 8:17
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Mariah’s Thickalish Teasery

CurationDeTickly – First Time Hogtied & Tickled Cowboys Fan

Angel is gorgeous, tall, slim, and definitely could be a cheerleader for America’s Team (or most hated team depending on your perspective). But most importantly, TICKLISH. We discovered she’s a Cowboys fan, indoctrinated since birth and couldn’t resist having her show up in her Cowboy fan garb just to put her in her first ever hogtie and tickle her into submission. She puts up a good fight resisting the tickles, holding her breath, struggling to get away, but resistance is futile. Hot and hogtied in the kitchen, we test and tease her vulnerable body while taunting as we go. Angel has a very feminine and almost polite sounding laugh, and our tickler is determined to extract as much of it as possible! Using a few tickle tools and mixing up attacks on her armpits, back, neck, thighs and of course her slender size 9 feet, our tickler has a ball getting this gorgeous gal giggling. He even adds some toe sucking to the mix while getting up close and personal with her sensitive soles for tickles. In the process our tickler is threatened, called evil, called “Dr Evil”, reminded that “payback is a brown haired bitch”, and even assaulted at the end of this clip (off camera) lol. Enjoy this multi-angle and up-close and personal clip with Angel. We’re a few months out from football season, but the NFL Draft is coming soon and it’s never too soon to ask HOW BOUT THEM TICKLISH COWBOYS FANS ?!! 🙂

Length: 13:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – First Time Hogtied & Tickled Cowboys Fan

CurationDeTickly – Cowboys Fan Coochie-Coo

We got our ticklish Cowboys fan outta the hogtie and in a more comfortable, and much more vulnerable position for upperbody tickles. The focus is on her armpits which she tried to keep hidden while hogtied, her stomach and ribs area. Our tickler gets her good, triggering her threats of revenge and plotting until vengeance shall be hers, but they fall on deaf ears as our tickler continues his therapeutic attack on her vulnerable upperbody. Some leg and foot tickling at points, but her upper body is the main focus of this clip! Enjoy!

Length: 7:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cowboys Fan Coochie-Coo

CurationDeTickly – Ticklish Soles of Santa’s Little Helpers – Multicam Clip

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so why not add some foot tickling to the holiday season?! We’re happy to be rolling out our first ever holiday themed of content featuring the lovely Angel the Goddess and fan favorite Asia as Santa’s Ticklish Little Helpers. Santa’s Helpers are awaiting St Nick’s return, but our tickler figures some friendly foot tickling is a great way to spread some holiday cheer. This clip features the beautiful Angel the Goddess’s and slender size 9’s while gorgeous Asia returns to The Curation, and brings her very ticklish dainty size 7’s with her. This time Asia claims to have “new feet” as her original ones “died and went to heaven from being tickled too much”. Perhaps an early Christmas gift, but we’ll be the judge of that! Angel eggs our tickler on to “go harder” on Asia while plotting a chance of her own to tickle our favorite Blasian. Both girls are laughing, squealing, and in some cases grunting, while threatening our tickler, encouraging him to get the other, and trying to bribe him to stop! Of course none of this works as you enjoy full frontal foot tickling action of these fantastic female feet. Clip captured from multiple angles including straight ahead, and a soles cam from the tickler POV.

Length: 9:03
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Ticklish Soles of Santa’s Little Helpers – Multicam Clip

CurationDeTickly – Ticklish Double-team of Santa’s Ticklish Helpers

Twas the night before Christmas, and Santa’s finally returned home and is itching to tickle his beautiful assistants after a hard day at the workshop. He starts at their feet, teasing their arches while they hold the pose and try to keep their composure. Santa doesn’t stop there though. He creeps up their legs for some upperbody tickling before coming around the bed to sit down and really go to town on Asia’s upperbody. Helper Angel really loves seeing Helper Asia take all the tickling Santa can dish out, and gets into the tickling spirit too as this turns into an all out double team assault on Asia’s ridiculously ticklish body. Soon Santa is on her upper body, and Angel is down at her feet expertly using her freshly manicured nails on Asia’s SUPER sensitive arches! Before long, Santa is holding Asia’s ankles while Angel goes to town on her helplessly ticklish soles! Whether you’re a fan of M/F, MF/F, and F/F, this one is sure to move the “needle”. More of these 2 to come. Indulge! (shout out to Camera Man houston foot fetish…..check him out for first class Feetanyl content as well)

Length: 9:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish Double-team of Santa’s Ticklish Helpers