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TickleTorture – Tickling Turns You On

Blond Busty Milf Charlee Chase has you right where she wants you. You’re stripped naked on the bed. She is between your legs with something very special planned for you today. She begins by tickling your upper body with her soft hands and fingernails. Your cock grows hard at her ticklish touches almost immediately and stands at attention eager for what is to come. Charlee notices right away how much tickling turns you on. She works her fingers down toward your cock and strokes your dick. She tickles your penis and balls, your belly and sides, and your chest. She teases you by stroking your manhood while tickling you. Charlee tickles and strokes you at the same time until you cum, her expert hands draining you dry.

Duration: 9:55.761
Size: 162,119 Mb

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TickleTorture – Tickling Chuck’s Feet

Chuck Thomas joins us again at Tickle . He is laying on the bed, feet propped up on the foot board. Charlee is straddled over top of his body, facing his feet. She slowly and methodically runs her fingers up and down his enormous bare feet, tickling up and down his soles, over his heels, in and around his arches, under and between his toes. Chuck is ticklish, but doesn’t elicit a lot of laughter from his tickle sensations as he finds getting tickled much more erotic. He moans with pleasure as Charlee fingers up and down his big bare feet. Charlee changes positions briefly, her ginormous tits in your face as she focuses on tickling his feet. Charlee grabs the electric toothbrush to give that a try and see if she receives a different reaction. Chuck responds the same way to the toothbrush on his naked feet as he does with Charlee’s fingers. Though Charlee tries to get him to “laugh like a girl” throughout the clip, she does elicit some laughter, but Chuck is definitely more turned on by being tickled.This is not his worst nightmare. This is a dream come true! Charlee finishes him off using her fingers and fingernails once more as Chucks legs shake and his breathing is quickened with each touch. How would you react if it was you? You never know, you could be next!

Duration: 7:32.621
Size: 313,416 Mb

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TickleTorture – Elijah Foot Tickle

Elijah is on the bed, barefoot, with his feet tied down to the footboard. Elijah is extremely ticklish and he’s ready for you to tickle his very nice, size 10.5 feet. You tickle all over his bare feet, up and down his soles, arches, heels and sides of his feet. You tickle under his toes and in between his toes. You start off tickling him with your fingers, then a big green feather. Next, you use the electric toothbrush, which really makes him scream. You show no mercy on him.You finish him off with your fingers.

Duration: 6:47.473
Size: 125,586 Mb

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TickleTorture – Charlee Tickles Elijah (Feet and Cock)

Charlee has Elijah stripped down naked on the bed. How will she take advantage of him? She is going to tickle him, of course! She uses only her fingers and fingernails to tickle his sensitive feet and cock. She begins on his feet, wiggling her fingers up and down the length of his gorgeous bare soles, under and in between his toes, as he laughs and wriggles about. Charlee has another surprise for him though. She’s not only going to tickle his feet, she is also going to tickle his penis! She works her fingers up his body to his sensitive cock and balls and works her magic there. He clenches his butt cheeks and squirms from side to side as she tickles his balls, perineum, up the shaft of his penis and over the head of his cock. She tickles all over his groin before moving back down to his feet for the finale. She even blows raspberries on his balls and gives his feet some nibbles. Charlee is such an evil tickler. She verbally taunts and teases him as he cries out in laughter.

Duration: 8:25.304
Size: 141,088 Mb

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TickleTorture – Charlee Chase Cock Sucking & Fucking Tickle

You’re on the bed naked with busty blond MILF Charlee Chase between your legs. You’re in for a very good time it seems as she bends over and sucks your cock into her mouth. What a treat having her warm mouth wrapped around your member, sucking you from head to base! You know Charlee always has an alternative motive though as she reaches out and tickles you. How conflicting! You’re extremely ticklish yet also incredibly turned on getting a blowjob. She teases you with her mouth, licking and sucking your hard cock then tickling you some more. Oh wait, what is happening? Charlee climbs on top of you, straddling you, and slides your throbbing cock into her tight wet pussy! Oh man, what a dream come true! In no time you’re ready to bust your nut so she climbs off of you and milks out every last drop of your cum before tickling you even more. Now you’re even more sensitive immediately after orgasm! This is pure tickle at its finest! Is this your best fantasy or your worst nightmare?

Duration: 5:27.136
Size: 670,141 Mb

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TickleAbuse – Steven’s Session

Steven came by to have a session with Tasha. He was really nervous, he knows what Tasha is going to do to him! He agreed to have it filmed. He starts off with no blindfold, you can see the desperation in his face right from the start! Tasha blindfolds him and tortures him even worse. She tickles his entire body. She takes off the blindfolds at the end and tells him he is getting exactly what he wished for.

Duration: 9:43.080
Size: 243,508 Mb

Download – Steven’s Session

TickleAbuse – Ronny Cums Again

Duration: 13:37.881
Size: 368,876 Mb

Download – Ronny Cums Again