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VickysFetishFun – Tickling Handjob interrogation for secret ingredient

Clip will open with Dick already tied up. You are in the room with Dick and begin to explain who you are and why he is tied up and helpless. You are a corporate spy and need information from Dick on a new product his firm is producing as you want your firm to get to market faster. He says under no circumstances will he divulge his firm”s secret. You tell him he has one more chance to talk, otherwise, you will have to interrogate him for the data. He still says no. So you call Kitty into the room and introduce her as you fellow interrogator and that you have a file on his weaknesses and say you have a simple question you need to ask: “Dick? Are you ticklish?”He begins to plead “no …please don”t tickle me!!” but you and Kitty just smile and start wiggling your long nails as you approach him! And you begin to search his body for the most ticklish spots you can find … somewhat slowly at first, then picking up speed with your nails until you have him howling and begging for mercy! After a couple of minutes you stop and ask him again for the information. He pleads with you that he cannot divulge his company”s secret and to stop tickling him!So you inform him that you are going to experiment with a technique that will heighten his sensitivity as he is still not telling you what you want. You put some oil on his member and begins to give him a HJ. The other lightly tickling his feet while the other is giving the HJ. If not then one of you could lightly tickle his upper body while the other is giving the HJ.Hopefully he orgasms quick. then you ask him for the information again. He still pleads with you that he cannot tell you the secret for fear of his life from his current firm. So you tell him the tickling will continue (at a sensitivity level 100x before the HJ) but he still cannot tell you and begs for you to let him go but…

Length: 19:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Handjob interrogation for secret ingredient

UKTickling – Cute Rose Is A Totally Merciless Tickler!

Polish cutie Rose gets to try being a tickler for the first time, and turns out to be very good at it! This eighteen year-old redhead may look sweet and innocent but she’s a merciless tickler, and she has me going crazy in no time! Rose’s looks amazing in skimpy lingerie and she doesn’t waste any time getting her own back on me, tickling from head to foot. Her nails are crazy-ticklish and she has a great time playfully punishing my body and feet. She’s very mischievous and constantly throws me off guard as she moves up and down my body…at one point just running her nails all the way from the feet to the armpits and back again, as she laughs at my reactions! Rose has a great time serving up the punishment, using her own funny tickle-talk, which somehow makes it worse as she torments me. At the end, she holds me down so she can get my armpits and body as I try to pull away – she’s a lot meaner than she looks! It’s a great F/M scene and Rose clearly has a lot of fun taking charge and making me suffer. We’ll definitely have to get her back in as a future tickler…after getting her back for this one!

Length: 17:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cute Rose Is A Totally Merciless Tickler!

UKTickling – Chantelle Really Makes Me Pay!

Chantelle may be ridiculously ticklish but she loves getting her own back and she’s one of best ticklers around! Spread on the bed in the morph suit, I am totally at Chantelle’s mercy and she makes the most of it in this one. She tickles me from head to foot, making very good use of her nails which are unbearably ticklish – especially through the thin material of the suit! She has me going crazy as she moves all around, catching me unawares and tickling feet, legs, hips, sides, armpits without any warning until I’m jumping and thrashing like mad. She thoroughly enjoys teasing and making me squirm – and her tickling technique is amazing…she’s certainly leaned a thing or two! Straddling me, Chantelle slips off her heels and smothers me with her stocking feet before using them to tickle my armpits. She then goes all-out, holding me down and punishing my feet and body until I’m totally done by the end. A merciless F/M scene…and she was very happy to do it! A 4K clip with great split-screen action for a really clear view of the action from both sides!

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Chantelle Really Makes Me Pay!

TerrasTemptations – Tied & Tickled – Darrius Jones, Stella Danny, Paula Diamonds, Irene Silver & TerraMizu

DARRIUS JONES is TIED down to the bed with four BIKINI clad beauties standing around him: TERRAMIZU, STELLA DANNY, PAULA DIAMONDS and IRENE SILVER are here to get REVENGE on Darrius with their LONG NAILS as they TICKLE him silly! All four sexy girls are ready to take him down by TICKLING him and finding all of his most TICKLISH spots. They TICKLE his sensitive FEET, LEGS, STOMACH, CHEST and NECK, seeing which spots make him LAUGH the hardest. They love to TICKLE TORMENT him as he LAUGHS and SQUEALS. How much TICKLING can he take?

Length: 10:59
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tied & Tickled – Darrius Jones, Stella Danny, Paula Diamonds, Irene Silver & TerraMizu

TerrasTemptations – Tied & Tickled – Angel Ramiraz & TerraMizu

In nothing but his underwear, ANGEL RAMIRAZ is TIED to the bed expecting some kinky fun with TERRAMIZU, but he’s not expecting what she has planned. She slowly starts to run her LONG NAILS over his body, making him SQUIRM. Terra quickly realizes just how TICKLISH he is and has some fun TICKLING his entire body. She TICKLES his LEGS, ARMPITS, CHEST, STOMACH and FEET. Angel can’t stop STRUGGLING and LAUGHING as Terra explores his body to find his most TICKLISH spots. Terra loves being such a playfully sadistic TICKLER, but can Angel handle her?

Length: 11:21
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tied & Tickled – Angel Ramiraz & TerraMizu

Octopus – FFF-M – 18 YO Evil ticklers – Soles Up – Full

Length: 10:57
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – FFF-M – 18 YO Evil ticklers – Soles Up – Full

MistressWindyWhispers – Tickling Orgasm

Length: 10:03
Resolution: 1078×1232

Download – Tickling Orgasm