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TheTickleRoom – Laylas Gang Tickle

Well its time for the FINALE with the amazing and popular Layla! She just tormented poor Neko Yano and Imelda but now it is her turn and she is THE MOST sensitive of them ALL. Now Layla may have had a good time but during the break Imelda promised to buy me ramen if I absolutely destroyed Layla with them. Well I love ramen so poor Layla gets absolutely destroyed in this clip. Neko Yano starts up top immediately making Layla giggly and nervous but Imelda wastes NO TIME digging her nails in Laylas toes while using her other hand to go crazy with a BRUSH!! Poor Layla is already barely able to breath when I step in. Now me and Neko Yano are tag teaming Laylas upperbody when I ask Imelda “How hard should I go from 1-10?” Imelda smiles evil as Layla looks at her begging “Go an 8”. Layla loses her mind as we tag team her body making her SCREAM into a snorting laughter. This is one HELL shoot for poor Layla.

Length: 10:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Laylas Gang Tickle

TheTickleRoom – Layla Tricked “IM NOT TICKLISH”

Layla is a sweet person who tries to love everyone. She attended a party seeing 2 girls she just thought were so stunning Audriana and Tiffany. Well unfortunately for her…..they think she is also stunning BUT they think she is a major rich bitch who needs a lesson while being broken down. Audriana wants Layla to fall into her trap and admit what Audriana has known every time she looks at Layla….that Layla wants Audriana. While spying on poor Layla they create an elaborate scheme to hire a friend to capture and TICKLE Layla to break her down until they arrive. Well he has his own agenda with wanting to MAKE Layla admit how ticklish she is. Layla enters the room thinking this is a run of the mill photo shoot but is quickly confused by how she is being tied up. Reassuring her that this is a kink and art themed shoot she reluctantly allows herself to be locked in. She is nervous about her feet being so tied but she thinks nothing of it….until a finger touches her armpits….before she is even touched you can tell Layla is terrified and tries REALLY hard to hold it in. Audriana knew after seeing Layla get tickled at the party how to break her. The moment her armpits are tickled her resolve falls. When he gets to her delicate sexy feet she is unable to handle it. The fingers dragging on her immobile toes have her hysterical but when he gets the tools poor Layla stands no chance hysterically laughing before admitting “IM TICKLISH PLEASE STOP” but unfortunately for poor Layla the moment he stops is only because the girls….have arrived.

Length: 22:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Layla Tricked “IM NOT TICKLISH”

TheTickleRoom – April Big Feet Hysteria!

So April is a new model and Tatis BEST friend. So April is GORGEOUS and one of the most beautiful models I have ever met with an AMAZING energy to match. So she has size 8 feet that are VERY WIDE (Tati thinks she did her conversion wrong and said she should be a 10). Her toes are thick and her feet are TICKLISH as HELL. She did not even think it was that bad (interview on Loyal Fans) but the moment I touch feet she LOSES it. The light touches send her in a giggling hysteria as I tickle her soles and toes. When the oil comes on she is even worse as a perfect lee tickling her is literally addicting. I switch the angle to one you all will love breaking out the tools. I wont spoil to much but by the end she is a SWEATING mess.

Length: 13:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – April Big Feet Hysteria!

TheTickleRoom – Veronicas Foot Games UNCUT

Here is a model that with ONE video and ONE preview has become a MASSIVE fan favorite, Veronica. She is INSANELY ticklish on her size 7 feet. She really cannot handle it. To be 44 years old and get the tickling torment she gets is honestly nothing short of impressive. Her energy and laughter stamina is LONG (more content of her coming soon!). Well as everyone knows we always bring the most ticklish foot models to The Foot Games thanks to CJ!

Well we start with the simple shoe and sock removal. We take off Veronicas shoes and start lightly tickling her socked soles fingers only. She is already a giggling mess trying to fight moving her feet. She does well just letting her laugh out as I slowly bring the socks up tickling her bare feet she is already hysterically laughing “AY NO PUEDO!” Well as the first foot gets exposed poor Veronica is already in for it as the 2nd shoe comes off. Her soles slightly shine through the thin work out socks. Now with both of them bare we move on. This little piggy time. Now Veronica does not have good english and is INSANELY ticklish on her toes. So this is a LOT. She CANNOT handle this little piggy at ALL. Her poor toes are so ticklish she is a hysterical mess unable to say anything. Everytime I switch to the soles she LOSES it actually falling back at the end. Well lets move on to the next part. Holding the dollar bill. Now Veronica has INSANELY ticklish soles. So she CANNOT handle this. She is holding that bill for dear life. This is a blessing for all my soft wrinkled soles fans. She is HYSTERICALY laughing while her soles stay CRUNCHED. Next is gummy bears in each toe and she holds these in SO hard they practically become gum ball sized. Then its ALL of it with the dollar. She is BOUNCING and losing it from the intense foot tickle hell. But now here is the HARDEST challenge of them ALL. No moving, no laughing. Poor Veronica is HORRENDOUS at holding her laugh. She covers her mouth and slaps her stomach bouncing trying SO HARD to hold it all in. Remember to get the lickle tickle part from the Foot Room because that video is AWESOME.

Length: 37:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Veronicas Foot Games UNCUT

TheTickleRoom – Scarletts Fighting Hogtie!

So for those who are new to her Scarlett is a friend of mine who is REALLY ticklish and actually gets a true zen ecstasy out of it. She does amazing with her feet being tickled but her upperbody is where things get really fun. Well in this clip I go for the hogtie and she is REALLY fighting so I straddle her up. She is tiny but STILL bucking me (keep in mind im not sitting im postured up so its not hard but its still impressive). Scarlett keeps laughing and fighting me even threatening to head butt my dick. I flip her over and REALLY go into her armpits pinning her arms. Well needless to say after she made me cuddle with her for 30 minutes and give her a foot massage for 10. She always wanted to come back but never got customs sadly.

Length: 10:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Scarletts Fighting Hogtie!

TheTickleRoom – Angelinas Armpit Escape

Ok so Angelina is super ticklish but….she is smol. So she can REALLY escape some moments. Well her armpits are HYPER sensitive. Like she will literally try to chew something off to get out lol. So for those who may not know I do NOT go crazy on bondage UNLESS its requested. I like to keep things simple and fun. Well the MOMENT I touch Angelina she is HYSTERICAL and fighting me trying to get away. I try to position the bondage and angle differently but she is just SO good at twisting her wrists out. But I say fuck it and make it a game. She refuses to lift her arms up so I tell her until she can move them up I am just going to TORMENT her. You can see the shock and nervousness in her eyes as I get near her armpits. She immediately breaks out but this does not stop me. I go CRAZY on her armpits. Well she gets out AGAIN and now its time to hand fight. I hold her down and then decide fuck it and grab the rope. Well how does she fight this? Literally flipping onto her stomach lmfao.

Length: 8:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Angelinas Armpit Escape

TheTickleRoom – Alexa in Tickling My Bosses Girlfriend Pt 2 “PLEASE STOP ITS TOO MUCH”

This is easily one of the best tickle videos I have ever done with Alexa REALLY shining on how ticklish her feet actually are.

Now its time for the WORST part for Alexa. She immediately states the MOMENT I touch her exposed soles “I CANT AHAHAH MOVE”. I start with just fingers and Alexa is already a mess. Now its oil time and Alexa is a lot more quiet not being mean but terrified as I tickle her soles and toes. She tries to keep her laugh in as I go for her delicate toes. Now she is MUCH more excited to get me my job back. But when I ask her she starts to REALLY fight again. Well I have something for that as I go CRAZY fast on her feet with my fingers. She BEGS “NONONO WAIT WAIT” before I give her no time and switch to the brush. She is BEGGING AND HYSTERICAL now unable to hold her laugh back. Then she starts SCREAMING at me about how I wanna work for an asshole but she cannot stop begging. She is so spent with the giggles but I REALLY wanna make her hysterical. She looks terrified and still reluctant to help me get the job back I use my tickle glove. Alexa is HYSTERICAL. She tries so hard to hold her laugh in but ends up SCREAMING with laughter and begging. Thats when I add more oil and here is the sexiest thing I have ever seen as I tickle her feet with the glove she BEGS “PLEAHAHAHASEEEEE ILL GET YOUR BAHAHAHAHCKKKKKK” She literally begs through laughter unable to hold it in. Everytime I find an intense spot she SCREAMS into her laughter barely able to breath. The last thing she does is admit she will allow me to tickle her every week for 30 minutes. No. Matter. What. While also getting me my job back of course!

Length: 10:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alexa in Tickling My Bosses Girlfriend Pt 2 “PLEASE STOP ITS TOO MUCH”