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UKTickling – Isabelle Gets Stretched Out For Full Body Tickle-Torture!

Sexy newcomer Isabelle Isabelle learns just how ticklish she really is as she finds herself fully stretched out on the table and totally exposed for an even more torturous tickle session…poor Isabelle had no idea her body was so ticklish and she goes crazy in this one! Looking very sleek and sexy in a tight, sleeveless office dress with sheer pantyhose and heels, she is cuffed and strapped down. Isabelle starts off very giggly as her sheer nylon feet are tickled through her heels. The shoes come off and she struggles and laughs as her feet get several minutes of tickling. She really cracks up when her upperbody and thighs are tickled, and her long toes prove very ticklish too! Isabelle then totally loses it as she gets some very intense body tickling. She squirms and laughs as her exposed armpits are tickled but her sides are off the scale! Isabelle becomes completely hysterical as her ribs and belly are tickled hard, howling with laughter. She is then stripped down to her underwear and pantyhose, leaving more of her body exposed. The tickling continues as Isabelle twists and turns, laughing helplessly until she is struggling to catch her breath…her body is seriously ticklish! The final minutes focus entirely on Isabelle’s sexy feet as she continues to squeal and howl with laughter (her laugh is something else!) The pantyhose are ripped and her bare feet prove super ticklish, especially when baby lotion is added. The hairbrush and electric toothbrush are used but the finger tickling drives her really crazy, especially on her long toes, which wiggle frantically! A truly epic tickle session and a lot more intense than she was expecting!

Length: 19:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Isabelle Gets Stretched Out For Full Body Tickle-Torture!

UKTickling – Indian Puja’s First Time In The Stocks!

Sexy Indian foot model Puja gets her first taste of tickling in the stocks! This was Puja’s first tickle scene and her first time revealing herself on camera so she was a little nervous beforehand as she didn’t know what to expect. She’s soon giggling and laughing though as her sexy nylon and bare feet get thoroughly tickled along with a little body tickling too! Puja wears a t-shirt and jeans over sheer nylons. To protect her identity, she wears an eye-mask rather than a scarf in this one. The tickling begins and Puja laughs and protests loudly – she’s a talker and she gives a good commentary throughout her first tickle experience…sometimes givng away her tickle spots too! Her nylon feet are very sensitive and the tickling makes her gasp in between the laughter and occasional cursing! She gets another surprise as her armpits are briefly tickled before returning to use the hairbrush on her nylon feet. The brush tickles but fingers tickle her more and Puja laughs and squirms as she tries to pull away. Her body gets a few minutes of focused tickling as I try to locate the weak spot on her torso, which she has been keeping secret…Puja is not telling though, and so her armpits get some more tickling instead! Her amazing bare soles then get tickled as the stockings are ripped and Puja cracks up as baby lotion and then the brush are used, and she learns it’s worse on her bare feet! She gets yet another surprise as the toe-ties are used before the end. A very cute, giggly scene and a fantastic debut tickle session for Puja – we hope we can get her to return for more!

Length: 12:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Indian Puja’s First Time In The Stocks!

RussianFetish – Topless Agata tied with tape and rope and tickled by a stranger in utility room

Length: 33:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Topless Agata tied with tape and rope and tickled by a stranger in utility room

RussianFetish – Tickling of Katrina’s soles on a special foot arching device

Katrina is fixed on the bench with straps, her mouth is wide open with a big ballgag (by the way, Katrina likes gags, this is rare among girls).
Her feet are in a special tickling device, which presses on her toes, bending them back. Thus, her feet are well arched, and the skin of the soles is tauter, making them even more sensitive.
And so, Katrina finds herself in a helpless state and have to endure everything that I do with her gentle feet. I drive a fork along her soles, apply Wartenberg’s pinwheel, a blade, tickle her with an electro-toothbrush, lubricate them with cream, tickle with a comb and my hands.
I like to watch Katrina’s reaction during the process, her laughter, and her suffering. Sometimes she makes very big eyes, I love that too. The camera shoots the general plan as well as close-ups of her feet, thereby covering the foot fetish theme in this clip.

Length: 18:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling of Katrina’s soles on a special foot arching device

RussianFetish – Fully stocked Darina Nikitina – Topless tickling

Darina Nikitina is topless and double-stocked. The babe is positive and smiles. At first, I tickle her sexy feet (with all toes tied) by hands, then I use hairbrushes and an electric toothbrush. After that, I tickle her armpits, belly, and wonderful boobs. The cutie twitches and squeals from the tickling, it excites me and motivates to tickle her even more. Enjoy!

Length: 12:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Fully stocked Darina Nikitina – Topless tickling

OrgasmGames – Scarlett Mae’s quiet orgasms

Scarlett Mae is trying as hard as she can to resist and not orgasm. She’s not very good at it. She cums really quietly but you can tell by her little smile, squirm, and the button presses

Length: 14:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Scarlett Mae’s quiet orgasms

OrgasmGames – Nooo no no no no

“Why does everybody want to force me to orgasm?” Abby asked. Answer: because she’s the perfect line between sweet and sassy and has the cutest box ever. And she orgasms easily and repeatedly 😀

Length: 12:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nooo no no no no