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TheTickleRoom – Sophies Testing The Stocks

Me and Sophie have been close friends for years now. Her whole life has been super restricted so shooting with me was hard for her. I actually thought of backing off and not working with her but one day she finally actually told me she was ready. She is actually a very shy person so tickling for her is so out of her realm. She is ticklish but the feeling makes her awkward. She will sit there internally screaming but hold it in because that is how she was told to be. She was mocked for her feet most of her life and thanks to the community and fans now sees her feet are VERY popular and sexy! So she actually said “hey I don’t mind spending some time trying the new bondage for you”. This is a very simple yet fun clip of me tickling Sophie and not getting much of a reaction SO I test out some bastinado on her which she actually enjoys….to a degree.

Length: 10:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sophies Testing The Stocks

TheTickleRoom – Jei Jeis Wide Foot Tickle!

Here we have 22 year old Jei Jei! She is Mei Meis cousin and best friend. They hang out a lot and Jei Jei is the super innocent sports fan of the family. Now she like Mei Mei has SUPER wide thicc size 8 feet for a pretty small girl (guess it runs in the family lol). Well Jei Jei was really excited to see the Knicks possibly make it to the finals and wanted to go to games…..but money has been REALLY tight. So! she asked Mei Mei to hook her up and came to get tickled right out of work! She is super cute and apologetic immediately laughing and saying sorry saying she is trying to stay still. When I find her spot she CRUNCHES her toes in the cutest way and laughs in these VERY hearty bursts. Its such a cute laugh when the lotion gets in there and just makes it SO much worse for her. The tools make it worse but honestly she is an all fingers gal. So me and Mei Mei finish it off with a fingers double team.

Side note there is some background noise that comes booming in occasionally I do apologize about that!

Length: 7:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jei Jeis Wide Foot Tickle!

TheTickleRoom – Evil Double Team Revenge on Christina

Sorry it took a while but you all have been seeing Chloe and Imelda just GET IT. From hysterical laughter to moaning foot worship its been ALL on them. Well now the queens of feet want their revenge and their sight is SET on poor Christina and her size 6.5 soles. Now Christina has SOFT and VERY expressive toes so I KNOW the girls are gonna get ALL over them. Well I try a position change with her feet up and on each corner. Its far from perfect but honestly I think its more fun watching the struggle into them getting her. It was very impromptu and I LOVED the outcome. So Christina is SPREAD and nervous with Imelda and Chloe on EACH foot. Now before they were on each other but COMBINED??? Christina is tired and you can see the genuine fear in her eyes as they remove her socks together. Imelda does the half sock off before ripping it off. Christina FLIPS in a way I have NEVER seen and her toes STRETCH. This really is a new world. Imelda and Chloe REALLY tease poor Christina. She is screaming and fighting as they use the glove and brush to a whole new level. The lickle tickling is amazing as they tease Christina and surprisingly….she falls in LOVE with it. She starts to wind down and soft moan saying she needs a breather before they REALLY go in. But as always….this is JUST the beginning.

Length: 6:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Evil Double Team Revenge on Christina

TheTickleRoom – Alices Tiny Ticklish Upperbody

Alice is a TINY squeaky lee who is SO fun to tickle. Her feet were fun but I KNOW the upperbody is gonna drive her MAD. I start with the knees and thighs. She is already hysterical and laughing when I switch it up to her stomach and sides. She is NOT a fan of the bellybutton at all but when I wiggle her sides she is SCREAMING. Then its ribs time. This makes poor Alice LOSE it to the point where she HAS to safeword which actually shocked me. So I decide to take a break for her and go armpits. The armpits are JUST as bad as now Alices composure is actually breaking. This is a super short clip but its intensity totally makes up for it!

Length: 6:37
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alices Tiny Ticklish Upperbody

TheTickleRoom – Tiffanys Nylon Double Team with Alyx

So here are 2 of what I would say are super underrated Tickle Room models, Alyx and Tiffany. They are both SUPER ticklish yet surprisingly rarely booked! Now Tiffany is up first in nylons and she is HYPER sensitive everywhere. Tiffany has small VERY sensitive feet but she has never been tickled in pantyhose so this is a new and VERY intense feeling fast for her. She is SPREAD in the stocks and the nylons are tied behind the stocks so she is LIMITED in movement not to mention her arms are above her head. So we start on each foot all fingers going super intense. Tiffany is laughing and attempting to fight already but the nylons are just pulling her feet right back into place. She is fighting so hard by the end she is ripping through the Nylons but me and Alyx dont care as we continue on!

Length: 7:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tiffanys Nylon Double Team with Alyx

TheTickleRoom – Imeldas Horny Tickle With Chloe!

SO this is a clip a LOT of fans wanted to see and even I was like “I need to make this happen” when I MET Chloe. So a LOT of my Texas models are into feet but so many fall off due to being nervous or sexually confused. Well for my OG Tickle Room fans Imelda was one of the TOP models I worked with in Texas and she was one of the FIRST models I worked with! Super ticklish and beautiful but she LOVED feet. However she lives in a VERY religious and culturally Mexican area so people keep their sexual preferences to themselves. She never got to do much. Well time and again Imeldas feet and her mouth were used to practice her sexual urges with feet. Over the years she would admit to rubbing herself to the thought of Perlas big feet in her mouth or our male model Tims toes on her face. But she NEVER met someone who loved feet like her. She is STILL always so nervous about going in unless I get her going. That is until she met our new and beautiful Kinky Chloe. I called her Kinky Chloe because she is VERY sexual with a LOT of fetishes and one of Chloes BIG fetishes is…..feet. She LOVES feet. She admires her friends and when we were going through the “promo/interview” stage she actually asked to see MY feet and wanted to worship them. So I warned Imelda about her and told Chloe I had a match for her. Match they DID.

We start with Imeldas sexy feet Big Toe tied only in the stocks with her hands in the middle. Chloe is excited and a little nervous but not as terrified as Imelda who said she “needed this but fuck man I am gonna lose it”. Chloe starts with her nails and Imelda giggles lightly smiling enjoying it saying how she needed this and it feels good (its been a while since she got laid so she was EXTRA horny). Chloe gets her nails running on Imelda and I can tell we already have horny Imelda. The tickling is getting her more nervous before Chloe gets her tongue in there. Imelda IMMEDIATELY bites her lip as Chloe REALLY sucks and licks Imeldas toes and soles. But…..the wet warm saliva of Chloes make Imelda WAY more ticklish and now Chloes nails go from a little annoying to causing Imeldas toes to CRUNCH. Imeldas left foot does a LOT of involuntary jerking before Chloe gets SO into Imeldas toes she loses it laughing before getting so turned on she goes “GIRL”. Now I am behind the camera with BIGGEST grin on because I have known Imelda for 10 years. I KNOW she is turned on like FUCK right now so she says “I hate you Matt I KNOW you know whats going through my mind rn”. Well Chloe didnt skip a BEAT getting Imeldas other foot wet and worshipped. I then break out the gloves for Chloe since this IS a tickling video and Imelda LOSES it giggling while Chloe openly goes “FUCK YEA” loving it. Imelda is a giggling mess asking me when the FUCK did I get these.

So this clip is a GREAT example of why I do not like models “faking” anything. This video has very light and simple tickling but it really demonstrates the SEXUAL side of tickling. Imelda is slowly giggling while Chloe REALLY worships her feet. Imelda is clearly frustrated and horny as Chloe gets her tongue all over Imeldas soles. Now Chloe LOVES worshipping and getting her first REAL pair of feet in front of her. But she still wants to dominate Imelda so when she REALLY gets her laughing its a great moment of a changeup before Chloe goes in more. Do not worry. More intense clips with these 2 are coming ^_^

Length: 7:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Imeldas Horny Tickle With Chloe!

TheTickleRoom – Alyx Bare Toe Tickles with Tiffany

This is HELL on earth for Tiffany. Her feet are super ticklish but her upperbody? Its fucking awful. Alyx has a GREAT time on Tiffanys feet. Tiffany is hysterical and kicking like CRAZY as Alyx gets in those toes. Now I start a little TOO mean on Tiffany and she asks me to really start slow since its a LOT for her and I oblige. But over time me and Alyx ramp it up with Alyx using tools and me going hard on the upperbody that now I lay across her to keep her from freaking out that now she is begging and hysterical as Alyx LOVES every second of this. But now. I think Tiffany needs some revenge.

Length: 7:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alyx Bare Toe Tickles with Tiffany