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TickleFriends – Poppy’s First Tickle Torture

Poppy and I have known each other for years. Over those years, we’ve had numerous tickle fights at parties, and eventually learned we shared the same interest for making people laugh, and laughing ourselves. And while she had a love for tickling, she had never been tied and tickled before. After a while, we talked about doing a shoot together and she was very enthusiastic! So please enjoy Poppy’s first time ever being tied up, tickled, and stripped down to her underwear!

Duration: 8:04.358
Size: 186,001 Mb

Download – Poppy’s First Tickle Torture

TickleFriends – Poppy’s 2nd Round of Tickle

Poppy’s back for Round 2 of being tickled! This time we just start her off in her bra & panties. She screams and laughs all the way through, as I find her most ticklish spots all over. After a while, I put on a blind-fold so she can’t even see where she’s going to get it next! She had a lot of fun in this video, and we hope you enjoy it!

Duration: 11:58.968
Size: 275,976 Mb

Download – Poppy’s 2nd Round of Tickle

TickleFriends – Kate and Veronica Tickled Together and Play A Game

For the first time, we’ve got 2 models being tickled in the same video! I start out just tickling both of them, but a few minutes in, I decide remove their tops and play a game. I tickle one of them until they tell me where to tickle the other person at, and we go back and forth for most of the rest of the clip. Near the end, I free each of their arms, and let them tickle each other while I’m tickling them.

Duration: 9:46.953
Size: 407,745 Mb

Download – Kate and Veronica Tickled Together and Play A Game

TickleFriends – Holly Jollies First Time Tickled

After getting me so good in their clip, I turned the tables and got some revenge on Holly Jollies. She is ticklish EVERYWHERE and I exploit that using my fingers and toys. I hope you enjoy the clip!

Duration: 18:41.203
Size: 429,785 Mb

Download – Holly Jollies First Time Tickled

TickleFriends – Dave Gets Revenge On Lilith

In this clip, Lilith is the one tied down now, and Dave is ready to tickle the hell out of her after what she just put him through. Lilith is a friend from grade school and was not prepared for how intense the tickling would be. Watch as she lays topless and pulls on the restraints while begging for it to stop in this around 10 minute clip of pure tickle all over her body.

Duration: 9:49.213
Size: 225,875 Mb

Download – Dave Gets Revenge On Lilith

TickleFriends – Daisy and Dave Tickle Fromelda Hyde

Welcome Fromelda Hyde, one of my favorite stage names someone has chosen! Fromelda Hyde is a friend of a friend who was interested in shooting with us. This is the first thing we shot on our first day of meeting. There’s still some nerves, but I think it ended up being a real fun shoot. Daisy Gacy tagged along to help me tickle her, and we got some great two on one action tickling her tied down and underwear clad. We swap off on her underarms, stomach, feet, and thighs. At first she’s shy, but once we find the spots, the laughs don’t stop. We hope you enjoy this clip!

Duration: 11:24.225
Size: 262,43 Mb

Download – Daisy and Dave Tickle Fromelda Hyde