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LovelyLaughTickling – Wiam’s one way ticket to Crazy Land

We reunite Wiam and Myriam once again ! This time, Wiam is submitted to a super intensive session, there is a lot of yelling, and Myriam enjoys her tickle friend A LOT.

Length: 15:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Wiam’s one way ticket to Crazy Land

LovelyLaughTickling – Ultimate lickling torment for Olivia

We are near the end of this serie with this amazing duo ! Carla insisted to get a last revenge on her friends, how could we refuse ?
Carla is the queen on lickling, and Olivia couldn’t do anything about it in this facedown position.
You will see how much she enjoys her friend, while olivia is grossed out that her toes are sucked so much.

Carla doesn’t only use her toungue tho, she mixes that with fingers, brushes, and feather.
And the cameras don’t miss anything about it.

Length: 12:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ultimate lickling torment for Olivia

LovelyLaughTickling – Ofeelia ‘s Armpits Cannot Escape !

Welcome this new model Ofeelia ! She is petite but has a deep voice and was very fun to work with 🙂
Her feet were not ticklish enough (I’ll still publish the failed audition).

Her upperbody and thighs however offered us good reactions, let’s make her sweat ! She is tickled face up and face down, like a good pancake

Length: 17:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ofeelia ‘s Armpits Cannot Escape !

LovelyLaughTickling – Mary is still too ticklish for foot worship !

Here is another clip of my “too ticklish for foot worship serie”. Here, Mary is tied beautifully with red ropes on a bed.
Amanita is tied too, but is at her feet. Who is the slave of the other ? Difficult question to answer, as Mary hates that and Amanita has a foot fetish (you literraly need to pull her off Mary’s feet lol).

You will see a lot of toungue between toes, sucking, kissing … Let me know if you want to see more of that !

Length: 9:31
Resolution: 2560×1440

Download – Mary is still too ticklish for foot worship !

LovelyLaughTickling – Lolah did me a favor and regretted it !

What a serie ! Lolah already got Worshipped and tickled legs up, but before she left I asked her for a little more !
She accepted because she is awesome !

The clip has 3 segments, first she has her feet tickled while sitting, then she faces the camera in a super cute close up, and last we focus on her armpits and belly with her hand on head !

Lolah is always super positive and cute, all her clips are gems and I hope to get customs to get her back ????

Length: 10:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lolah did me a favor and regretted it !

LovelyLaughTickling – Introducing Palma, we didn’t expect she would be begging for it

New duo, new models ! Palma and Tokyo have been long awaited by the community !
It is Palma’s fate to start, but something was phishy from the start … They both wanted to go first. Unusual !

The clip starts with an interview of both ticklees, Palma starts socked and Tokyo was eager to dig her nails into her soles …

Palma clearly reveals to be a tickle lover, she loves having her feet touched. She even asks the ticklers for more, the world is upside down my friends !

Palma is a gorgeous model and still relatable, and Tokyo too ! You will find this fitgirl duo to be super fun 😉
There is a little squeeking at the beggining of the video, got fixed on the way 🙂 She was pushing too hard on the stocks !

Length: 13:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Introducing Palma, we didn’t expect she would be begging for it

LovelyLaughTickling – Sorceress Eugenie – Too ticklish for foot worship ?

Here is a fresh shoot with our new model Eugenie ! Our sorceress arrived at the studio and decided to have a footslave .. but can she bear her own spells ?

Length: 6:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sorceress Eugenie – Too ticklish for foot worship ?