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TheTickleRoom – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt FINALE “YOU’RE MINE FOREVER!”

Ama Rio is now fucked. Tasha has switched sides AGAIN but Layla is PISSED. She won’t let Ama Rio protest AT ALL. Ama is now in a straight jacket, nude, gagged and blindfolded. Tasha has a vibrator and LONG nails ready to DESTROY her but Layla is ALL over the feet. Soles up Ama Rio FIGHTS as Tasha PUSHES her and does NOT stop with the vibrator. Layla is the most mean we have EVER seen her. She does NOT stop telling Ama Rio how she is going to be her tickle bitch FOREVER and how much she wants to COMPLETLEY destroy her. Ama Rio is now Laylas FOREVER.

Length: 4:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt FINALE “YOU’RE MINE FOREVER!”

TheTickleRoom – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt 1 “Ama Rios Double Torment!”

Ama Rio is an agent for a company that tickles woman who do bad things to good people. She is contracted to get Layla a bad business woman known for tickling people who do not pay her for good reviews. Well Layla interrogates someone who eventually tells her that Ama Rio is coming! Well there is only one person that Layla can truly hire that will help her not only capture but BREAK Ama Rio…..Tasha. Tasha is known as one EVIL tickler who cannot be stopped. Ama Rio wants to get Layla? Well Layla DID want a new tickle slave…..

The video starts with Ama Rio trying to crawl away wondering how this happened! Tasha tells her she was hired and Ama knows this is not the plan as Layla takes Amas OWN shoe and uses it to knock poor Ama Rio out. She then wakes up to her worst nightmare…..She is gagged, her feet are locked in the stocks. and Layla is behind her holding her armpits…..with TASHA holding a brush clicking her long nails……Can Ama Rio make it? Or will she become Laylas Tickle Slave? Find out in Part 2!

Length: 5:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt 1 “Ama Rios Double Torment!”

TheTickleRoom – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt 2 “I Want Her to Myself!”

Ama Rio can barely breathe through her gag. Tasha won’t let her soles relax constantly using a brush or her LONG nails. Poor Ama is screaming unable to handle it at all and to make it worse she has Layla in her ear talking about how she will own her forever in her ear while tickling her armpits and stomach. Ama Rio cannot stop screaming as her gag leaks more and more saliva. Well Layla decided she wants Ama Rio ALL to herself asking Tasha to leave. Layla sits in front of Ama Rio and its time to torment this poor woman. Ama Rio wants to hold on begging through her gag but Layla will not give her a chance. She uses her nails and fingers on Amas BIG feet as she keeps trying to beg. But Layla tells her “You will be my bitch forever”. She continuously pushes Ama talking down to her before using a brush on her sensitive soles holding her delicate toes back. She peels them back going in even more. Ama Rios soles are RED as Layla grabs more and more tools. Layla removes Ama Rios gag staring her in the eyes telling her to submit but Ama Rio refuses. As Layla walks away though…..Ama Rio uses her one trick to get out. The feather dart they all swallow before any mission. She lands a perfect shot on Laylas neck who has no time to call Tasha back. Layla falls to the ground. Will Ama Rio run….or will she look for some REVENGE.

Length: 7:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt 2 “I Want Her to Myself!”

TheTickleRoom – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt 3 “YOU CANT HAVE ME!”

Ama Rio is falling apart. After being captured by Tasha and Layla they have been non stop tickling her. But in the LAST episode Layla wanted Ama Rio ALL to HERSELF. Well that led to Ama Rio using a defense tactic knocking Layla out! Ama Rio could run but decided WELL it might be time for some WELL DESERVED revenge. She ties Layla up with her arms up and ALL her toes tied. Ama Rio WANTS to TORMENT poor Layla as she DRAGS her nails AND TONGUE on Laylas poor soles who is now at Ama Rios mercy. She HOWLS with laughter snorting and hysterical. Ama Rio puts her nails in Laylas toes and she CANNOT take it but then REALLY starts breathing heavy as Ama combines lickling, foot worship, and her fingers. Ama Rio continues to torment and tickle poor Layla when suddenly behind her Tasha appears but RIGHT before Tasha takes her down Ama Rio makes an offer that Tasha cannot refuse…..

Length: 6:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt 3 “YOU CANT HAVE ME!”

TheTickleRoom – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt 4 “The Broken Betrayal!”

Poor Layla. Ama Rio and Tasha have TEAMED UP and are now REALLY trying to torment poor Layla. The tables have COMPLETLEY turned and now Layla has Tasha on her feet and Ama Rio on her upperbody. Layla is LOSING it IMMEDIATELY terrified of how long she will have to succumb to this torment. Ama Rio keeps teasing her licking and biting her as Tasha DESTROYS Laylas poor soles. Layla is running out of steam begging for them to stop before she screams TRIPLE and now…..Ama Rio once again is in trouble….

Length: 7:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hired Tickler Tasha Pt 4 “The Broken Betrayal!”

SeductiveStudios – Laney Josie Bondage Orgasm

Length: 15:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Laney Josie Bondage Orgasm

SeductiveStudios – Talent Show Tickle

Length: 15:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Talent Show Tickle