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TickleCuties – Infiltrated by Mistress Viper – Part 2 – Mistress Viper Pays The Price

The Bruiser wants payback. Mistress Viper had used a false identity to infiltrate The League of Super Heroines, and had interrogated her with brutal tickling techniques. Bruiser used a neck pinch to capture Mistress Viper, who is now tied with her BARE FEET VULNERABLE. Bruiser then tries to Mistress Viper to give up the passcode to the Villains’ Hideout – but Viper resists. Bruiser then turns the tables, and TICKLES THE SOFT, BARE FEET OF EVIL MISTRESS VIPER. Buiser starts with finger tickling, and then SCRATCHES VIPER’S SOLES AND BETWEEN HER TOES WITH THE FEATHER QUILL. Bruiser then uses the hairbrush to SCRUB THE SOLES of Mistress Viper – but Viper, through her laughing, whimpering and protesting, does not give in. Bruiser then OILS UP THE SOLES OF MISTRESS VIPER, and BRUTALLY TICKLE-TORMENTS HER SOLES with her nails and the hairbrush. Bruiser mocks and insults the villainess as she MERCILESS TORMENTS HER TICKLISH FEET, and finally breaks the will of the evil Mistress Viper. Tons of funny dialog in this one between the two gals. Viper is very ticklish, but yells and protests as much as she laughs in this one, as she tries to FIGHT AGAINST THE LAUGHTER!100% barefoot tickling in this clip!

Duration: 10:28.449
Size: 310,327 Mb

Download – Infiltrated by Mistress Viper – Part 2 – Mistress Viper Pays The Price

TickleCuties – Infiltrated by Mistress Viper – Part 1 – The Bruiser Interrogated

Legendary Stacy Burke returns as THE BRUISER in this amazing clip! The Bruiser is interviewing Princess Black, played by Amanda Marie, for a possible position in the League of Super Heroines. As the interview winds down, Princess Black suddenly BITES THE BRUISER WITH HER POISON BITE…it turns out, Princess Black is really MISTRESS VIPER, in disguise, and Mistress Viper is going to infiltrate the League of Super Heroines’ hideout! Bruiser, helpless against Viper’s poisonous bite, is captured. Viper then SLOWLY REMOVES BRUISER’S BOOTS and TIES HER WRISTS AND ANKLES (NOTE: On-screen tying lasts approximately 3-4 minutes). Viper then wakes up Bruiser, and asks her for the combination to the defense field. Bruiser refuses to give up the information, so Viper INTERROGATES HER BY BRUTALLY TICKLING HER STOCKING FEET, both with her wicked fingers and a hairbrush. Bruiser protests and squeals through her laughter, but refuses to give up the codes. Viper continues MERCILESSLY TEASING AND TICKLING Bruiser’s feet, then BITES HER AGAIN! Viper then REMOVES BRUISER’S NYLONS, exposing her GORGEOUS BARE FEET! Viper then wakes Bruiser up again and resumes the merciless interrogation. She applies BABY OIL TO BRUISER’S FEET, softening them up, and TICKLES THEM WITH HER FINGERS, THE QUILL OF A FEATHER, and THE HAIRBRUSH. Bruiser laughs her pretty little head off, but refuses to break, no matter how wickedly Mistress Viper tickles her. Will poor, helpless Bruiser give in? This clip is about 1/4 dialog and on-screen tying, and 3/4 foot tickling…the foot tickling is half nylon, half barefoot.

Duration: 17:12.333
Size: 512,386 Mb

Download – Infiltrated by Mistress Viper – Part 1 – The Bruiser Interrogated

TickleCuties – Battle of Big Feet – Part 2 Bianca

Now it’s time for Kordelia Devonshire to get her revenge on Bianca’s BEAUTIFUL SIZE 10 FEET! Kordelia starts slow, TEASING BIANCA’S BIG FEET WITH A FEATHER as the tall redhead twitches and squeals. After a few minutes with the feather, Kordelia starts SCRABBLING HER FRENCH MANICURED NAILS ALL OVER BIANCA’S SOLES! Bianca is INSANELY ticklish, and squirms and bucks like crazy! Kordelia then OILS UP BIANCA’S SOFT SIZE 10 FEET, and WICKEDLY TICKLES THEM WITH HER NAILS. She then uses a HAIRBRUSH to mercilessly scrub Bianca’s OILED SOLES, driving the tall tied girl absolutely crazy! Kordelia finishes Bianca off with her LONG NAILS, combining playful teasing with brutal tickle-torment, finally the redhead to admit that Kordelia is the winner of the “Battle of Big Feet!” 100% foot tickling with a TON of close-ups of Bianca’s huge size 10 feet in this clip

Duration: 11:37.997
Size: 344,591 Mb

Download – Battle of Big Feet – Part 2 Bianca

TickleCuties – Battle of Big Feet – Part 1 Kordelia

Ever wanted to see two beautiful big-footed girls take turns tickle-tormenting each other? Watch Bianca, with her size 10 feet, go all-out on the GORGEOUS size 9 feet of Kordelia Devonshire! These two girls want to claim the most beautiful big feet, so they’re going to tickle each other to see who wins. First Kordlia is tied, and Bianca is going to torment those perfect size 9 feet with all her energy. Bianca starts by TEASING KORDELIA’S SOLES AND TOES WITH A FEATHER. Kordelia is truly a girl who LOVES and HATES being tickled at the same time, so she moans and growls while she laughs and squeals. Bianca quickly replaces the feather and uses her RED NAILS TO LIGHTLY SCRATCH AND TICKLE KORDELIA’S PERFECT SOLES. Kordelia writhes around and continues moaning and laughing. Bianca increases pace and intensity, really digging her nails good into Kordelia’s feet…Bianca then OILS UP KORDELIA’S FEET – it’s SO hot to see such beautiful big feet oiled up like that! Bianca then resumes her fingernail attack, MERCILESSLY TORMENTING KORDELIA’S OILED SOLES AND TOES, and then uses a HAIRBRUSH to SCRUB her oiled feet! The brush and increased fingernail intensity push Kordelia closer to the edge, and her laughter intensifies. Bianca switches back and attacks Kordelia’s perfect feet with her wicked fingernails again, and then finishes her off with the hairbrush. Look for part 2 next, with Kordelia getting some revenge! This clip is 100% foot tickling, mostly with fingers, and contains a TON of close-ups of Kordelia’s absolutely perfect feet!

Duration: 10:28.620
Size: 309,77 Mb

Download – Battle of Big Feet – Part 1 Kordelia

TickleCuties – Reading Endurance Challenge In Nylons 3 Audrey Interviews Lela

Lela comes in for a job interview – she REALLY wants this job! Audrey has moved on from her job as a secretary, and is now the boss of the place Lela is applying to. After reviewing Lela’s resume, Audrey decides to put her through a special interview technique – and decides to see if she can maintain her focus while her FEET ARE BEING TICKLED! Audrey ties Lela’s ankles and legs, and REMOVES HER SHOES, REVEALING HER PERFECT NYLON-CLAD FEET! Audrey then instructs Lela to read from a magazine article and starts TICKLING HER STOCKING FEET to distract her. Lela’s feet are INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE, as Audrey’s devilish fingers explore her ARCHES AND TOES. Lela continues messing up her reading because she’s SO TICKLISH, and Audrey makes her continually start over! No matter how much Lela laughs, squirms, and WIGGLES HER FEET AND TOES, Audrey keeps tickling! Can Lela survive the interview process? This video contains hilarious banter and NON-STOP NYLON FOOT TICKLING (with fingers) for over 18 minutes!

Duration: 18:47.692
Size: 560,604 Mb

Download – Reading Endurance Challenge In Nylons 3 Audrey Interviews Lela

TickleCuties – Reading Endurance Challenge in Nylons – Part 2 Boss Serene Revenge Tickled

HR caught wind of Serene’s antics, and decided the best punishment would be to let Secretary Audrey get some tickle-torment revenge on the mean boss! Audrey has Serene’s arms tied to the chair, and her nylon-clad feet bound at the ankles. Audrey does what Serene did to her and makes her READ FROM A MAGAZINE WHILE SHE TICKLES HER STOCKING FEET! Serene’s adorable little feet are incredibly ticklish to Audrey’s TICKLING FINGERS, but the boss remains defiant throughout the ordeal, trying not to laugh. She doesn’t last long, though, as she giggles and stutters through her reading. Audrey uses a HAIRBRUSH to tickle Serene through her nylons for a bit, but this is mostly finger tickling on nylon-covered soles and toes! This 22-minute clip is 100% NYLON FOOT TICKLING, almost ALL of it with fingers. Serene’s adorable feet get the tickling of a lifetime! Revenge is certainly sweet for Audrey!

Duration: 22:37.026
Size: 675,748 Mb

Download – Reading Endurance Challenge in Nylons – Part 2 Boss Serene Revenge Tickled

TickleCuties – Reading Endurance Challenge in Nylons – Part 1 Secretary Audrey Tickled

Audrey has been a bad secretary, and boss Serene thinks she has trouble focusing and concentrating. Serene is fed up with Audrey, and decides to teach her a little lesson. Serene ties Audrey to a chair, and binds her ankles tightly. Serene removes Audrey’s shoes and pulls her NYLON-CLAD FEET into her lap. Serene then instructs Audrey to read from a magazine while she TICKLES HER STOCKING SOLES AND TOES WITH HER FINGERS. Audrey is extremely ticklish, especially with NYLONS on, and has trouble reading ANYTHING. Serene instructs Audrey that this is a training exercise, designed to help develop her focus and concentration skills. Serene quizzes Audrey on what she read, and makes her start over every time she loses her focus…but NEVER stops TICKLING THE POOR GIRL’S FEET while she tries to read. For the ENTIRETY of this 20-plus minute clip, poor Audrey tries to read silly magazine articles out loud while Serene MERCILESSLY tickles her stocking feet. This is 100% finger tickling on nylon soles, with a ton of funny interaction between the two girls. Audrey simply cannot read aloud while her feet get tickled, and boss Serene takes full advantage of this. This clip contains a good portion of close-ups of Audrey’s nylon feet being tickled.

Duration: 22:31.650
Size: 673,208 Mb

Download – Reading Endurance Challenge in Nylons – Part 1 Secretary Audrey Tickled