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TheTickleRoom – Welcome Azuly Pt 2 “Theres The Spot!”

So as you all saw Azulys feet are barely ticklish but VERY sexy. I was nervous she did not have a spot until….Well I found it. Her upperbody. The moment I touch her stomach she is giggling and has a TOTALLY different personality. I go fast on her sides and she LOSES it and starts actually begging a bit before I test her hips. EVERYTHING on her upperbody sends her into a giggling panic.

Length: 7:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Azuly Pt 2 “Theres The Spot!”

TheTickleRoom – Welcome Azuly Pt 1 “Goth Queen Feet”

Here we have the amazing Goth Queen Azuly. She takes pride in being a sexy Goth Latina who actually… feet! She actually has a foot fetish for stunning feet! Her personality is amazing and she is actually excited to join us. This clip is pretty simple because she is ticklish but not super reactive. This is a lot more personality and sexy feet. I add lotion and use the hand brush. She giggles but ultimately stays REALLY strong. This is a prelude to….a bigger clip set coming but I will say her upperbody well thats where we REALLY get her.

Length: 8:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Azuly Pt 1 “Goth Queen Feet”

TheTickleRoom – Sophias Training Finale Gang Tickling Tati

So here is the finale of Tati tickling and Sophias training. Tati has gotten tickled so bad she is quite literally out of energy but now its time for me and Sophia to PUSH. Tatis arms are tied above her head with her toes tightly tied in the stocks. Sophias training is now being put to the test to see how well she can perform. She starts on the feet and I go high. Tati is so spent she just laughs and squirms trying so hard to pull away. She slowly fights the bondage but Sophia breaks out the scalp massager and torments Tati further. Tati is really trying to hold on but I can see her breaking and trying to hide her face. She breaks down and loses her drive to fight just laughing and giving up as Sophia smiles enjoying being officially a tickler.

Length: 5:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sophias Training Finale Gang Tickling Tati

TheTickleRoom – Megan Captured Finale “Mine Forever”

Notes from The Collector:

The new trainee was found by a local mafia group and information was required so I began interrogation. She was not receptive and fought but I broke her down. She is very beautiful so I immediately began negotiations to collect. They were very happy to hand her over post information. I took my time but she divulged the safe code rather quickly. She is now transferred to the facility. I have decided to take it slow and be slightly less torturous than normal. She has been placed facedown and I will utilize slow pen writing into cleaning her soles off with various tools and liquid.

Post training notes: I started with her soles extremely clean and soft. They really are a dream. I had to contain excitement to keep training on track. The slow and meticulous strokes of my pen seemed to really break her but I built a nice slow rapport to make her feel better. Thats when I use the hand brush and oil to break her and her soles down. She screamed at the top of her lungs begging and whining. By the end her soles are clean and she was more reluctant and terrified.

Length: 20:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Megan Captured Finale Mine Forever

TheTickleRoom – Jolies Audition “Imeldas Trick!”

So Imelda got tickled by me AND Jolie. Well Imelda is VERY experienced in being tickled and its TIME for her to give Jolie her first tickle experience. Jolie is a 30 year old tomboy with some well kept size 6s! Imelda is going SO HARD in this clip she shakes the floor and it shakes my camera. Now I thought I WAS mean but Imelda breaks the brush out and goes CRAZY on poor Jolie! I am like IMELDA USE SOME DAMN FINGERS but NOPE she just wants to TORMENT her poor friend! Poor Jolie is flailing like crazy cackling to this new crazy feeling. Well Jolies girlfriend is actually in the background not involved and she at first was not cool with me tickling her. Well after watching shes like “YO GET HER” So I ask if they’re both cool with it and the moment I get a yes….I wish I could show you all the EVIL smile Imelda gave. She KNEW what was about to happen. Now I will say in this clip the camera does shake a little often lol Imelda could NOT STOP bumping the tripod because of how excited she was. Well I tickle Jolie and her face LIGHTS UP with laughter because she was NOT expecting any of this at ALL. Poor Jolie is SPENT at the end but this is just the beginning, as next up is her upperbody!

Length: 13:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jolies Audition “Imeldas Trick!”

TheTickleRoom – Sophias Training Pt 2 Ft Tati “Nylons Are Worse!”

Sophia is already on the ball with upperbody tickling but now its time to test something I honestly think is a lot harder…..foot tickling. So I add a flair to make it a little different with Nylons. Now I never really noticed but Tati has so WIDE and THICK feet. But the nylons REALLY show that. I tie the nylons down and Sophia goes OFF with fingers. Sophias fingers fly and Tati is a hysterical mess as Sophias fingers NEVER leave Tatis poor size 8 feet. It gets so bad she starts trying to cover her laugh and Sophia is just RELENTLESS as her fingers make me have to actually fix the bondage but then I hold Tatis toes back and Sophia is SMILING before grabbing the brush. Tati is so embarrassed by all this she tries so hard to hide and contain her laugh but Sophia and me now know…..its bare time.

Length: 5:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sophias Training Pt 2 Ft Tati “Nylons Are Worse!”

TheTickleRoom – Sophias Training Pt 1 ft Tati “Upperbody Focus”

So at one point Sophia wanted to be the MAIN tickler for The Tickle Room. We did her shoot and she POOFED on me for months. Well that was until she messaged me back admitting she was confused by how much she LOVED shooting. She finally let herself gather the courage to return and wanted to be REALLY involved. Now I am always down to have a main female tickler but I have to train them so I figured hell why not use the shoot I booked with Tati! So I ask Tati and she is ALL for it……until she is tied up with me and Sophia near her knees going “WAIT BOTH HANDS???” realizing its BOTH of us tickling her.

Sophia and me start on Tatis knees and she is already a giggling mess but I really wanna focus on some areas Tati never has been tickled much by me in other videos. So we start with her stomach. I show Sophia how to tickle Tatis stomach and she does so well getting Tati to ALREADY hysterically laugh and get embarrassed to the point where she asks if the camera is on. She seems so lost and nervous when I tickle Tati with some side grabbing techniques that make her try REALLY hard to get away to no avail as she hysterically giggles. Then Sophia gets her chance making Tati laugh so hard she ends up coughing and needs a second. She already wants breaks but thats when we get to those ribs. I have never had a model get the rib trick as fast as Sophia. She laughs and smiles at Tati as poor Tati is hysterically laughing and wanting to just leave already from how much hell this is. But….its time for those armpits. I hold her arms down and show Sophia how to spider tickle Tatis armpits and she is HYSTERICAL trying to pull away and staring at the ceiling trying to compose herself. Thats when we double team Tati and she is SO spent and hysterical after she actually has to take a LONG break saying were evil. But this is just part 1.

Length: 9:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sophias Training Pt 1 ft Tati “Upperbody Focus”