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ZenTickling – Tink’s Ticklish Soles

Harley has poor Tink tied face-down on the bed with her bare soles facing the camera. She straddles Tink’s ankles so that she has great access to Tink’s feet. Tink squirms as best she can but Harley manages to maintain control as she uses fingers and tools to torment her friend. As far as the best reaction I think it is a toss up between the toothbrush between the toes and the hairbrush on the soles. Harley gets a genuine kick out of making her pal squeal and giggle.

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Download – Tink’s Ticklish Soles

ZenTickling – Remember to Breath!

Tink is face-down with the excellent tickler Harley ready to give her another dose of tickle torture. Tink keeps insisting that she is totally not ticklish, and Harley calls her bluff. She tickles Tink all over her body, feet to ears. When she gets a good reaction she takes note and focuses on those areas. Two spots that send Tink over the edge are her hips and her armpits. When Harley digs into Tink’s hips she goes into bouts of breathless laughter. Tink squeals as Harley’s fingers tease her armpits, and Harley lays on top of Tink and smiles with delight at the camera.

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Duration: 10:17.300

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Download – Remember to Breath!

ZenTickling – Arms Up Gia!

Gia is kneeling in front of the camera with her fingers laced behind her head. Her male tickler stands behind her and uses his fingers to gently tease her whole body. When he tries some light tickles it backfires a bit, as you can see Gia is enjoying it a little too much. She bites her lip as her eyelids flutter. However, when he wants to really test her willpower he knows where her weak spots are and can have her doubled over in seconds. Gia’s armpits seemed particularly ticklish in this clip, and she could barely stand having them touched.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720, 12397 kbps

Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 128 kbps

Duration: 9:18.233

Size: 833,53 Mb

Download – Arms Up Gia!

ZenTickling – Tink’s Ticklish Pits

Harley’s good friend Tink was also interested in participating in her first ever tickling shoot, and here is her first experience being the tickler. She is tied with her arms secured tightly overhead, no give whatsoever. Harley straddles Tink’s waist and begins to tease her toned tummy. She finds that Tink’s vulnerable armpits are especially sensitive. One trick that works well is ‘spirit fingers’ dancing just above Tink’s skin. Her anticipation ramps up and finally explodes once Harley makes contact. Harley is a skilled tickler and also has a lot of cute banter with her poor victim.

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Duration: 6:37.166

Size: 337,24 Mb

Download – Tink’s Ticklish Pits

ZenTickling – Tink Hogtied and Tickled by Harley

Harley has her girlfriend Tink hogtied on the bed and ready for another round of tickle torture. Harley teases Tink’s wrinkled soles, hitting the sensitive spots underneath her clenched toes. Tink insists that she is not ticklish, even as she cackles uncontrollably. Harley walks her fingers from Tink’s feet all the way up her back, then digs into her ribs. Tink is especially ticklish on her hips and thighs, which Harley picks up on fairly quickly. As any good tickler does, Harley focuses a lot of time on her friend’s weak spots. While struggling Tink frequently lifts her butt up in the air, leaving her hip area open for attack.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720, 7376 kbps

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Duration: 5:18.533

Size: 284,943 Mb

Download – Tink Hogtied and Tickled by Harley

ZenTickling – No Laughing Matter

Here is the second part of my session with Edith. I start off teasing her feet, trying to have her keep still as I trace my finger up and down her soles. As always, tickling the tops of her feet gets a surprising reaction from Edith. Next I break out the electric flosser and hairbrush to make things a bit more intense. I challenge Edith to try and endure the tickling without making a sound, and boy is it satisfying to watch her squirm. She desperately tries to stay in control of herself as the hairbrush is raked back and forth under her toes. Next I move up and wedge myself in between her legs to tickle her hips, thighs, and crotch. I challenge her to stay quiet again because it’s my new favorite thing. She can hang on for a bit but at a certain point her resolve breaks and she squeals with laughter.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720, 10712 kbps

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Duration: 9:40.566

Size: 750,288 Mb

Download – No Laughing Matter

ZenTickling – Mia’s Standing Tickles

Here is our final clip with the Canadian model Mia and her girlfriend/domme Julia. Mia is standing against a door with arms tied up, and Julia has one last shot to make her squirm. Julia likes to use her feathers, which can get a good reaction out of Mia. She also uses a small brush as well as her fingers (I think the fingers are the best). Julia focuses on Mia’s exposed underarms but also gives some attention to her ribs and belly.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720, 10062 kbps

Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 128 kbps

Duration: 9:52.700

Size: 720,014 Mb

Download – Mia’s Standing Tickles