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TickleCuties – Molly’s Ticklish Armpits

Not sure if you knew this, but ADORABLE MOLLY HAS SUPER-TICKLISH ARMPITS! To prove our point, we roped Molly’s arms over her head, including a neat elbow-tie, to keep her from straightening her arms to wriggle out of the bondage. We roped her knees and ankles, too, just for more leverage. MasoKiss smiles with glee as she gets to use her LONG NAILS TO VICIOUSLY TORMENT MOLLY’S TICKLISH PITS! Molly, as only she can, screams and giggles, while trying to fight against the bondage. When MasoKiss shows no interest in stopping her EVIL TEASING AND TICKLING OF MOLLY’S UNDERARMS, Molly starts trying to wriggle out of her bondage and escape! MasoKiss makes a brief trip down the couch to TICKLE MOLLY’S ULTRA-SOFT SOLES AND TENDER TOES, causing her to wriggle out of her knee bondage. Unfortunately, though, Molly cannot get free from her elbow and arm ties, and MasoKiss TORMENTS HER ARMPITS some more to round out the clip. Great clip for those who like a gal struggling and trying to resist tickling, while fighting against bondage.

Duration: 5:52.787
Size: 66,9 Mb

Download – Molly’s Ticklish Armpits

TickleCuties – Molly Hung and Tickled

Who better to shoot our first Damsel in style tickling clip than our own Molly Zeppa? Molly is bound with her arms roped over her head, tied at the wrists and elbows, and GAGGED! In walks the adorable Red Dawn, our newest Cutie, wearing adorable Batman knee-high socks! Red mischievously ties Molly’s ankles as the helpless girl WIGGLES AND CURLS HER TOES! Red then USES A FEATHER TO TEASE AND TICKLE MOLLY’S EXPOSED UNDERARMS! She then switches to a far more evil tactic, and FINGER-TICKLES MOLLY’S ARMPITS, AS THE POOR GIRL WHIMPERS AND GIGGLES THROUGH HER GAG! Red is a naughty tickler, verbally taunting the helpless girl, gives Molly’s ass a few HARD SPANKS, and even scoots down to TICKLE MOLLY’S TOES AS SHE WRIGGLES AND CRIES! Red finally leaves Molly helpless and breathless, unable to escape. We love DID, and if you do, too, this is a clip we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

Duration: 6:53.883
Size: 199,104 Mb

Download – Molly Hung and Tickled

TickleCuties – Jolene Hogtied and Tormented

Gorgeous Jolene Valkyrie returned, and we got her hogtied right away for some good ol’ fashioned tickle-! The Tickler toys with her SIZE 9 FEET, TICKLING THEM PLAYFULLY as Jolene squeals and laughs, thrashing wildly against her hogtie. The Tickler goes for her RIBS, too, which are ULTRA-TICKLISH, and her worst spot! About a minute in, Jolene thrashes SO badly that she pulls her hogtie apart! After a quick cut for a re-tie (not shown in the clip), The Tickler OBLITERATES JOLENE’S FEET AND RIBS, making her safe-word, and making her thrash so badly that she tumbles OFF THE COUCH and ONTO THE FLOOR! Jolene’s upper body is INSANELY ticklish, and her feet are pretty bad, too. We had a blast tormenting her without mercy! Jolene thrashes and wriggles about as violently as anyone we’ve worked with.

Duration: 6:09.303
Size: 66,545 Mb

Download – Jolene Hogtied and Tormented

TickleCuties – Hogtying the Nerd

4-Eyes the Nerd got her revenge on Amo…but Amo’s friend The Tickler turns the tables on the poor nerd, hogtying her for some punishment. He taunts her and lightly TICKLES THE BACKS OF HER THIGHS as she screams, laughs, and protests. She tries kicking him in the face, but he positions her feet where they can’t reach, and VICIOUSLY TICKLES HER RIBS and DEEP INTO HER HIPS, making the geeky 4-eyes scream and laugh even more. He then begins a WICKED FOOT TICKLING ASSAULT, SCRABBLING HIS FINGERS ALONG THE NERD’S SOFT, BARE FEET. Then, he grabs the HITACHI and VIBRATES 4-EYES’ FEET FOR A FEW MINUTES NON-STOP, which really drives the poor, helpless girl crazy. He teases her verbally, commenting on how helpless she is. After a few more minutes of Hitachi’ing her feet, he then uses the Hitachi on her ribs, and then wedges the vibrator behind her arms against her back, and TICKLES HER SOLES AND TOES AT THE SAME TIME! 4-Eyes screams, laughs, and whimpers at this new torment, and promises to do anything if he’ll just stop…but he doesn’t. He quickly TICKLES HER INNER THIGHS, making 4-Eyes scream , and then makes her promise to give him math lessons in exchange for mercy. 4-Eyes didn’t see this coming at all…by the end of it, she’s a tired, sweaty mess! TONS of good foot close-ups in this one – a great view of 4-Eyes wiggling her cute little toes.

Duration: 7:03.324
Size: 74,157 Mb

Download – Hogtying the Nerd

TickleCuties – Infiltrated by Mistress Viper – Part 2 – Mistress Viper Pays The Price


The Bruiser wants payback. Mistress Viper had used a false identity to infiltrate The League of Super Heroines, and had interrogated her with brutal tickling techniques. Bruiser used a neck pinch to capture Mistress Viper, who is now tied with her BARE FEET VULNERABLE. Bruiser then tries to Mistress Viper to give up the passcode to the Villains’ Hideout – but Viper resists. Bruiser then turns the tables, and TICKLES THE SOFT, BARE FEET OF EVIL MISTRESS VIPER. Buiser starts with finger tickling, and then SCRATCHES VIPER’S SOLES AND BETWEEN HER TOES WITH THE FEATHER QUILL. Bruiser then uses the hairbrush to SCRUB THE SOLES of Mistress Viper – but Viper, through her laughing, whimpering and protesting, does not give in. Bruiser then OILS UP THE SOLES OF MISTRESS VIPER, and BRUTALLY TICKLE-TORMENTS HER SOLES with her nails and the hairbrush. Bruiser mocks and insults the villainess as she MERCILESS TORMENTS HER TICKLISH FEET, and finally breaks the will of the evil Mistress Viper. Tons of funny dialog in this one between the two gals. Viper is very ticklish, but yells and protests as much as she laughs in this one, as she tries to FIGHT AGAINST THE LAUGHTER!100% barefoot tickling in this clip!

Duration: 10:28.449
Size: 310,327 Mb

Download – Infiltrated by Mistress Viper – Part 2 – Mistress Viper Pays The Price

TickleCuties – Infiltrated by Mistress Viper – Part 1 – The Bruiser Interrogated


Legendary Stacy Burke returns as THE BRUISER in this amazing clip! The Bruiser is interviewing Princess Black, played by Amanda Marie, for a possible position in the League of Super Heroines. As the interview winds down, Princess Black suddenly BITES THE BRUISER WITH HER POISON BITE…it turns out, Princess Black is really MISTRESS VIPER, in disguise, and Mistress Viper is going to infiltrate the League of Super Heroines’ hideout! Bruiser, helpless against Viper’s poisonous bite, is captured. Viper then SLOWLY REMOVES BRUISER’S BOOTS and TIES HER WRISTS AND ANKLES (NOTE: On-screen tying lasts approximately 3-4 minutes). Viper then wakes up Bruiser, and asks her for the combination to the defense field. Bruiser refuses to give up the information, so Viper INTERROGATES HER BY BRUTALLY TICKLING HER STOCKING FEET, both with her wicked fingers and a hairbrush. Bruiser protests and squeals through her laughter, but refuses to give up the codes. Viper continues MERCILESSLY TEASING AND TICKLING Bruiser’s feet, then BITES HER AGAIN! Viper then REMOVES BRUISER’S NYLONS, exposing her GORGEOUS BARE FEET! Viper then wakes Bruiser up again and resumes the merciless interrogation. She applies BABY OIL TO BRUISER’S FEET, softening them up, and TICKLES THEM WITH HER FINGERS, THE QUILL OF A FEATHER, and THE HAIRBRUSH. Bruiser laughs her pretty little head off, but refuses to break, no matter how wickedly Mistress Viper tickles her. Will poor, helpless Bruiser give in? This clip is about 1/4 dialog and on-screen tying, and 3/4 foot tickling…the foot tickling is half nylon, half barefoot.

Duration: 17:12.333
Size: 512,386 Mb

Download – Infiltrated by Mistress Viper – Part 1 – The Bruiser Interrogated

TickleCuties – Battle of Big Feet – Part 2 Bianca

Now it’s time for Kordelia Devonshire to get her revenge on Bianca’s BEAUTIFUL SIZE 10 FEET! Kordelia starts slow, TEASING BIANCA’S BIG FEET WITH A FEATHER as the tall redhead twitches and squeals. After a few minutes with the feather, Kordelia starts SCRABBLING HER FRENCH MANICURED NAILS ALL OVER BIANCA’S SOLES! Bianca is INSANELY ticklish, and squirms and bucks like crazy! Kordelia then OILS UP BIANCA’S SOFT SIZE 10 FEET, and WICKEDLY TICKLES THEM WITH HER NAILS. She then uses a HAIRBRUSH to mercilessly scrub Bianca’s OILED SOLES, driving the tall tied girl absolutely crazy! Kordelia finishes Bianca off with her LONG NAILS, combining playful teasing with brutal tickle-torment, finally the redhead to admit that Kordelia is the winner of the “Battle of Big Feet!” 100% foot tickling with a TON of close-ups of Bianca’s huge size 10 feet in this clip

Duration: 11:37.997
Size: 344,591 Mb

Download – Battle of Big Feet – Part 2 Bianca