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TickleAbuse – Weekend Tickles

Baby stopped by over the weekend to hang with Tasha, but Tasha had to work so she came along with her to watch some tickling. No way Tasha was going to let her just watch and gets Baby in the Rack. She promises it wont be a long tickle, and it isnt, but Tasha manages to tickle all of her most sensitive spots and do it with no mercy.

Duration: 6:27.615
Size: 193,001 Mb

Download – Weekend Tickles

TickleAbuse – Tough Sasha

Sasha is a tough girl, but her size 8.5 feet are no match for Tasha and her brush! Tasha also punishes her very ticklish upperbody.

Duration: 6:27.893
Size: 163,467 Mb

Download – Tough Sasha

TickleAbuse – Evil Roommate

Duration: 18:32.077
Size: 551,327 Mb

Download – Evil Roommate

TickleAbuse – Holly Naked and Racked

Holly Heart likes to be punished, and today she is going to get her wish! Tasha finds all of her spots and exploits them without mercy.

Duration: 7:03.931
Size: 211,06 Mb

Download – Holly Naked and Racked

TickleAbuse – Maddie ToeTied

Gizelle gets some foot tickling toe tied revenge on her friend Maddie. Maddie isn’t super ticklish but definitely has some cute feet and Gizelle does manage to get her going a little with some fingernail tickling.

Duration: 10:04.604
Size: 586,361 Mb

Download – Maddie ToeTied

TickleAbuse – Gizelle Big Hawain Feet

Gizelle has never been stocks nor has she ever had a foot tickle. Cute and sexy Maddy starts out with a brush and goes after her helpless bare soles. Maddy tickles Gizelle’s big Hawaiian feet making her laugh and giggle. Maddy puts down the brush and tickles all over her feet with her non stop moving fingers.

Duration: 10:07.106
Size: 588,831 Mb

Download – Gizelle Big Hawain Feet

TickleAbuse – Nails On Jazmin

It seemed fitting to reward Emily for trying out some tickling so she gets some revenge on her friend Jazmin

Duration: 10:32.632
Size: 612,93 Mb

Download – Nails On Jazmin