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TheTickleRoom – Trainer Michelle Finding the Laugh!

So Michelle is a SEXY fitness trainer and model I met who was VERY down to be tickled. I will immediately start off by saying this beautiful 28 year old and her size 6.5 feet are barely ticklish. This video does cover her feet and upperbody though so you get it all! For all my foot fetish or Bastinado/bondage fans she is 100% down for all of that as customs! Her sensitivity is not that high BUT the reason I actually decided to post this is

1: her body and feet are literally flawless

2: She does giggle and we get a few solid laughs out of her!

3: Tomorrow we end the year with her besties audition and she was VERY ticklish.

Length: 9:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Trainer Michelle Finding the Laugh!

TheTickleRoom – Carnivals First Time Pt 2 UB Fun!

This is the same as always with upperbody. Carnival is sweet and ticklish with a great smile! I use a good amount of oil on her stomach. She is ticklish everywhere but the best reaction is armpits, belly button and ribs!

Length: 8:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Carnivals First Time Pt 2 UB Fun!

TheTickleRoom – Carnivals First Time Pt 1 “SOFT Soles”

Here we have a fun treat with 31 year old Carnival! She is a beautiful and recently pregnant model who was SUPER interested in our shoot! We met and talked a bit before she decided to give this a shot! As a nude model normally she has done little to no fetish work. Her soles are perfect though and EXTREMELY soft. She takes very good care of her whole body her size 5 feet included. We test her out and get her strapped in the stocks to give it a shot. Carnival has one HELL of a smile as I lightly tickle her soles. She is super ticklish but its manageable and not off the charts. As I start she has great control giggling and making soft noises. I know I have to turn it up so its time to break into the lotion and tools. I start with the lotion and she is WAY more ticklish with a resounding “WHY” When I tell her it makes it worse. Her soles and toes as a whole make it worse. Now she is a giggling mess and laughing more. This is one sexy and fun foot tickle video for the simple fans out there who enjoy a good laugh and a beautiful smile.

Length: 13:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Carnivals First Time Pt 1 “SOFT Soles”

TheTickleRoom – Welcome Back Bridgette Pt 2 “Hysterically Horny Upperbody Hell!”

Well Bridgette may have SUPER intensely ticklish feet BUT its time to step it up! We are gonna go to…..Her upperbody. Now she is NERVOUS because I never had her in a position this intense and exposed this bad. Poor Bridgette has no clue how crazy this is gonna get. I starts slow and she is gasping lightly until I get those hips and she LOSES it. She starts laughing so hard she cannot hold it in. But now its armpits time. She is hysterical before I even get there and the moment I touch them she LOSES it. She is laughing so hard she cannot breath or stop me. I give her some time to breathe as I get her neck and she is a giggling mess. I get her ribs with the trick and she is TOTALLY out of breath and nervous. Every touch sends her in a fit of breathless giggles. Then its Raspberries and she is TERRIFIED but before she can think I have her hips and I am blowing on her poor tummy.

Length: 7:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Back Bridgette Pt 2 “Hysterically Horny Upperbody Hell!”

TheTickleRoom – Welcome Back Bridgette Pt 1 “HYPER Sensitive Soles”

Bridgette is a Tickle Room favorite from back in the beginning making her return. Now she is actually Zeros cousin and they are VERY similar in terms of sensitivity but Bridgette is actually WAY more ticklish. EVERYWHERE sends her over the top and yes, just like Zero her toes are INSANELY licklish but I did not find that out until recently (make sure you head to the Foot Room and grab that video)! Well now at 31 years old her size 4 feet are locked in the stocks and its time to see how she is NOW so many years later (see the interview on Loyal Fans as a subscriber to get the full back story).

I start with her toe tied but her feet are VERY sensitive so they do not last long (especially since I cannot make them that tight). The exact moment I touch her soles she is giggling and shaking. Now her soles are as soft as they look with me making her laugh and burst with every stroke of my fingers. I undo a toe early but then realize that in between her toes is EXTREMELY ticklish. She giggles and fights barely able to stay still but still enduring the torment. I realize that she has barely been SUPER tickled and when I bring it up she goes “no I don’t want to be”. So I am nice and undo the toetie with string and switch to the hair tie. I make it REALLY tight and it does not hurt her but she is NERVOUS from how hard she cannot move. I add LUBE for once and it actually warms her skin making it WAY worse. She starts giggling before begging and losing it as I get both soles and her toes. She goes into HYSTERICAL laughter fighting and I do NOT give her a chance to breath as she tries to crunch her toes. I have not even gotten to the tools yet….. and of course they send her OFF. Thats when I tell her she NEEDS to stay still and I will go quick. Well she fights SO much I actually make her hold her own toes and she actually holds on as I use the brush but she is losing breath giggling and hysterically laughing fighting me. Then, the glove sends her OFF. This is one super fun shoot with a classic who is here to stay!

Length: 11:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Back Bridgette Pt 1 “HYPER Sensitive Soles”

TheTickleRoom – Peridots Audition Pt 2 “Upperbody Hell”

So Peridots feet are super ticklish but her upperbody is the AREA that she loses it on. I start testing her and her ribs already SEND her into hysterics! I undo her jeans to get to her hips and she is SO sensitive. Her facial expressions are amazing with her PHENOMENAL laugh. I get her ribs so bad she holds out before “SEA CUCUMBER”. So before I start again, I lay her flat and add a LOT of oil! Then I go crazy on her hips and stomach. Her personality is amazing and now its time to make her hysterical laugh. She LOSES it fighting to get out but then I get her armpits and she is SCREAMING before SEA CUCUMBER. But she LOVES it.

Length: 11:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Peridots Audition Pt 2 “Upperbody Hell”

TheTickleRoom – Peridots Audition Pt 1 “Perfect Feet!”

So here we have a literal real life Velma in the form of the beautiful Peridot! She is a STUNNING 27 year old nerd and gamer with SEXY size 6.5 feet. Now there is not many models out there I will say this about but MAN does Peridot have PERFECT feet. I mean literally her soles and toes are AMAZING. But how ticklish is she? Well we set her up in the small stocks and toe tie her. She is a giggly lee who has sensitive soles that make her jump. She is not a CRAZY ticklish person but her smile and giggle make you not want to stop! So I try the red brush first and this SENDS her. She is HYSTERICAL immediately unable to stop laughing and trying to get me away. Every tool tickles in its own unique way and she also loves it. From pleasure and pain Peridot is a new tickle model to stay who wants all the work to get her feet touched and tickled!

Length: 9:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Peridots Audition Pt 1 “Perfect Feet!”