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TheTickleRoom – Athenas Big Foot First Tickle!

Here we have the stunning 20 year old Athena! She is a Moroccan beauty with SEXY size 10 feet. Now she was in bed vibin and me and Christina are having coffee. During this coffee break Christina tells me how she was at a bar and LOVED the bartender. They hit it off great and they are equally complaining about how their feet hurt due to the shoes they had on and the bartender (Athena) goes ‘OMG and it does NOT help that I am a size 10 because most shoes my size suck and hurt’. Now. Many of you do not know how Christina is. She IMMEDIATELY blurts out ‘damn girl the foot community would love them big bitches’. This is an actual quote and yes, she does this often. SO she tells me all this and I tell her when she shows me a picture ‘is she free right now?’.

She makes Athena hop straight out of bed and Athena seriously shows up STRAIGHT from bed to audition. Now she had NO idea it was tickling. She thought ‘o hey a feet pic thing!’. WELL when she sees the bondage and all that she gets nervous but after some transparency and talking shes like ‘ya know what lets do it’. So Athena is one of those where shes like ‘I honestly don’t think I am ticklish dude and no one really like TRIES ya know?’. So we are expecting a dud but in her interview when I touch those soles, FLAMES. Its not a CRAZY reaction but oh its there. She is then toe tied in, nervous, and ready to rock.

Now, Moroccan women from what I have seen have VERY nice and THICK soles which make them sensitive in the meaty areas. So I think she wont move that bad. I was wrong. I get those soft feet and she LOSES it. She feels bad and apologizes so I make Christina be a human c-clamp. So Athena has one of those super drying fluffy slippers so I use lotion and it SENDS Athena to the moon. She starts complaining, fighting, calling me step-bro 50 times, and then bursting with laughter. You can tell she is NOT used to this feeling. Athena looks SO lost and confused that I even remind her of her safeword because I am a tad worried. She holds out and I already have the spot pinned. The toe ties keep her in place but her feet still wiggle a very sexy amount. Its glove time. But FIRST oil and fingers. We play a game to keep her in place and she does well for the oil but the glove SENDS poor Athena PACKING. She is laughing then SUPER silent then begging for the time check then laughing AGAIN. By the end of this clip Athena is giggling, calling me step-bro constantly and then finally ready for some foot worship. Sorry upperbody peeps. Its a dud up there.

Length: 13:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Athenas Big Foot First Tickle!

TheTickleRoom – Mercedes The Deceiver “You’re Feet Are So Sexy!!!” UNCUT

So here is one of those ‘I was wrong clips’ lol. So when Vanessa came to get tickled she brought a friend…..Mercedes. Mercedes watched Vanessa get laughing but said she was NOT down to get tickled. Vanessa begged her to try but Mercedes said hell no. That was until she watched Vanessa and then decided……’I wanna fucking do this’. Which made ME excited because when she removed her socks she had SEXY and SUPER SOFT feet. It was amazing. Well I tested her but since I was tired (it was like 1am btw) I declared her not ticklish. I look at the video now and realize I am an idiot and was barely trying (forgive me tickle gods!). Well the next day I did a photo shoot with Vanessa and Mercedes was there with PAINTED TOES. I was very sad. I just kept thinking damn if only she was ticklish. Thats when Vanessa goes ‘she is ticklish dude, she told me last night she held it in because she was nervous’. So Mercedes decided to do a sexy styled shoot and while this is going on Vanessa winks at me and ATTACKS poor Mercedes. All my premium fans got a lovely video of that ;).

BUT NOW I could see she was ACTUALLY ticklish. So now I had to get her back for hiding her sensitive body from me! So we get her back and Vanessa is smiling ready to see Mercedes take a turn at Tickle Mercedes is 19 years old with THE MOST AMAZING Size 5 1/2 feet. Literally they are amazing. So I tickle this girl literally EVERYWHERE. From fingers to brushes to LICKLING and PUSSY TICKLING. We go EVERYWHERE where even Vanessa joins in double teaming her bestie with me. This is one SEXY ass video. As me and Vanessa double team her I eventually move up and give her an orgasm as I tickle her and she holds on to me and the stocks. Check it out and grab Mercedes customs!

Length: 44:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mercedes The Deceiver “You’re Feet Are So Sexy!!!” UNCUT

TheTickleRoom – Veronicas Upperbody Meltdown!

This is by far one of the MOST intense upperbody clips I have EVER done. So Veronica was ticklish on her upperbody and lost it for a while. Then she started HEAVILY competing in body swimsuit competitions. So Tightening her body, training, sweating and retraining her skin HEAVILY. She gets WAY worse. Lets add the element of a gag and blindfold. So Christina is my on care model and assistant for this one since its so intense. With Veronica tensing so heavy I use a LOT of finger movement and not finger digging or muscle movement to tickle her. This works REALLY well. Veronica is TIED and cannot stop me. She is NOT getting out of the bondage and this bed has her STRETCHED. Do not get me wrong she TRIES to fight but me on her legs and how tight the bondage is she literally screams and fights her mask off. Now I cannot keep her FULLY gagged and tied on her face because I am GENUIENLY afraid she will throw up or choke because she LOSES it tickling wise and we tried before and she really holds it in place with her mouth and face but if its tight she will almost puke. I end this clip with me and Christina tag teaming her ribs and armpits and Veronica, is inconsolable. Now Veronica normally cries but this? This was a new cry. She let out a LOT of stress and was hysterical. We turn the lights off and I give her a HUGE hug. Christina hugs and caresses’ her as well. She drinks her water and winds down. I know a lot of the time in the industry we show the tears and then say ‘oh ya then I sucked her toes as after care’ to keep up this appearance of breaking the model but this is true aftercare. A lot of the models end up as almost like a family to each other and me. So me and Christina show love and then cut the camera to relax with her a bit after. Veronica is a CHAMP but even champs break. Worry not. Veronica was so happy after she went on to do the Catwoman shoot and cannot wait to see the girls again. She LOVED it all but said she had a lot going on in life that the tickling just ripped out but the hugs and exhaustion after made her genuinely happy and fulfilled.

Length: 12:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Veronicas Upperbody Meltdown!

TheTickleRoom – Brenda’s Audition

Here we have the sexy Brenda. She admits in the interview she is ticklish enough to cry and trust me she is. This is probably one of the better of my long auditions. She is literally ticklish EVERYWHERE. She wore boots and super fluffy socks in hopes that I would leave her feet alone but we all know that just makes us more excites ;). I break her feet in first then her upperbody. However Perla who was observing decided to jump in. When it’s over Brenda is literally spent but all in all she LOVED it and did come back 😉

Length: 23:25
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Brenda’s Audition

TheTickleRoom – Christinas Gang Upperbody Hell!

Christina is a FIGHTER when it comes to upperbody. She gets WILD and in this clip its a lot of teasing and just us all talking casual while tickling her. It was something fun we did with the extra hour we had! Chloe and Allison are just laughing and finding spots to destroy Christina. She is squealing and moving but unable to get away as we triple team her poor body!

Length: 6:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Christinas Gang Upperbody Hell!

TheTickleRoom – Welcome Back Dia Pt 1 “ITS WORSE NOW!”

So for those who do not know or have never seen Dia she is SUPER ticklish and she HATES IT. She had no idea what tickling was when we met and was instantly nervous when Neko explained it to her. Now its years later and she is a Tickle Room favorite. But this is post the HARSH times we all just endured and she underwent a huge fitness journey and has been caring a LOT more for her feet. Now at 25 years young her size 6 feet are even MORE sensitive than before. This is technically a 7 part series where Dia says its actually WORSE than her 4 hour non stop tickle attempt but we will get there. We start with her test and interview which is available on my . In this video Dia is tied up and ready to get wrecked. I start and Dia IMMEDIATELY starts freaking out. She tries to fight me ‘OH IT IS REALLY BAD, IT IS REALLY BAD its so TICKLING!!!!’ is the exact quote for poor Dia. I wont lie her feet look so GOOD now and she keeps saying ‘its to tickling!!!’ I am a little nice giving her some time before I lotion her soles and speed up ‘OOOO OHOHOHOHOHO O SH&%’ Is all Dia can say before I speed up. She starts losing it squealing, screaming and loudly giggling ‘MY FEEETTTTTT’. Dia is actually more vocal than ever before and you can tell she honestly is truly suffering. I would say her sensitivity level has SKY ROCKETED. Poor Dia is losing it when I use the soft rubber brush. She HYSTERICALLY laughs before going ‘WAIT A SECOND WAIT A SECOND its TOO tickling!!!’ I give her a chance to relax before bringing it back. She loses it again trying to get away only to just whine and squeal. Thats when I bust out the HAND brush. She HYSTERICALLY laughs before ‘I HATE THIS ONE AHAHAHAHA I HATE THIS ONEEEE, O GOD’. Poor Dia is all I can think as she just loses it. Then I break out an old fan favorite of hers. The vibrating egg. She loses her mind flexing her toes and soles to escape only making it WORSE. This is just the beginning of the welcome back for poor Dia.

Length: 8:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Back Dia Pt 1 “ITS WORSE NOW!”

TheTickleRoom – Abbies Shy Upperbody Hysterics!

big feet were fun to tickle but we all know where the party always is. I start with the thighs and knees. Abbie a giggling mess and now laughing really hard. I quickly get to the tummy and hips. Now we get the “OHOHOMYGOD” breathless laugh. She was not expecting this at all. Mei Mei is LOVING it because she hates being on the receiving end. Abbie is REALLY not able to get a laugh to stay in. Thats when we hit the ribs and armpits. She is doing well keeping her laugh until I handle bar the armpits then BOOM laugh. Thats when for a little bit me and Mei Meis EVILS long nails go OFF on her. This is a fun introduction for a really cute new model!

Length: 6:32
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Abbies Shy Upperbody Hysterics!