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TheTickleRoom – Megan VS Megan Jones Foot Games Pt 4 Crunching Money Challenge “Megan Jones Fails!”

Been a while eh?

Lets get into it! Megan Jones has already done 2 challenges and did well…..but this one was DEFINITELY the one that she had a problem in. In this challenge we start with a dollar. Megan Jones has BIG size 9.5 feet and they are REALLY ticklish. For the first part she has to hold a dollar in between her toes and not drop it while being tickled by me AND Megan who wants SWEET REVENGE. We start and Megan ALREADY messes up where the dollar does not fall but it slides down. She is holding ON for dear life howling with laughter as me and Megan go crazy. The next one SUCKS as she has to hold 8 QUARTERS in between her toes. Essentially you CANNOT stop crunching your toes. Me and Megan make a good combo where she goes for her soles and I go for the top of Megan Jones feet. She laughs as I break out the electric toothbrush. Poor Megan Jones constantly spreads her toes to get away eventually dropping a coin. But its not over yet. It is TIME for the HARDEST one. The dollar AND the quarters. Poor Megan Jones had SUCH a hard time. But do you want to know the outcome? Did we get her armpits? Find out in this awesome clip and do not worry the Foot Games do not end there.

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Download – Megan VS Megan Jones Foot Games Pt 4 Crunching Money Challenge “Megan Jones Fails!”

TheTickleRoom – Megan VS Megan Jones Foot Games Pt 3 Megan Crunching Money Challenge

Here we hit part 3 of the Foot Games with the Crunching Money Challenge. This is one of the hardest challenges I think any model who does a foot games will ever go through. You MUST keep the dollar between your big toes to start. If you drop it you get time added to your upperbody. Thats round 1. Round 2 the model must place a quarter in between ALL her toes and hold them there. For every quarter that falls is another minute to the upperbody. Then the LAST challenge is holding both the dollar AND ALL the quarters in place. Now we start with Megan and she is VERY nervous “I am hoping me ABSOLUTELY NOT wanting you touching my armpits to help me here”. We let Megan set the dollar for herself as we prep. Then me and Megan Jones go to town. Megan starts laughing and trying SO hard to keep her feet still as Megan Jones and me get into it! She giggles and bends her toes slowly and then I tell her I intend to cheat and it almost throws her off. Does the dollar hang on? Well find out in the video. As we move on to round 2 with the coins in the toes. Megan Jones is HELL bent on getting her to drop a coin. So I toss in a catalyst. I begin tickling her soles AND the tops of her feet and toes. Megan Jones then lightly runs her nails on Megans toes and she LOSES it laughing and slamming. Does she drop one? Find out. Then there is the LAST challenge. The dollar AND the quarters. Now its gets REALLY hard. I break out the dental flosser and Megan is NOT a fan as Megan Jones goes light. Megans toes are NOT happy as they involuntarily keep twitching up and down. I even add a brush. Does Megan drop any coins or the dollar? Find out by purchasing the video <3

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Download – Megan VS Megan Jones Foot Games Pt 3 Megan Crunching Money Challenge

TheTickleRoom – Megan VS Megan Jones Foot Games Pt 2 Megan Jones In “Don’t Move, Don’t Laugh”

Here we have the BEAUTIFUL Megan Jones and her AMAZING size 9.5 feet. Now Megan has done this challenge before and failed miserably. But now she REALLY has to hold out. We start by removing Megan Jones shoes exposing her socked feet and then removing her socks releasing her BARE feet. Megan Jones is nervous as hell because her feet are just THAT ticklish. We start tickling SUPER slow and Megan starts taunting poor Megan Jones. Round 1 she gets it done and does not laugh and then its time for round 2. Megan Jones toes are REALLY ticklish. The moment we lightly tap her toes she hysterically SCREAMS but holds the laugh in. We REALLY turn it up for the end…..but does she laugh?

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Download – Megan VS Megan Jones Foot Games Pt 2 Megan Jones In “Don’t Move, Don’t Laugh”

TheTickleRoom – Megan VS Megan Jones Foot Games Pt 1 Megan In “Don’t Move, Don’t Laugh”

For all my big fans out there I LOVE working with Megan Jones. I think she is one amazing model and she is WAY more ticklish than people think she is. In most of her work she is extremely roleplaying so while she is still being tickled she rarely gets to show off HOW ticklish she is. Its pretty bad. On the other hand we have Megan! Megan is one awesome model who LOVES her feet worshiped but tickling is just too fucking much. She is HYPER ticklish and everyone knows it. If you tickle her too much she goes into a fight or flight mode and if you intensely tickle above her waist to her armpits its GAME OVER for her. SO in this next series of videos for one of my best customers we launched a custom series “MEGAN VS MEGAN JONES IN THE FOOT GAMES”. The foot games are designed to torment a model in various tickling themes and styles. From fingers, to toes, to brushes, and lickling. Every game is designed in different ways to exploit how ticklish a model is. So lets begin with the first part…..Megan in “Don’t Move, Don’t Laugh”.

This test is tough. The theme of “Don’t Move, Don’t laugh” is exactly what it sounds like. You cannot move your feet or laugh while being tickled. You must stay absolutely still. You may use your hands and move your upperbody slightly but you cannot move your feet. You can snort, silent laugh, but you may NOT laugh or giggle. Should you fail time will be added to a punishment of 2 on 1 tickling and upperbody tickling. We start with Megan who is SUPER ticklish on her sensitive size 9 feet. For all my session people they know Megan has SOFT delicate soles that are HYPER sensitive. Me and Megan Jones both pick a foot and now its time.

We start by removing her shoes and socks exposing her delicate bare soles. Now we have Megan ready to go as me and Megan Jones both begin lightly tickling Megans poor soles. Megan Jones has REALLY long nails that she uses on poor Megan and she is REELING at the feeling. She almost loses IMMEDIATELY but it was more of a nervous giggle. Now Megan Jones in the first wave is really slow with her 3 minutes. She pulls poor Megans toes back and Megan is trying SO HARD not to laugh. Megan Jones teases her trying SO hard to get a laugh. But Megan stays strong not laughing! Then its break time. Megan Jones is sad that she did not get her to laugh. The facial expressions are amazing, and now Megan has to go through round 2 which is TOES only. Megan Jones is not playing around as she works between poor Megans toes. Megan is fighting her laughter back as I begin to cheat a little tickling her sole to which she IMMEDIATELY goes “Thats NOT A TOE YOU STEP-SON OF A BITCH”. Does Megan fail? get the video and find out!

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Download – Megan VS Megan Jones Foot Games Pt 1 Megan In “Don’t Move, Don’t Laugh”

TheTickleRoom – Paola The Wrestler “Sexy Feet, Ticklish Stomach”

NEW MODEL ALERT! So as I have been saying we are expanding with new talent daily. One of the largest is models and story based shoots. So….story time! Long ago I was hanging out and scrolling through my phone on social media when I got a message from someone saying “Hey I am coming in from another state and need a photographer I would love to work with you!” Now I try not to mix businesses so we spoke but fetish was never brought up. Needless to say she was injured and the shoot was cancelled. A few months later she would move back to NYC and be broke looking for work and money asap. So I told her what I do and how wrestlers (because she does wrestle professionally) are REALLY popular. She was excited UNTIL I said the word “Tickling”. She immediately passed and said she has a massive issue with tickling and is not a fan of it at ALL. Well that made it a dud. Then 2 weeks ago I get a text from her…..saying she MAY have opened her mind up a bit to it. So lets begin.

Since Paola is trying to be a wrestler and has done tons of Lucha work as well therefore she wears a mask. But she is DEFINED as hell with a SEXY body and HOLY FUCKING %$^& FEET! Almost every wrestler I know has nice feet but not that well kept…..hers are PERFECT. Smooth, clean, well kept, and when we did a worship video she has FLAVORED NAIL POLISH. Seriously her feet are amazing with long toes! We start with our standard interview and then tie her into the chair. Now Paola has ticklish feet but she handles it well. She has a sweet giggle and quiet laugh. Weird things tickle her and under her toes is def a weak point. After her fun foot tickle we move to the upperbody. She changes outfits and now…..this is where we REALLY hear that laugh. The moment I tie her arms she is nervous going “I am so worried……this is gonna tickle so bad.” Well she was correct. The MOMENT I touch her armpits she is SCREAMING in laughter. A TOTAL 100% swap. She is howling with laughter. I tickle her stomach and ribs and she goes EVEN CRAZIER. She is fighting to no avail laughing WAY louder. By the end she actually admits she likes tickling way more in this situation. She was expecting torture and later told me she actually missed it a bit. This is a must have for a welcome with our new sexy wrestler!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 3780 kbps

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Download – Paola The Wrestler “Sexy Feet, Ticklish Stomach”

TheTickleRoom – Opening the Clip Vault “Stephanies First Day”

Stephanie is still a fairly new model but also one of my most reliable. She always arrives on time ready to rock with a fresh pedicure and a smile! I honestly love working with her. The sessions and customs she has done were all awesome and she is a slam dunk personality. So thinking back on her first day with The Tickle Room I only ever showed her foot tickling clip. She actually did have an upperbody portion. I was editing so much I never got the time! Today I open the clip vault and here is a short clip of Stephanie on her audition day getting a LOT of upperbody love and some foot tickling sprinkled in!

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Download – Opening the Clip Vault “Stephanies First Day”

TheTickleRoom – Avroras Audition “Slender Wrinkles” PT 2 UPPER BODY ONLY

Here we have the amazing Avrora! She is so much fun with BIG slender feet with SO many wrinkles! Avrora is 30 years old with size 9 feet and a cosplay model. She loves being sexy and knows how much fans love her feet! So we welcome her to The Tickle Room with open arms and she was so excited to be here. We start with a pretty long interview and then some foot tickling. Avrora has VERY soft feet and VERY slender soles with IMMENSE wrinkles. Her giggle and scream and adorable as she has some amazing facial expressions! Then we go for some underwear topless upperbody tickling. Her armpits, ribs, and stomach all get some fun! Let me know if you want more Avrora!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 5181 kbps

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Duration: 13:24.336

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Download – Avroras Audition “Slender Wrinkles” PT 2 UPPER BODY ONLY