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CurationDeTickly – Jason Tickles the Hot Ebony Diva

Jason’s Tickle Awakening has been fun but he’s about to pick up his preferred instrument of chaos, but not before one last tickle encounter and it happens to be with a feisty diva who prefers to struggle and fight more than laugh. Too bad she’s ticklish as all get out, is tied down in tight body suit with sheer black nylons on, and again Ticklish AF! The whole cosplay angle broke down because she was so ticklish she calls “Jason” by his real name, begs to be let go, threatens to cry, and we had to stop because she was literally on the verge of peeing on herself. We left these moments in because while the cosplay angle was the goal, we wanted folks to see how genuinely ticklish this model was and the fun during the shoot. With all that said, enjoy this clip and the added BTS footage we’ve included for both authenticity and hilarity!

Duration: 12:02.688
Size: 1 721,21 Mb

Download – Jason Tickles the Hot Ebony Diva

TickleAbuse – Tough Sasha

Sasha is a tough girl, but her size 8.5 feet are no match for Tasha and her brush! Tasha also punishes her very ticklish upperbody.

Duration: 6:27.893
Size: 163,467 Mb

Download – Tough Sasha

TickleAbuse – Evil Roommate

Duration: 18:32.077
Size: 551,327 Mb

Download – Evil Roommate

UKTickling – Missy Jay & Ruby 1

Duration: 10:52.840
Size: 598,558 Mb

Download – Missy Jay & Ruby 1

BCTickleAndFetish – Quickie With Shanice Luv

Travis now gets a crack at Shanice Luv. Her feet are explosively ticklish but you have to work to find the spots on her upper body. Harder tickling is her kryptonite. Her spots are definitely her ribs, hips, and inner thighs. At one point she starts sliding down the wall with the X frame and almost falls down. If that wasn’t enough, he calls Kawaii over to tag team her for a couple minutes. Shanice really suffers once you get her going!

Duration: 5:12.432
Size: 219,757 Mb

Download – Quickie With Shanice Luv

UKTickling – Violet

Duration: 10:34.800
Size: 581,807 Mb

Download – Violet

SlammCreations – Yana and Fightbabe Robin – She?s So, So, So Sorry!

The previous day, Yana ticklishly tormented her lovely girlfriend, Robin. And now, Robin will have her revenge! Dressed in her favorite leopard bikini, Yana is bound in an inescapable leather hogtie, combining leather mittens strapped to each hand and then locked to a leather bondage belt snugly around Yana’s waist. The mittens are then locked to the leather cuffs tight around Yana’s ankles. With her fingers securely inside of the mittens, there’s no way Yana can use them to open the locks. She’s trapped, securely hogtied with her sexy, scantily clad body and bare feet available for Robin’s ticklish revenge! She’s already begging for mercy: “Robin, I’m so, so so sorry! I didn’t mean it…” Robin climbs onto the bed next to the helpless Yana, teasing her with the keys to the locks and her freedom right there, but outside of her grasp. Robin immediately moves to Yana’s ticklish soles while Yana tries desperately to deflect what’s coming. “Remember what you did to me? Maybe I can refresh your memory” as Robin’s fingers dance upon Yana’s ticklish soles. Yana jumps and squirms in ticklish agony, just from a mere touch of Robin’s fingers! It’s the start of a long afternoon of tickling, teasing and begging. Yana hates it, and pleads for Robin to stop! In addition to Yana’s ticklish feet, Robin caresses Yana’s hips, armpits and even her earlobes; each time causing Yana to buck and squirm, fruitlessly trying to escape Robin’s revenge. Finally, Robin settles in, wrapping Yana’s legs in a tight yoga hold with Yana’s super sensitive soles right in front of her, ready to be tickled for hours. Yana begs Robin, but it does no good as the tickling begins again. It might never stop…Yana presents some sexy struggles trying to get away from Robin’s ministrations, with lots of close-ups of her and her lovely bound, bare feet!

Duration: 13:05.549
Size: 875,403 Mb

Download – Yana and Fightbabe Robin – She?s So, So, So Sorry!