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BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Zazie The Spy Who tickled Me

When cute sparrow Zazie is caught, she is put on a rack and interrogated. But her captors know that abuse never elicits the good intelligence. So they have developed their own unique interrogation techniques. Zazie’s she is pulled off and sole expertly finger tickled alternating between slow and sensuous to aggressive tickling; Sometimes single finger tickled and sometimes with five all in. The poor spy squirms, wiggles and scowls but to no avail her curled and wiggled toes telling you all you need to know about the intensity of what she is experiencing.

Duration: 13:59.160
Size: 928,721 Mb

Download – Zazie The Spy Who tickled Me

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Samanta Foot Specialist has Her Foot Specially Toe Tickled Until She Howls

When amateur wrestler’s bad foot treatment doesn’t go as planned she turns the table on the foot specialist, easily overpowers her, ties her to the gurney, pulls off one shoe to show her how it feels to be the patient with a bad foot. She performs some extreme tickle treatment on the hapless clinician’s foot and uses her dagger-like nails to tickle her exposed foot until she squirms and screams for it to stop. She especially concentrates on the doc’s long toes, tickling the balls and getting her fingers in between to tickle her sensitive toe cleavage. She even uses her hair to tickle in between her toes. The docs reactions to this extreme sustained extreme toes tickling are extreme themselves — but it gets worse. Her tickler finds some oil and rubs it all over her exposed foot to make her tickle abuse all the more potent. The effects are severe and immediate as the doc screams and howls for the tickling to stop as her foot and toes are tickled mercilessly. Like her patient she won’t be able to get her tickle abused foot in a shoe anytime soon. Its a hell of a ticklish lesson in proper bedside manner!

Duration: 17:10.160
Size: 1 066,322 Mb

Download – Samanta Foot Specialist has Her Foot Specially Toe Tickled Until She Howls

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Deborah Bad Foot Tickled to Tears at the Foot Clinic

Deborah limps despondently to the experimental foot clinic. All she wants is for her foot problem to be solved so she can wear regular shoe again and not have half her foot hang out of her special orthopedic half shoe. She’s heard this clinic has a special procedure and she is really desperate to try anything. As soon as she gets their the doctor pulls off her shoe and tests her foot with its bandage on. Then she pulls that off and straps a surprised Deborah to the bed telling her its required since the therapy is intense. Deborah doesn’t know what she is in for until her bare bad foot is finger tickled relentlessly as her sole wrinkles and toes curl because she is really, *REALLY* ticklish. The “therapy” continues despite her please and the doctor even rubs oil into her foot to make it more sensitive to the tickling. The doctor even steths her to make sure she is still fine given her overly sensitive reaction to the tickling. This is a really must see tickle clip featuring new patient Deborah in over 15 minutes of nonstop foot tickling fun.

Duration: 17:52.800
Size: 1 154,034 Mb

Download – Deborah Bad Foot Tickled to Tears at the Foot Clinic

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Darcia Hospital Spy Stripped Naked Foot & Body Tickle

Cute Spy Darcia is caught red handed stripped naked strapped down and subjected to slow sensuous foot belly and underarm tickling while her interrogator checks her heart between tickling different parts of her anatomy. Darcia laughs hysterically as she is tickled!

Duration: 12:24.280
Size: 807,414 Mb

Download – Darcia Hospital Spy Stripped Naked Foot & Body Tickle

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Victoria Safe Cracking Thief Caught and Foot and Tummy Tickled

When employee-thief Victoria is caught breaking into the safe so she can steal the plans to start her own business with stolen clients the two founding managers decide to teach her a lesson she will never forget as long as she lives! They strip her slowly starting with her one shoe and tickle her naked foot and long pretty toes through most of the clip. Then they use scissors to cut through her clothes and begin to tummy tickle her as well. Lots of foot tickling action in this one with Victoria screaming hysterically as her single soft sole is tickled by two sets of fingers then they begin on her tummy. Lots of closeups in this one.

Duration: 16:59.040
Size: 1 054,417 Mb

Download – Victoria Safe Cracking Thief Caught and Foot and Tummy Tickled

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Lia Busted in the Office on her First Day! One foot Extreme Tickle

It’s her first day on the job and Lia is already getting far too comfortable for her boss’s liking. When she walks in, Lia has got her feet up on the desk like she owns the place! Her boss grabs one of her legs before Lia has a chance to pull it off the desk and removes her shoe so she can tickle her naked foot relentlessly as punishment. When the bosses boss comes in she asks what is going on, and when she is told of Lia’s infraction, she joins in the foot tickling with fingers and a pen, while Lia howls and begs for the them to stop to the point of tears. An excellent foot tickling clip with lots of closeups featuring the lovely Lia and her equally lovely feet and delicious soles!

Duration: 12:45.400
Size: 830,239 Mb

Download – Lia Busted in the Office on her First Day! One foot Extreme Tickle

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle – Kelly Fake Exam, One Bare Foot Forced Tickle

When two nurses want to learn what someone’s heart registers when they are tickled they convince nurse trainee Kelly that the doctor on call requires a that she undergo a snap checkup. Kelly suspects something is amiss when she is tied down, but it’s too late to do anything about it. Her shoe is pulled off and her barefoot finger tickled relentlessly while she squirms and giggles. Meanwhile, the head nurse uses a stethoscope to check Kelly’s heart while she reacts to the relentless tickling. You can be sure her heart is racing as as her wiggling toes react to her tender soles are being tickled.

Duration: 20:10.360
Size: 1 301,563 Mb

Download – Kelly Fake Exam, One Bare Foot Forced Tickle