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LovelyLaughTickling – Luna vs Katy Who is the most sadistic

Here we have a new duo and they are incredible!

First, they are both beautiful.
Second, they are both hyper ticklish
Third, they are both very sadistic and they tease each other like I never saw before 🙂

Katy started first after a short interview, but she only did 5 minutes because the position was unconfortable for her.
But boy, this was 5 MEMORABLE minutes 🙂

Then it’s Luna’s turn, they do match each other!

They keep saying things like “You’re going to BEG when we change side”, this will turn you on, they were really into the game 🙂

Length: 16:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Luna vs Katy Who is the most sadistic

LovelyLaughTickling – Laughter is the best Medicine part 3

We continue this medical serie with another victim! This time both Calixte and Alexx tag team the newbie Sarah for an intense treatment in the stocks!

Sarah is a beautiful girl that is desperate for laughter, the girls give her what she deserve by using a lot of tools but mostly their tongue!
Lot of dialogues and teasing in this one, a must have 😉

In the end, Sarah is left giggling alone in her straightjacket, gagged with her socks and blindfolded waiting for a second round!

Length: 11:23
Resolution: 2560×1440

Download – Laughter is the best Medicine part 3

LovelyLaughTickling – Laughter is the best Medicine part 2

Here is part 2 of our F/F custom with Calixte and Alexx! This time, it’s calixte’s turn to be the patient!

Alexx is a Wild tickler and discovers innovative techniques to get her revenge on Calixte, she drools so much with her gag! A lot of you find Calixte super sexy, this is another clip that should confirm this idea

Length: 12:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Laughter is the best Medicine part 2

LovelyLaughTickling – Laughter is the best Medicine part 1

As some of you know, Alexx is a nurse IRL and it inspired a fan for a custom!

Alexx is in stocks and Ballgagged, can her deep depression be cured by our super hot nurse Calixte ? Alexx drools A LOT when she is gagged, you can see her size 40 feet get mercilessly tickled and lickled by Calixte. Her upperbody won’t be spared.

Length: 11:54
Resolution: 2560×1440

Download – Laughter is the best Medicine part 1

LovelyLaughTickling – Leah Lickles Camila

Here is a new model for our studio : Camila!

This is part of our “Around the world” Serie that has a lot of success 🙂 we all know Leah, here she has green hair, she is still as Wacked as before.
Camila is a super nice Ticklee, so they decided to do a F/F Lickling session for 10 minutes long, how do you find Camila ? 🙂

Length: 10:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Leah Lickles Camila

LovelyLaughTickling – Laetitia’s Audition

Laetitia is a new model! As you will witness, she is super ticklish on her cute small feet.

You will fall in love with her cute laugh and her extreme wiggling!

This poor student still managed to love the experience, this is why she is available for customs

Length: 13:44
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Laetitia’s Audition

LovelyLaughTickling – Cassandre’s Audition

Here we have a new model : Cassandre !

She is a 22 Year old dancer that is very cute and charming. We start with her interview in English, and then she gets in the iconic feet up position.
She will endure a long tickle session, be warned : she moves a lot as she is very ticklish!

Cherry on the cake : In the end, there is a post interview where she will tell you how she felt about this first session ????

Length: 14:18
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Cassandre’s Audition