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SilverCherry – Asteria’s First Time Ever Bound and Tickled

I love it when I get to work with someone who’s never been tied up and tickled before. And today is one of those times that I’m lucky enough to get to pop someone’s tickle cherry! Asteria revealed to me that she has never experienced being bound and tickled before. And after strapping her to the tickle table, I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that she is in fact VERY ticklish! She is a tall girl with a long upperbody which gave me a lot of topless real estate to work with. It was so much fun making her twist and squirm on the table. But it’s her laugh that’s really the star of the scene! She lets out some belly laughs that were like music to my ears as my fingers dug into her sides, belly, underarms, ribs, legs and her big size 9 feet! It was an honor having tall sexy Asteria do her first ever tickling video for SilverCherry!

Duration: 11:36.405
Size: 682,887 Mb

Download – Asteria’s First Time Ever Bound and Tickled

GinaryTickleAdventures – Wrestling Tickle Fight With Megan Jones & Paris Love

Paris Love wants to learn some wrestling moves, and Megan Jones is ready to show her some moves. Megan shows Paris some simple moves, and tells Paris to use any tricks up her sleeve she has. Paris starts to tickle Megan, and Megan tells her that’s not fair. Megan pins Paris down and tickles her back. The girls wrestles back and forth all over the living room, tickling each other all over. Megan and Paris lock each other in place on the ground, and they tickle each other’s soles. The girls put each other in different wrestling moves, and tickle each other. Megan finally gives up and admits defeat.

Duration: 10:04.937
Size: 439,453 Mb

Download – Wrestling Tickle Fight With Megan Jones & Paris Love

SensuousSubmission – Foot Tickle Therapy with Paris Love

Paris Love comes to see Dr. Whitney Morgan for a case of the foot tickle phobia. It seems as though Paris has a new man in her life and he has a FOOT FETISH! But Paris Love isn’t terribly comfortable with what he wants to do to her feet.. “He wants to lick them, kiss them, massage them, suck them.. and.. and.. TICKLE them…” Dr. Whitney offers a little bit of reassurance, offers to give her a demonstration of how AMAZING it’s going to feel.. Paris can trust her, after all… she can trust Dr. Whitney, she’s a doctor after all…. Dr. Whitney straps and ties Paris down to REALLY REALLY get at her feet… kissing, licking, sucking, worshiping her huge size 10/11 soles! BUT… what could REALLY get Paris to enjoy foot fetish is a little orgasm therapy-fantasy… Dr. Whitney places a vibrating wand in between Paris’ legs making her CUM while worshiping her feet! After orgasming though… Dr. Whitney REALLY lets her have it – tickling her feet ALL OVER to exhaustion!

Includes: feet, foot fetish, therapy-fantasy, therapy-roleplay, foot worship, foot licking, toe sucking, big feet, ebony feet, soles, toe wiggling, bondage, bound, laughing, tape gagged, tape gag, orgasm control, orgasm training.

Duration: 16:13.105
Size: 904,372 Mb

Download – Foot Tickle Therapy with Paris Love

Mad4Soles – Tickled by Enticingtootsies

Duration: 5:21.867
Size: 157,101 Mb

Download – Tickled by Enticingtootsies

Mad4Soles – Tickle Torment

Duration: 5:11.701
Size: 535,257 Mb

Download – Tickle Torment

Mad4Soles – Double Tickle Torment

Duration: 5:37.599
Size: 889,188 Mb

Download – Double Tickle Torment

UKTickling – Violet 3

Duration: 9:25.320
Size: 518,443 Mb

Download – Violet 3