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TheTickleRoom – Tasha and Amber in “Tickling the Thief” FULL Movie!

Tasha is a model looking for some paid work in NYC when she finds a gig for tickling! Sounds interesting and its simple with no real intensity and according to the AD they say its all on your comfort and Tasha HATES being tickled intensely but can handle the simple things the ad promises. So she does a meeting with Amber who is the studios assistant. It goes great but Tasha realizes a LOT of really expensive things in the studio. After leaving she plots to return.

The next day Tasha returns when it seems empty and begins to take things immediately stuffing her bag. Little does she know Amber is still packing some things for a work trip and hears this catching Tasha in the act. Tasha shocked as Amber watches her claims she just left her purse there and was looking for it! Amber is having none of it calling the boss to see if he knows of this then switching it up to call the police on Tasha. Catching on Tasha throws Ambers phone as they both dive for it. They wrestle as Amber quickly reverses onto Tasha in a great choke. Tasha knocks out wondering….what will happen next.

Amber drags Tasha into the Tickle Studio FULLY ready to torment poor Tasha. She lays her on the massage table facedown spanking Tashas soles until she wakes up. Tasha is PISSED but also TERRIFIED as Amber begins digging her fingers in Tasha defenseless toes. Tasha SCREAMS insults at Amber who laughs and also pissed begins talking even more insults at Tasha. “YOU BITCH AHAHAHA GET OFF ME” As Amber tells her “Oh no I’m not going anywhere”. Poor Tasha is just not ready for Amber DRAGGING her nails on her defenseless soles. Amber uses tools that drive poor Tasha INSANE as she uses a brush glove and pen. Tasha is falling apart almost begging at this point but Amber is NOT done as she moves Tasha to the stocks. Tasha does NOT last long as she starts to cry and BEG before she ACTUALLY (and this is legit) knocks out. Well Tasha was NOT happy so this clip ends with some SERIOUS revenge on Ambers poor upper body. Amber is BEGGING as Tasha RELENTLESSLY tickles her stomach, ribs, and armpits. I have NEVER seen Amber break down like this and the next day Amber was so exhausted from a SHORT revenge clip with Tasha she could barely move.

Length: 26:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tasha and Amber in “Tickling the Thief” FULL Movie!

TheTickleRoom – Mia Annabellas Horny and Hysterical

So like I tell everyone. Mia is INSANELY ticklish and you NEVER get to see her like this. She is never tickled this intense but we have a great friendship and relationship so I get to push her a littleeee bit more. So in the video I decide to switch it up. I have Mias arms above her head and behind my neck. This way I am behind her and she is kind of holding herself in place. SO she tells me a bit about how to tickle her and she is a giggling mess. She bounces up and down squealing and hysterical. I really wreck her sides and keep turning her on by slowing down and messing with her ears and neck. Then its back to intense belly and ribs tickling. Then I go CRAZY on her ears and she LOSES it fighting me and getting away while COVERED in goosebumps. You can tell Mia is like LOST for a moment but I let her recover and go back to her. You can tell she is crossed between loving it and hating it. This is one of my favorite sets and just like the feet this is a MUST have.

Length: 16:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mia Annabellas Horny and Hysterical

TheTickleRoom – Dias Foot Games Pt 2 “Punishment and Dreams!”

Here is Round TWO of the CRAZY Dia Foot Games. Poor Dia lost the challenges too much and her tokens sent her to the massage table! But….I am not the one Dia no no. For 10 minutes she will be at the mercy of her admirer…Valerie! She has loved Dia for a VERY long time and this is her FULL opportunity to get her fingers and tongue on Dias sensitive soles! Val wastes no time. She is both insanely excited and nervous as she tickles poor Dia. Valerie never really had an experience as a Ler before this day so I let her have fun while occasionally coaching her! Valerie uses the brush and Dia SCREAMS laughing how she HATES Valerie but Valerie taunts her before swapping to Dias hyper sensitive upperbody making it WAY worse. Dia is already spent but Valerie ends it with a full on brush lickle tickle combo sending poor Dia WAY over the edge!

Length: 11:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dias Foot Games Pt 2 “Punishment and Dreams!”

TheTickleRoom – Dias Foot Games Pt 1 “Losing and Lickling!”

So heres an oldie and custom with Dia! The Foot Games custom has become something of a regular for most Tickle Room regular models and sometimes models breeze through it, some have a rough time, etc. But mostly models make it through and do really well normally not losing…..well in Dias case….that was not the case. She has a REALLY hard time STARTING with the infamous no moving challenge. I remove her shoe and start tickling her socked foot. Dia is ALREADY struggling saying it is WAY worse. Her eyes keep going wide as I slowly push her sock up tickling her bare foot. Then I move to her other foot and she IMMEDIATELY starts punching her leg. But she makes it through! Now its this little piggy time…..only issue is Dia has no clue what it is lol. I play it in Mandarin for her but she still messes it up. But for the language barrier on this one I let it happen….but then the next game is actually even more mean for her. She has to do tongue twisters…..and shes still learning english. Poor Dia keeps messing up on this one and she HATES THE DENTAL FLOSSER. But every time she messes up she has to suffer with the dental flosser. She messes up A LOT lol. Peter Piper messes her up BAD and alot. Then there is the money challenge. She does decent on that but after it all….its punishment time as I get her toes in my mouth and go CRAZY With the brush. This is an awesome foot tickling clip especially for all you Dia fans out there! But Dia did mess up so….its punishment time!

Length: 25:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dias Foot Games Pt 1 “Losing and Lickling!”

TheTickleRoom – Kairis First Time “I Hate THAT!”

Kairi is a friend of mine that randomly decided with her friend Jade to come shoot for The Tickle Room! She knew about my shoots about a year ago but she HATES her feet being touched and was NOT a fan of thinking about them getting tickled. Well she changed her mind after a friend expressed interest in doing foot work (Jade) and talked her into joining. Now Kairi and her size 7 soles are normally very much in control. She always gets men to do what she wants even with her shy and very soft persona. So this being her first time tied up you can tell she is actually extremely nervous. The MOMENT I touch her feet she is smiling and lightly making faces trying to get away. Heads up this is one of the CUTEST and most genuine shy reactions of someone getting tickled you will ever see. Kairi HATES her feet being touched so watching her IMMEDIATELY smile and giggle losing short breath even when I am tickling her socked feet. So I tie her toes back and its time. I start with fingers and she is giggling fighting her laughter when I have Jade help me. So I start and Kairi explains her hatred for fingernails on her feet but can handle Jades. Thats when I use Aloe on her feet and its go time. I use tools and shockingly the one that tickles the MOST is her left foot right on her insole. The moment we use the brushes she is LOSING It with this soft giggle that makes her lose composure. Its a really hot experience watching her giggle and lose control while almost squeaking and she HATES it but me and Jade LOVE it.

Length: 13:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kairis First Time “I Hate THAT!”

TheTickleRoom – Bella Luxxs Audition Pt 2 Upperbody Techniques

Bella Luxx is a beautiful insanely ticklish model which a GREAT body and one AMAZING laugh. The video starts great with Bella asking “are you gonna touch my knees?” as I start grabbing her knees to which she IMMEDIATELY responds “fuck you are”. I start with her knees and thighs and she wiggles giggling trying to get away. Then I am on to the hips and belly. I start nice and slow lightly tickling her so shes on the edge and not too intense then I do a trick I barely do with one hand. I start really slow digging my hands in with all 5 fingers placed down. It works and she giggles before I go faster and switch it up. Poor Bella is giggling and squealing when I move to her armpits and she start cackling and laughing way harder. This is one fun tickle with the awesome Bella Luxx!

Length: 8:12
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bella Luxxs Audition Pt 2 Upperbody Techniques

TheTickleRoom – Bella Luxxs Audition Pt 1 “Hyper Ticklish Big Feet”

Here we have a fun new Texas beauty Bella Luxx! She is a 32 year old amazing beauty with SEXY size 9 soles. She has been tickled before but never by a studio like me with how intense we can be. So I remove her flip flops and shes already giggling. The moment I start tickling her soles she giggles and crunches her toes. I go with a big toes tied and pinky toes stretched to the side to really hold her in place. I explore her BIG Soles and LONG meaty toes finding tons of fun spots and she giggles and smiles squirming. Her soles look AMAZING in the stocks as I add lotion to her soles. She is giggling nervous as I slowly drag my fingers on her soles. She cannot stop laughing “Oh that feels nicehahahaha” as I dig my fingers a little deeper. When I pick up the pace she is a laughing mess but not quite hysterical….So its tool time. I actually start with the massager and it sends Bella into HYSTERICS. She is SCREAMING AHAHAHAHAHA in one of the sexiest burst laughs ever. But its not over there as I switch up to oil and the brushes. Poor Bella is interested, horny, begging, and this is just the beginning……

Length: 17:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bella Luxxs Audition Pt 1 “Hyper Ticklish Big Feet”