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TheTickleRoom – Nick the Pink Soles First Time Getting the Giggles Pt 1!

So here we Nick or as everyone in the foot fetish scene knows her as Pink Soles! She is a 25 year old baddie with a LARGE instagram following of foot fetish lover but….shes never been TICKLED. So its time for her and her SEXY size 6 feet to get the treatment. Now Nick is not over the moon ticklish and admits that early but, its time to find those giggles. I start with her interview in the stocks before I start by removing her sneakers and revealing her socked feet (she does a SEXY toe wiggle in the socks) and then the socks come off. I lightly tickle her feet and is GRINNING ear to ear telling me to go lighter. Then I get her left foot and BOOM I get the foot jerk and a giggle as she begins to focus on my fingers getting used to the feeling but you all know we cannot stop there! Then its toe tie and tool time. I break out some solid lotion and I start getting a louder more pushed laugh as Nick cannot hold it in anymore. But its not going to stop there as I break out the tools and she is unable to stop smiling before BURSTING into laughter. Check out the first part of the sexy Pink Soles getting tickle tormented!

Duration: 15:40.973
Size: 440,668 Mb

Download – Nick the Pink Soles First Time Getting the Giggles Pt 1!

TheTickleRoom – Back to Texas Special Esmeraldas Return Pt 2 Boyfriend Backup

Esmeralda is one of the Tickle Rooms most ticklish models. She randomly popped in years ago and its been insanity for her ever since. Now years later I have her in a REALLY intense position! Esmeralda is HYPER ticklish and I have her arms up and she was nervous before but NOW she was REALLY nervous. She says she thinks her armpits are the worse and even when I stop she can still feel my hands. But I have tickled her a LOT so I decide to include her….boyfriend! I have him help me tickle her and show her the best areas to get her. Needless to say he seemingly really enjoyed tormenting his poor girlfriend!

Duration: 11:59.752
Size: 391,972 Mb

Download – Back to Texas Special Esmeraldas Return Pt 2 Boyfriend Backup

TheTickleRoom – Alex and Aurora Playing Foot Games Pt 2 Maximum Overload

Ok WELL here is the INTENSE conclusion of Aurora and Alexs foot games! So Alex lost….A LOT and Aurora is VERY excited to get her room mates ticklish body in her hands. Aurora is a learning ler and is getting VERY vicious and good at it. So Alex is tied to a massage table, arms up, and feet out for 4 wanting hands. She IMMEDIATELY is a giggling mess the moment we overload her with foot and tummy tickles. She writhes and tried to get away as I make her tell Aurora “TICKLE MY TOES” and Aurora gladly does tickling poor Alexs toes. She begs “NONOHOHOHOHO TICKLE MY TOHOHOESSSS”. Aurora and me lickle tickle duo poor Alex as she screams and begs. We realize that some toe tie string flossed between her toes ALSO drives Alex INSANE. Neck tickling and stomach tickling continues to break poor Alex down. For the end I let Alex just HAVE it from Aurora who uses toe tickling and lickling as a major breakdown on poor Alex. She ends it with some beautiful artwork in sole writing on Alex claiming her room mates feet as her own. This is def one of the best tickle clips for hysterical laughter I have put out!

Duration: 25:28.159
Size: 849,998 Mb

Download – Alex and Aurora Playing Foot Games Pt 2 Maximum Overload

TheTickleRoom – Alex and Aurora Playing Foot Games Pt 1 Major Loss

So here is the first appearance of Aurora as an EVIL tickler on her poor old roommate Alex! Today we have the infamous foot games custom. We start with shoe and slow sock tickle removal. Alex seems WAY more ticklish as she is a giggling mess unable to contain her laughter. Aurora plays this little piggy with Alexs toes smiling as she torments her. Game after game Aurora gets more confident with her finger speed and how mean she is. She makes poor Alex scream and almost lose EVERY SINGLE GAME. Well I guess the punishment will have to be….SEVERE.

Duration: 34:13.718
Size: 906,317 Mb

Download – Alex and Aurora Playing Foot Games Pt 1 Major Loss

TheTickleRoom – Tickling my Old Boss Kristy “Converted and Horny”

So here is another one of those super interesting universe moments lol. So I love being busy and work really hard. I try to do as much as I can to work and at one point took a job with a gaming company. During that time I was doing so well they moved me around to a LOT of stores but one store gave me a LOT of hours and the boss….was Kristy. Now of course working with her long enough I always wondered if she was ticklish or what her feet looked like, etc. I could tell she was one of the people who hated that and her feet but never even brought anything up. Well 2 years later we are REALLY good friends and she left the job. So while hanging out I finally pop the question “Hey are you ticklish?”. Kristy immediately turned bright red and in began the convo of what I do and how much she thinks foot stuff is weird and gross. No one was allowed to touch her feet Well we were hanging in her house another day and brought it up and while talking she let me tickle her! She IMMEDIATELY was giggling while silently….BEGGING. It was kind of shocking and really hot. So we get into the video and she is NERVOUS. She was smiling but TERRIFIED to talk. I get her tied up and now she is REALLY nervous before looking at me and saying “this is really hot because I was your boss lol”. Now while tickling her soles she has INSANELY soft size 6 feet and her arches are SO HOT. The toe-tie compliments a perfect pair of feet. She giggles and a few times BURSTS but ultimately she gets REALLY red and…..HORNY. She falls in LOVE with her feet being tickled and touched and for the first time in her life she wanted more. Check out this video of my first and certainly not last time tickling my boss! There is a brief upperbody portion but we had no time sadly.

Duration: 9:05.578
Size: 305,544 Mb

Download – Tickling my Old Boss Kristy “Converted and Horny”

TheTickleRoom – Rominas Double Trouble “Imeldas Lickle Tickle Fun”

Intense custom time. Poor Romina thought the lickle tickle was all she was getting….WELL now its time to turn it up. She is laid down and strapped to the table with Imelda now getting a chance to torment Romina with her tongue and tools as I torment poor Rominas upperbody. I am honestly going to keep this brief because its something you have to watch as Romina is confused by the sweet lickling then INTENSE tickling she gets put through in waves. She fights so hard she rips a strap off the table…..but we don’t stop for that ^_^. For the people subscribed to my loyal fans…..there is the ALTERNATE upperbody angle!

Duration: 12:05.257
Size: 500,866 Mb

Download – Rominas Double Trouble “Imeldas Lickle Tickle Fun”

TheTickleRoom – Rominas Lickle Tickle Imelda Coming Out

So Romina is back and better than before but this time she is taking WAY more punishment in the tickling world. Well now….we break out a REAL test, Imelda. Imelda is amazing at tickling but she is VERY shy. She loves feet and thinks Romina is SEXY and literally licked her lips at her feet. So I call her out on it. I tell Imelda lets DO this in this clip. Go HARD. I want you all OVER Romina for this. Do not just kinda kiss her feet I want you full on IN THERE. Imelda does NOT disappoint. I have never seen her go as hard as she does here. This is a custom and I was supposed to be more involved but there really was no need since Imelda was just ON IT and this is just ONE part of this awesome shoot. She uses tools and gets Rominas big toes in her mouth. Lets just say I was very proud and here is ANOTHER Imelda classic!

Duration: 12:12.765
Size: 505,124 Mb

Download – Rominas Lickle Tickle Imelda Coming Out