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ZenTickling – Minnie Mummified and Tickled

It’s Minnie’s turn to be mummified up and tickled. Harley has Minnie lay on a bench and proceeds to wrap her entire body in plastic, with the exception of her head and feet. Minnie’s feet are totally vulnerable and Harley tickles her with fingers and brushes. The hairbrush works pretty well, but Harley finds that she gets great reactions using her fingernails. Minnie is trapped and is not able to get away from the ticklish sensations. These two girls have great chemistry and have a lot of fun tickling each other.

Duration: 8:19.800
Size: 735,623 Mb

Download – Minnie Mummified and Tickled

ZenTickling – I’m Trapped! – Harley Hogtied

Minnie has her friend Harley hogtied on the bed and vulnerable to all sorts of devious tickling fun. Harley got her into this tickling business, but Minnie is a natural tickler. She teases Harley and notices where she gets the most intense reactions. Harley is so ticklish and cannot catch a break as Minnie attacks her feet, legs, tummy, and armpits. No matter which way Harley turns there is always a ticklish spot open for Minnie. The two have good banter back and forth and seem to be having a blast.

Duration: 7:01.933
Size: 518,16 Mb

Download – I’m Trapped! – Harley Hogtied

ZenTickling – Harley Fails Lotus Pose

It is Harley’s turn to sit in lotus pose while her friend tickles her from behind. As soon as Minnie’s fingers touch Harley’s body she begins to buck and squirm. Her hands are bound behind Minnie so there is no getting away, and Minnie grapples with Harley as they flop around. Minnie spends a lot of time on Harley’s tummy, prompting some begging as Harley exclaims ‘NOT BY BELLY BUTTON!’. The armpits and ribs get a bit of attention as well. Seeing Harley giggle as her toned abs are tickled awesome.

Duration: 5:18.633
Size: 385,643 Mb

Download – Harley Fails Lotus Pose

ZenTickling – Upper Body Fun with Edith

Here is another quick clip that Edith and I made on a whim. I have her wrists tied to the corners of our bed and she has very little room to move around. Her top is quickly removed and her body is covered in baby oil. Edith has some odd tickle spots.. her arms, neck, and ears are all exceptionally ticklish. When I use the electric toothbrush around her neck and ears she goes crazy. I like watching her lose control and continue to tickle her worst spots. After a while I decide to give her a break, switching to some soft, sensual tickling on her belly and armpits. She tells me the tickling that she likes the most and directs me to the best spots.

Duration: 6:28.933
Size: 572,012 Mb

Download – Upper Body Fun with Edith

ZenTickling – Toe-Tied and Tickled

I recently built some new stocks and Edith was more than happy to try them out. Each of her ten toes is tied back securely and her soles are totally exposed. I tease her with long, slow finger touches before breaking out the baby oil. She is pretty ticklish all over her feet.. toes, arches, and heels. I use my fingers, feathers, and brushes to get different reactions (she hates the hairbrush). The best part is that she loves every minute of it and sometimes instructs me to go back to a spot that especially tickled.

Duration: 5:46.566
Size: 1 053,032 Mb

Download – Toe-Tied and Tickled

ZenTickling – Minnie Hogtie Tickled by Harley

Harley has the beautiful Minnie hogtied and ready for more tickling. Harley gets Minnie’s feet, belly, ribs, neck, and legs.. she’s pretty much ticklish everywhere. Minnie has a hysterical giggle that is hard to stop once Harley gets started, and Harley’s taunting/teasing is very sexy. Both girls are having a great time tickling the hell out of each other.

Duration: 7:15.833
Size: 1 591,873 Mb

Download – Minnie Hogtie Tickled by Harley

ZenTickling – Tink’s Erotic Tummy Tickles

Here is one with Tink being tickled by a male LER. This particular clip features very slow, sensual tickling that seems very pleasurable. Tink is giggling throughout but also seems to be enjoying the light sensations all over her bare belly. The tickler makes his way to Tink’s armpits occasionally, but most of the time he is focused on every inch of her tummy.

Duration: 10:24.866
Size: 936,36 Mb

Download – Tink’s Erotic Tummy Tickles