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BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Jade the Spy One Foot Tickle Revenge in Nylons & Bare Foot

Spy Jade click-clack’s down the hallway and away from the office she’s just broken into with her sexy heels and hose. She thinks she has made a clean getaway, but she is wrong. Her two nemesis are just around the corner waiting to jump her. They drag her into the room kicking, prop her left leg up on a mobile bar, pull her shoe off and secure her ankle to the bar with tape. Then they use her nylons to both secure and bend her foot any way they can by pulling on them at the toe and then applying finger and feather tickle to her exposed and vulnerable sole. Nylon tickle goes on for about half this clip until the foot part of her hose are unceremoniously ripped off her exposed so that her tickle is even more intense. Her bare sole and toe cleavages are subjected to further feather and finger tickle . At one point her tormentors lay the feather down on her lap but Jade uses her mouth to grab it in an effort to get it away. But her tickle tormentors but simply pull it out of the poor immobilized spy’s mouth and use it on her vulnerable foot. they even use a feather tipped pen tickling between her toes with the nub! She screams and howls with laughter throughout. Her especially flexible ankle and toes curl and splay at the merciless foot tickle she receives with great closeups! A perfect follow up to the original Jade the Spy tickle clip.

Length: 13:38
Resolution: 854×480

Download – Jade the Spy One Foot Tickle Revenge in Nylons & Bare Foot

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Jade the Spy Extreme One Bare Foot Tickle Torture and Foot Worship

Spymaster Jade has just completed her mission to steal data and is hanging out on the patio of her rented Apartment in hose and boots before leaving Eastern Europe for the West. Unbeknownst to her however her to agents have been dispatched to nab her and get the data before she leaves the country. They corner her in her sitting room. They’ve been told they cannot leave marks to avoid an international incident so they decide on special Eastern European tickle to get the data from Jade. They tie her up in a chair her arms and right leg bound to the chair rams and legs. But her left leg is propped on the table her boot is pulled off and her stocking ripped off to reveal her soft sole and extremely wiggly toes. The two govt spy’s Barb and Nicki start off playing nice with Jade, teasing her five naked toes with some light tickling with fingers and some sensuous toe sucking and tickling with their pierced tongue beads. But when Jade doesn’t give up the data its time for some serious balls to the wall tickling and foot . Four hands and twenty fingers all gang up on five pitifully exposed toes and a soft wrinkly sole. Jade cannot stop laughing, screaming and doing anything to get of that chair including stomping her still booted foot on the floor as her bare foot is ticked and relentlessly.

Length: 16:31
Resolution: 2560×1080

Download – Jade the Spy Extreme One Bare Foot Tickle Torture and Foot Worship

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Jade the Spy Blunders Again! Toe and Finger Cuffed and Extreme Foot Tickled at The Clinic

Jade the spy is back blundering around again in this unique tickle story clip. Because of her previous foot tickle/ spy Jade thinks she can get into the medical facility to steal secrets without issue by simply appearing as a patient with believable chronic foot problem. The doctor examines her and as soon as she leaves the room Jade is at the computer trying to pull information from it. However, the doctor sees her and when she comes back manages to get Jade’s finger and exposed toe into thumb cuffs by making believe she is treating her. Jade of course falls for it and finds herself hopping around looking for an exit with her finger and exposed big toe permanently cuffed. She finds her way into an examination room and tries to locate something to free herself, but the doctor comes in and she is out before she can do anything. When she comes too her finger and toe are still cuffed, but now they are also wrapped around the bar of the bed so she is completely trapped. Jade can’t believe the mess she’s gotten herself into again and that her bad foot will be further . She’ll never wear a regular shoe again! Now the devilish Doctor has her way with Jade poor exposed foot and sole as she finger tickles Jade relentlessly , digging her fingers into her half shoe to further tickle her. Spy Jade series fans will be familiar with her extreme ticklish reactions as the doctor finger tickles her relentlessly and expertly. A Must See clip with lots of closeup foot tickling action featuring toe cuffs.

Length: 20:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jade the Spy Blunders Again! Toe and Finger Cuffed and Extreme Foot Tickled at The Clinic

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Jade Spy One Shoe Foot Torture, Tickle & Hop

Poor Spy Jade is captured again and this time her captors go to town on her poor left tootsie. They perform a lot of with sole slapping and some tickling as they bend her poor foot in impossible directions and she hollers for them to please stop! When her tormenters leave for a break she soon learns why it was so easy for them to leave her alone and allow her to unbind herself — her poor ped is now permanently twisted in an impossible way — Will she ever be able to wear a shoe or walk on it again??? Persistent as she is, Jade doesn’t let a severely twisted ankle and foot stop her, she breaks free, hops out and down the hall. When her captors realize it they bolt after her… To be continued…

Length: 10:18
Resolution: 2560×1080

Download – Jade Spy One Shoe Foot Torture, Tickle & Hop

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Zazie Bio Med Spy Caught Foot, Tummy and Thigh Tickled

When spy Zazie is caught by the biomed firm trying to steal their new virus vaccine data the head of med security decides to take matters into their own hands and not involve outside authorities. Zazie is strapped down her feet are mercilessly tickles as she squirms and toes curl. She begs for the tickling to stop but her tormentor only moves up to tickle her inner thigh her tummy and her sides. A must see for tickling fans featuring sexy Zazie.

Length: 13:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Zazie Bio Med Spy Caught Foot, Tummy and Thigh Tickled

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Jade Video Game Loser Gets Bare Foot Tickled

One of our best Tickle clips yet. Amirah and Jade are competing against each other playing video games on their phones and the loser gets tickled. Unfortunately ticklish Jade loses and she is so concerned about what comes next that she asks Amirah to use thumb clips to lock her arms behind her back. She pulls off one of her shoes to get her punishment and Amirah starts of with extremely light finger tickling, purposefully taunting poor Jade who extremely flexible ankle and expressive toes curl and splay really making you feel what she is feeling. Then Amirah really gets into it with a helpless Jade screeching, uncontrollably laughing and begging for it to stop… but it doesn’t! Filmed from a variety of the best angles with closeups and lots of time showing off Jade’s wrinkled sole reacting to the tickle carnage she is being subjected too. When it’s over the cuffs are removed but Jades foot is so sore she can’t put a shoe back on and Amirah just can’t help getting in a few more tickles. A “must see” foot tickle clip.

Length: 15:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jade Video Game Loser Gets Bare Foot Tickled

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Deborah Nurse Trainee Foot Tickled Until She Shrieks

When nurse trainee Deborah is caught raiding the medicine inventory the head nurse comes up with something special to insure she won’t do it again. She take her down to the basement and Deborah allows herself to be tied to a spring gurney with a bunch of plastic ties. Then the head nurse begins tickling the nurse trainee’s feet and soft soles until her toes curl and she shrieks. She continues to tickle her soles while Deborah pleads that she won’t do it again, but the finger tickling continues. A very intense foot tickling clip with lots of great reaction.

Length: 12:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Deborah Nurse Trainee Foot Tickled Until She Shrieks