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MirandasTickleTales – Stepmother Tickle 5 The Final Chapter

In this final chapter of the Stepmother saga: The trophy wife/stepmom, spoiled rotten to the core, is back and this time, it’s time for her stepson to take charge. She thinks it’s over, but he has a very special video to encourage her to come back for one last, very special tickle. Once in his room, she’s tied to his bed and tickled mercilessly until she cums and squirts all over the place. She’s cumming so hard that she doesn’t object one bit when he slips his cock into her mouth, greedily sucking as he gives her ticklegasm after ticklegasm…

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Download – Stepmother Tickle 5 The Final Chapter

MirandasTickleTales – Foot Games

Rain is wanting to have fun with Miranda’s feet. She playfully tickles them until Miranda suggests they play some games. First is The Piggy Game, you know the one, this little piggy went to market etc. Then came Itzy Bitzy Spider. They end things with Rain and Miranda playing Doctor with her feet.

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Download – Foot Games

MirandasTickleTales – Face Down Foot Tickle

Miranda is tied Face down to have her feet tickle tortured. Her Big Toes are tied together so she has no place to go. The tickler sits on her for added immobility. Her hands are tied behind her back. He first massages them then tickles her with feathers, then rubs oil into them and finally tickles her oiled feet until she is about ready to pass out.

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Download – Face Down Foot Tickle

MirandasTickleTales – Debt Paid Chapter 3

It’s been a while since Miranda has posted. She’s been busy with painting and contractors and dealing with a house remodel. But she’s back now and as it turns out, in spite of all the running around she’s been doing, she hasn’t been keeping up with her weekly weight-loss goals. So now she has to pay the piper for not making her weight…or should she say pay Dante. Tickling her armpits, nipples, boobs and sides, Miranda’s huge boobs bounce up and down with each laugh.

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Download – Debt Paid Chapter 3

MirandasTickleTales – Story Time Paul Clifford

In this episode of our Story Time Series in which Miranda reads from the classics while being tickled, she has chosen something special. An excerpt fromEnglish novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s 1830 novel Paul Clifford. It starts’s with the all too familiar line: “It was a dark and stormy night.” This time, brought to life by the shrieks and cackles of Miranda as she attempts to get through the passage while her feet are shown no mercy.

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Download – Story Time Paul Clifford

MirandasTickleTales – Steam-Punk Tickle

Miranda is all dressed up in her Steam-Punk Outfit and is ready for a night out on the town. But before she can go out, Dante wants to start the evening off with a little tickle session. Armpits, nipples and hips are on the tickle menu tonight…enjoy.

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Download – Steam-Punk Tickle

MirandasTickleTales – Agent Miranda How It All Began

One of Miranda’s fans is a big fan of her Agent Miranda series. Thus they requested a custom video explaining how Miranda became a secret agent in the first place. This is Part 1 in a 3 part series detailing Agent Miranda’s origins. Having just completed her train to become an agent of the Consolidated United Nations against Tickle Torture or (C.U.N.T.T) she discovers her first mission is to infiltrate a club that is a known hot spot for the tickle slave trade.

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Download – Agent Miranda How It All Began