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RFStudioProduction – Vanda – Soles up foot tickling in stocks

In this clip, the curly-haired beauty Vanda is chained in stocks with her legs spread and raised up. At first, she wears sneakers, and I start tickling her feet after removing them. Once I get rid of her sneakers, I oil Vanda’s bare soles and start tickling them intensely.

For tickling, I mostly use electronic toothbrushes and my hands. The cutie shouts over the buzzing of electric toothbrushes with her squeals.
At the end, when the tickling is over, the camera takes nice close-ups of her hot and oily soles.

Length: 17:31
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Vanda – Soles up foot tickling in stocks

RFStudioProduction – Topless Volchenok goes crazy from double tickling

In this clip, Volchenok wears only panties, she’s fixed on a bench in stocks in an inclined X-pose. All her long toes are tied. She gets actively tickled by two ticklers.
The first one deals with her huge breasts, kneads them, pulls, touches, and tickles her nipples, and the second tickler intensively tickles her soles with combs and hands.

This clip consists of 99.9% intense and uncompromising tickling. Volchenok has a very bright and crazy reaction to tickling and it’s fun to tickle her.

Length: 19:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Topless Volchenok goes crazy from double tickling

RFStudioProduction – Tickling amazing soles of Ivanka the cutie

This clip is completely devoted to tickling the beautiful feet of charming Ivanka. This pretty girl loves all sorts of fetishes and enthusiastically responded to our proposal to tie her up and tickle her feet.

There are three scenes:

In the first scene, a blindfold is put on Ivanka’s eyes, she kneels on the bench with her feet locked in stocks and hands tied behind her back. First, I tickle her socked feet, then slowly take off her socks, exposing her lovely bare feet.

In the second scene, Ivanka is fixed another way. Her legs and arms are fixed in the same stocks. Here’re two ticklers, each tickling one of her feet. Ivanka reacts nice to tickling, laughing lovely, smiling, and making other funny faces. Her feet are very tender and ticklish.

In the third scene, Ivanka is fixed lying down. Her feet are in special stocks with all her toe-tied, her hands are locked in the upper stocks. She also has a red ballgag in her mouth. In this scene, in addition to being tickled, her feet also feel a Wartenberg’s pinwheel that I run over her soles. Enjoy!

Length: 20:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling amazing soles of Ivanka the cutie

RandomSoleEncounters – Professional Ballerina’s Double FEETure – Tickling and Sole Show!

Anna-Marie is a professional ballet dancer originally from Canada. She performed for over 12 years and now runs her dance school. Some of you may remember her, Anna-Marie modeled for me 2-3 years ago. I figured she was a “one-and-done” type of model, fetish videos didn’t seem like they suited her. She’s pretty reserved and conservative so getting her to do those clips was a major accomplishment!

But what do you know…out of the blue I get a message from Anna-Marie saying she was going to be in my area and wanted to know if I could shoot some new photos for her. She asked if we could do a deal like the last time, meaning she would shoot a few fetish clips in exchange for a discount on her photos. Her idea! No work is necessary from me! If only it was always this easy!


Anna-Marie is not a fan of being tickled.

“I don’t like being made to laugh. I hate that feeling of being out of control.” Anna-Marie told me.

This makes sense knowing that Anna-Marie is pretty conservative and is known to be a strict ballet teacher, a bit of a control freak.

Because of the way she feels, she wasn’t too fond of doing another tickling clip. But, she’s a pretty good sport (and wanted her discount) so she agreed to “endure it” (as she put it).

She told me that when she was younger she learned how to hold in and fight her laughter. That way people would assume she isn’t ticklish and stop tickling her.

I was glad Anna-Marie shared these tickling stories with me because it puts her reactions to being tickled in context…and makes it even more fun to watch!

I use ankle restraints (invisible stocks) for this foot-tickling clip. You can see Anna-Marie is nervous about being tickled, maybe she’s bracing herself to resist in hopes I’ll stop. But there is no deterring me!

The best part is watching Anna-Marie try and keep her composure and keep up her resisting tactic. I like to call it silent suffering as her body and feet move and convulse but she tries her best to remain stoic.

I have to hand it to her, she does a fairly good job to start but as the tickling continues and I find her ticklish hot-spots Anna-Marie can only resist for so long and the poor conservative control freak has to relent! It’s always satisfying to see!


This was filmed right after Anna-Marie’s tickling. She did a quick wardrobe change before. There is no audio for this portion, I put some music over the clip but you can mute it if it’s annoying for you.

I tried out a lot of different angles and close-ups of Anna-Marie’s beautiful soles. You get to see every detail of her soles as I get her to point, scrunch, and wiggle. She has amazing feet, small (size 5.5) golden-toned skin, and flawless soft soles!

She told me she takes very good care of her feet due to being a ballerina, her feet were her job! The years of attention to them shows…we’d all love to give our special attention to them right?

Length: 13:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Professional Ballerina’s Double FEETure – Tickling and Sole Show!

RandomSoleEncounters – PRIVATE STASH: Tough Trucker Has Tender Soles! – “I’ve never had anybody tickle my feet like this before!”

This is a clip I’ve been holding on to for a long time! After filming, she told me that she really didn’t want to be all over the internet so I kept it in my “Private Stash”. Then a few weeks ago she gave me permission! So here’s the story:

Marge aka Large Marge (bonus points if you get the reference) isn’t the typical model you’ll find in my clip store, she’s a hidden gem and proof I need to go for a wider range of models!

Marge is a trucker from Texas, yep an actual truck drivin’ redneck woman (she proudly calls herself a redneck). When I say trucker I mean a semi-truck driver! She works for herself and travels all across the US.

I was in the process of moving to another state and needed to find someone to move all of my stuff, personal and business. Marge was recommended to me by a friend. My first time meeting Marge, tickling her never crossed my mind. But the more I got to know her the more I thought about how fun it would be to get a tough-talking lady like her laughing and begging.

I was upfront with Marge about the type of fetish clips I do since she was going to be packing and moving my stuff. It wouldn’t be easy to hide all my fetish gear from her. When I told her Marge said “I ain’t no nun, honey! I’ve seen some things!”

And that is a great look into Marge’s personality. She’s the opposite of uptight. In fact, she might be a little too open to hearing some of the stories she told me! Once Marge heard I make fetish clips she let told me all types of experiences she’s had.

She was also quite intrigued about my side business. Marge is a lesbian and wanted to know all about these “hot gals” as she called them and how I got them to let me tie them up and “have my fun” once again Marge’s words, not mine!

Marge asked me if she could sit in and watch a shoot. This is when I started thinking it might be fun to get Marge in the stocks and tickled. I decided to try out a fun idea I’ve used a few times before…tricking Marge into being tickled. I knew she wouldn’t freak out and end up having fun with it, and that’s exactly what happened!

The plan was simple:

I would tell Marge she could sit in on a shoot if she’d help me set up, get the lighting and camera angles correct, and all the behind-the-scenes stuff. To do this I’d need to have her stand in as the model. That means she would need to be locked in the stocks and have her hands cuffed behind her back. Once in that position, I could have some fun and see how ticklish she was! And yes, you get to see all of this!

Another fun part would be to see just how Marge’s feet looked. She is always wearing the cowboy boots you’ll see in this clip (you can see how well-worn the bottoms are!). I was curious about the condition of her feet since she doesn’t seem like the spa and pedicure type. It was a pleasant surprise to see her big bare-size 10s.

How did the plan go? Even better than I expected! Let’s just say this tough trucker has some tender soles! I think keeping them locked up in boots and socks all the time really made them quite ticklish! It’s pretty great to make a tough woman giggle like a schoolgirl.

The next time you see a truck speeding down the interstate, it just might be Marge and her ticklish feet passing by!

Length: 10:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – PRIVATE STASH: Tough Trucker Has Tender Soles! – “I’ve never had anybody tickle my feet like this before!”

RandomSoleEncounters – An Introduction to Tickling – Friend Turned Fetish Model

New year! New Stocks! New Tools! New Models!

Hey everyone! I’m happy to say that after taking much of January off and cleaning out my old tickle files I’m back with brand-new content for 2023!

Why not start off with a good one?

Let me introduce everyone to my good friend Ariana. Ariana is a part-time model that would love to make it a full-time job. I’ve always thought she’d be a great model. Why? She’s cute, has an amazing personality, and is always laughing…I mean always!

She’s known about my fetish and video clips for a while now and has always had a curiosity but never taken the plunge into trying to be an official fetish model. Her main reluctance is she doesn’t want to do anything overly sexual on camera. The word “fetish” can carry that stigma but I’ve discussed lighter fetish content with her and told her many times that whenever she wants to try it out let me know! If she didn’t feel comfortable then the videos would never see the light of day.

Well, she finally wants to see what it’s all about. And since you’re watching this video, it means she liked it! Lucky us!

This is Ariana’s 1st ever fetish video and the first time being tickled like this. For this occasion, I broke out my new stocks complete with toe-ties!

Ariana has told me she is ticklish but how ticklish depends on the day, her mood, and who is tickling her. I was hoping I caught her on a “very ticklish” day.

This is very much a “behind-the-scenes” style clip with lots of talking between Ariana and me. It’s a different mood when you’re tickling a friend that you know quite well, there is a comfort between us that you don’t always get in tickle clips. Hopefully, you enjoy that.

This is more of a tickle test and a way for me to introduce Ariana to the world of tickle fetishes. You can see her curiosity as I test out different tools on her very sensitive soles. I don’t push it too hard, don’t want to scare her away but let me just say I think we have a winner with Ariana!

This is just the 1st of a few clips we filmed together as I showed her the ropes of fetish modeling. I’ll be posting more of those very soon.

How did Ariana like it? Well, she’s already booking shoots with other fetish producers! So you might see her in your other favorite stores in the future. You’ll definitely see her here again!

Length: 12:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – An Introduction to Tickling – Friend Turned Fetish Model

MarsFoxxx – Mars Foxxx Hogtied & Tickled

You guys just know what i hate the most… being tied up and tickled! This request was for me to be hogtied & tickled, Sir happily obliged to tickle my feet, thighs, armpits, & waist! It was so awful but i couldn’t get away.

Length: 5:58
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Mars Foxxx Hogtied & Tickled