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TicklingGirlsVideos – Hyper ticklish Aleinad

Hyper ticklish Aleinad got an intense tickle session!

Length: 10:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hyper ticklish Aleinad

TicklingGirlsVideos – Inked super model spread and tickled on hot lingerie

Super sexy and ticklish Sarah returns to TICKLING GIRLS VIDEOS, this time she’s on a super hot lingerie and black pantyhose and is tied to the bed, the session begins with soft tickling on her sensitive ribs and armpits but the intensity enhance little by little, her super hot and soft lingerie plays against Sarah because my fingers slides super easy between her ribs due to the soft material the lingerie is made of. Soon it’s time to change the position in order to appreciate her gorgeous body with beautiful tattoos, she’s got a lot of tattoos on her legs, arms, belly, neck, everywhere and combined with her beautiful body and face, makes this woman a completely piece of art, an insanely ticklish piece of art…

Anyway, it’s time for her smooth armpits to be part of the play, some feathers cause slight giggles but when the electric toothbrush touch her sensitive armpits she starts to squirm and laughing so nice…

There are some funny dialogues on this video because besides beautiful and ticklish this woman is also too charming…

Length: 11:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Inked super model spread and tickled on hot lingerie

TicklingGirlsVideos – Jessy puts her hottest outfif on to be tickled

Length: 10:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jessy puts her hottest outfif on to be tickled

TheUKLer – Her First Mummified Tickling Experience – Skye Taylor

At the very end of my first shoot with Skye we had been talking about mummification bondage, how she’d always wanted to try it and how she thought it looked super comfortable (which in fairness, it is like a very tight full body hug). So although it was originally unplanned, I got out my pallet wrap and vinyl tape and got her wrapped from her shoulders to her ankles, lay her on the bed and tightened several leather belts around her before securing each belt to both sides of the bed and cinching her down.

Lo and behold she was actually comfortable and she couldn’t help but struggle around in her bondage to test the restraints. It held her solid. Mummification is very strict on its own but being tied to the sides of the bed removed almost all side to side movement too. But her comfort wasn’t to last any longer as I got her in my stocks and tied each toe tightly back. As soon as I ask Skye “Are you ready?”, you can her the dread in her voice. I did not have long at the end of our shoot to film this so the tickling gets intense quickly .

Length: 8:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Her First Mummified Tickling Experience – Skye Taylor

TheUKLer – Jezebel Lee Immobilised and Tickled

Jezebel is locked and strapped into just about as many cuffs as possible while leaving as much of her exposed as possible. Before I’d even finished tying her up, Jezebel exclaimed how she couldn’t move an inch , the arm-length cuffs completely immobilise the arms and leave the upperbody incredibily vulnerable. Jezebel is blindfolded with a black-out sleep mask throughout and I ballgag her about halfway through.

Length: 14:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jezebel Lee Immobilised and Tickled

TheUKLer – Jezebel Lee Mummified – No Way Out

Jezebel is locked, stocked and wrapped tightly in unforgiving bondage tape, and then leather straps secured to the bed for good measure. With her movement truly restricted she’s in for lots of feet-focused tickling and a healthy dose of her favourite tool, the electric flosser. Although she might not agree with that but not to worry, I gag her with microfoam tape to stop any complaining.

Length: 11:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jezebel Lee Mummified – No Way Out

TheTickleRoom – Allisons Stoned Giggles Pt 2 Tip Toes and Counter Tickling!

This clip has a lot more BTS (including how stunning Allisons cousin is!). But for this one she had to stand tip toed while being tickled and if she moved her feet up she had to sit on the counter and be tickled. This one is fun and simple with a lot of talking between us.

Length: 11:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Allisons Stoned Giggles Pt 2 Tip Toes and Counter Tickling!