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RussianGirlsInFetish – Yuno knows how to tickle!

Sophie is a new model and there is the first time she is tickled being tied up! Yuno invited her because she loves and knows how to tickle, knows that it is better to tie her thumbs together, her feet become more sensitive if they are lubricated and it will be interesting to pull the crotch with a rope… Yuno gradually increases the intensity of tickling – Sophie is unable to get down her arms to save her armpits. But the main focus is of course on the feet. Yuno puts her used sock in Sophie’s mouth and seals it tightly with tape, returns to her feet and gives them all the best.

Length: 20:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Yuno knows how to tickle!

RussianGirlsInFetish – She broke down from tickling

Ann is a spy and she failed her mission – she was caught and information will be extracted from her. She was tied to the bed and deprived of the opportunity to see and somehow resist the upcoming interrogation. Olivia has to find her weak points, use different tools to make the spy crack.

Olivia comes in and starts tickling Ann on her underarms and upper body, asking Ann for the secret code but she refuses to tell her. Olivia then asks Ann for her most ticklish spot, but Ann won’t tell her. Olivia then removes her bra and finds her tits and nipples are her most ticklish spot.
She then tickles Anns tits and nipples with her hands, later with a brush and finally with a toothbrush. Until Ann gives in and tells her the code.

Length: 29:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – She broke down from tickling

RussianGirlsInFetish – Saw will make you tickle

Bramble comes into the room and waits, she came for an interview. After a while, another girl, Mia, comes in. They don’t understand why no one has met them and what is happening. They will not be able to leave the room anymore – the door is locked. Suddenly, a Voice tells them that they are trapped and the only way to get out of here is to follow his commands. The girls understand what it’s like and decide to accept the terms of the game. They have to choose who will be tied up. Bramble takes the tape and deftly begins to tie Mia up. The Voice commands tickle and Bramble obeys. She is ordered to tickle hard, not sparing the ribs and soles. By the end of the test, when the Voice announces the task is completed, Bramble is so carried away that she continues to tickle Mia.

Length: 22:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Saw will make you tickle

RussianGirlsInFetish – Exclusive Eva tickles Sara’s tied body

Sara is tied up to the cross. She is very tickling, so her gf Eva wants to make her crazy from this torment.

All productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants aged over 18 and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production. These fantasy scenarios, without exception fully consensual, contextual and supported by model release to this effect.

Length: 20:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Exclusive Eva tickles Sara’s tied body

RussianGirlsInFetish – Don’ t mess with me, sweetheart!

Our the most ticklish model today is our guest. But she forgot to shave her legs before the meeting! Bramble won’t let this go unpunished. Bramble will mercilessly tickle her feet with his hands and other devices. Polly is securely fixed, the legs at the ankles are firmly tied to the bench. She really has no way to avoid being tickled. She laughs loudly and sometimes screams because she can’t stand it. Polly is incredibly ticklish.

Length: 22:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Don’ t mess with me, sweetheart!

RussianGirlsInFetish – Wicked boobs tickler got Ann in metal collar

Ann has very ticklish big boobs. Now it’s Stacy’s turn to play with her. Stacy is into girls a lot- we see that she really enjoys from being wicked tickler.

Length: 23:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Wicked boobs tickler got Ann in metal collar

RussianGirlsInFetish – This lady prepared for tickling

Sonya is wearing new long chinese dress. Her body is streched and securetily tied to the bench. Bramble tickles her sides, armpits, exposes her titties and tickles them, especially nipples. She finds her the most ticklish spots and tickles her hard. She brings her an orgasm with hitachi, while still tickles her- this makes her crazy! And tickles her nipples with electrical toothbrush, and finish it with hardest tickling for her ribs.

Length: 21:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – This lady prepared for tickling