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LovelyLaughTickling – Eugenie brought us Sophie !

Welcome an amazing new model ! Sophie is a very tall girl and a friend of Eugenie, I really love her big soles because they are beautiful, but also super ticklish.

You will see how she can’t take it, even threatening us to pee on herself (fortunately she did not) , but in the end she is ready for more when we tell her it’s only the beggining. Is she a true masochist ?

Length: 11:06
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Eugenie brought us Sophie !

FrenchTickling – Unbearable Tickling Continues Face Down For Paige

For the last part of Paige’s first experience in our studio she’s immobilized face down and she discovers how she’s helpless in this situation.
The beauty is horribly ticklish everywhere but like with every girls the fact she can’t see her ticklers makes her more sensitive than usual so you can imagine what she endured here.
This clip is mostly F/F tickle action but you’ll enjoy a lot of FM/F tickling because both ticklers really wanted to push her to her ticklish limits.
They attack her insanely ticklish bare feet, legs, hips, sides, underarms and her neck for an ultimate and unbearable tickling punishment.
Paige goes nuts all long the session with hysterical and convulsive reactions at some moments.
Sure she will never forget her tickle experience with us and how she lost control of herself so many times.
One of our hottest and most ticklish model since numerous years!

Length: 20:14
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Unbearable Tickling Continues Face Down For Paige

XSuckMyToesX – Super Tickles

Length: 12:52
Resolution: 1080×1080

Download – Super Tickles

XSuckMyToesX – Double The Tickles but not the fun

They literally had me SCREAMING from these tickles. It seems to have been very fun for them, not so much for me!!

Length: 4:33
Resolution: 640×352

Download – Double The Tickles but not the fun

AngelLunaBrat13 – Restrained Tickles

So…My “friends” decided to ticle me. I had the presence of mind to tell them that they better restrain me or I would kick them in the face. They did indeed restrain me and start to tickle. I thought I would last, but ended up calling “uncle” (my safe word at the time) to get a break. Between MikiBeth sitting on my legs and Lynne using her new nails on my feet, it was almost unbearable. My feet looked good though! LOL!

Length: 7:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Restrained Tickles

FrenchTickling – Veronique Is Ruthless With Megarah In The Stocks

After seeing how ticklish Megarah is the sadistical Veronique asked us if she could have fun with this new super ticklish model and as you can imagined we acceded to her request.
We strongly immobilized her in our stocks for a very intensive tickling session from head to toes.
Veronique tickles Megarah’s upperbody during the first half of the clip and she attacks her helpless bare feet with feathers, fingers and different tickle tools during the second half.
Megarah can’t move at all and this new situation makes her even more ticklish, she explodes in laughter without any way to escape or to stop the tickle action.
Veronique tickles Megarah’s super ticklish bare soles with her shoes on during a long moment with feather and fingers then she removes her sexy heels for a ruthless action.
The ticklish beauty endured here the tickling of her life because Veronique offered her a very special ticklish memory.

Length: 23:21
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Veronique Is Ruthless With Megarah In The Stocks

PetesGirls – Tickling Elise in a Straightjacket

We’ll never figure out why insanely-ticklish girls consent to being bound and tickled. We’re just glad when they do. Long-haired lovely Renee Blaine told petite and pretty Elise Graves that she’d like to do a tickle scene with her. Elise, who both loves and hates being tickled, agreed. Once secured in a straight-jacket, wearing only her panties, Elise was totally at the mercy of Renee and Pete. They double-team Elise to hit all her tickle spots. All Elise can do is laugh, scream and curse through nine minutes of tickling. “She’s so deliciously foul-mouthed,” Renee observes. Don’t laugh; this is likely our best tickling scene…ever

Length: 8:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Elise in a Straightjacket