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NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – The Codes

Psylocke wakes up to being tied down to a chair, arms above her head and ankles tied straight out in front of her. She’s not quite sure how she got there, but most certainly doesn’t like it. In walks Batgirl and Robin and instantly Psylocke realizes they’re responsible for her bondage. She also knows what they are up to, they’re gonna want those codes to deactivate the bombs she’s set. Those goody two shoes, always foiling Psylocke’s evil plans to destroy the world…Batgirl tells Psylocke that she’s been told what her Achilles heel is, and she and Robin begin to remove Psylocke’s black heels. Psylocke starts to get fidgety bc she knows what’s coming next, she’s extremely ticklish and it’s obvious they are going to use that against her. Batgirl and Robin proceed to use Psylocke’s very own high heels to torment her bare soles. Psylocke struggles against the tight ropes as they tickle her mercilessly. Wiggling toes and crinkly soles thrashing about, Psylocke can not seem to get loose. They demand the codes to deactivate the bomb, but Psylocke doesn’t break. So they continue to tickle her, moving up her body to her stomach, ribs, armpits and neck. After a while Psylocke gives out 2 codes, but Batgirl and Robin are no dummies and keep tickling her feet bc they know those codes are fake. Eventually Psylocke just can’t take it anymore so she gives up the codes. Robin goes to check the authenticity of the codes while Batgirl keeps an eye on Psylocke, and continues to tickle her of course, climbing on top of her and working on her ribs. Robin returns to confirm they are the correct codes and then they leave Psylocke to figure out how to free herself. So much for world destruction today…maybe another day for Psylocke’s evil plans.

Length: 10:18
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – The Codes

NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – Catwoman Vs Harley Quinn

CatWoman was up late last night on a jewel heist. Her good friend DragonLady let her in on a secret about where she keeps all her precious gems and jewels. DragonLady told her that she has them embedded in metal butt plugs, not only for enjoyment, but also bc no one would ever think to look there. She keeps them in a neat little box hidden in her collection of sex toys. CatWoman was delighted that DragonLady let her in on her little secret, and though they are friends, CatWoman just could not get these gems off her mind. She just had to have them. So she snuck into DragonLady’s home late last night and stole the whole box. Little did she know DragonLady has a new security system, and the Joker saw what CatWoman did, and what she took, and now he wants them. So the Joker sends Harley Quinn to retrieve the jewelled butt plugs. CatWoman returns to her home and checks out her new gems, then hides them so she can take a little cat nap. Harley Quinn sneaks in and sees CatWoman napping and quietly handcuffs her. Then she slowly removed each of CatWoman’s black, leather thigh high boots. Harley then quietly puts shackles on CatWoman’s ankles. Then she jumps on her and wakes her up by tickling! CatWoman freaks out when she realizes she’s cuffed. She demands to be let loose but Harley won’t let her go. Harley asks her about the gems and CatWoman denies having them, so Harley sits at the end of the couch and grabs CatWoman’s shackled ankles and pulls then into her lap. Harley asks again about the jewelled butt plugs and when CatWoman denies having them she begins to tickle her bare feet! CatWoman erupts with laughter all the while still denying that she’s stolen the gems. But Harley is on a mission and will not stop until she gets those gems. The tickling gets more and more intense while Harley interrogates CatWoman. CatWoman out of breath keeps being for Harley to stop and finally admits to having the gems. She asks Harley if she’ll release her if she gives up there gems. Harley plays nice and said yes and CatWoman discloses where she’s stashed the box of jewelled butt plugs. Harley takes the box and leaves. CatWoman yells to be uncuffed, but Harley laughs and walk away.

Length: 12:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Catwoman Vs Harley Quinn

NyssaNeversAlwaysNaughty – Batwoman Ties Psylocke

Batwoman (Emily) wants to practice some tying and invited Psylocke (Nyssa) over for an escape challenge. Psylocke happy agreed as it would be good practice for The both of them. Batwoman starts by tying Psylocke’s wrists crossed behind her back, then had her last down so she can tie her ankles. She pulls Psylocke into a nice hogtie and finished off the bondage by sticking a big red ballgag in Psylocke’s mouth. Now Psylocke gets to try to make her escape. She struggles and tests the bonds and then Batwoman comes over and tickles her! Psylocke is so ticklish she can’t help screaming and squirming, which makes it even harder to try to escape. Batwoman see how ticklish Psylocke is and it makes her laugh and tickle her more and more!

Length: 11:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Batwoman Ties Psylocke

TheTickleRoom – Welcome Natasha Ty Pt 2 “Upperbody Breakdown”

So we have figured out that Natasha may have sexy ticklish feet but…..her upperbody is WAY more ticklish. I start with her thighs and she is laughing hysterically to start. I work my way up to her hips and same thing poor Natasha is SCREAMING and cackling. I give her a second to breath and she cannot even think. She has never laughed to hard as I continue to keep pushing her hips. I start to work my way to her armpits and she is FIGHTING me when I get them. She LOSES it and starts fighting and flailing around. Her laugh is so infectious. I push her intensely in this one before finally giving her a break with the end interview!

Length: 12:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Natasha Ty Pt 2 “Upperbody Breakdown”

TheTickleRoom – Welcome Natasha Ty Pt 1 “Soft Feet, Stunning Smile!”

Welcome another legend Natasha Ty!!! Natasha is 27 years young 5ft tall with STUNNING size 8 feet. Natasha is a very kind person and we hit it off immediately! We start with our standard style of an interview with her feet up on the table in shoes and socks. Natasha claims the more she is tickled the more ticklish she gets. So lets test it out and start with….the feet! Natasha has VERY sexy and delicate size 8 soles but most of all they are SUPER soft. So I now have her tied up with ALL her toes tied back. I start light and get a nice smile until I find a good spot and get a BURSTED giggle. Natasha has great composure laughing and smiling but ultimately she is just enjoying it. Then I break out something to help lotion her feet up. Honestly her reactions were STILL tame. Welp. Cannot have that. I immediately grab the glove. Now Natashas composure breaks as she giggles and yelps laughing. I notice her toes are pretty bad so I focus there and NOW she is flailing and laughing REALLY hard. Every tool I use gets poor Natasha BAD but this is just the beginning.

Length: 15:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Welcome Natasha Ty Pt 1 “Soft Feet, Stunning Smile!”

GlobalTicklingStudio – Yanara’s Upper Body Is Way Too Ticklish!

New model Yanara (27) has some wonderfully ticklish feet, but we were interested where else she was ticklish. It turns out the answer is everywhere! We gave the gorgeous Student Sara the task of finding her weakest spots as she has quite the flair for tickling models tied down on the bed. Sara did not disappoint, teasing and tickling Yanara mercilessly while all the time having a ton of fun. Sara has Yanara straddled on the bed and dances her long nails up and down her armpits and exposed belly, causing hysterical laughter to pour out of Yanara with every stroke. At the halfway point Sara is handed a bottle of lotion. Yanara knowing what that means from her foot tickling in the vertical stocks exclaims “no! no!” before smiling and resigning herself to the intensified tickling Sara is about to gleefully lay on her upper body. Sara wastes no time lubing up Yanara’s belly and armpits, and then proceeds to skitter her nails across Yanara’s sensitive skin causing her to buck and giggle uncontrollably.

Length: 8:07
Resolution: 1510×850

Download – Yanara’s Upper Body Is Way Too Ticklish!

FetishAndMore – Young Japanese Girl in Underwear Bound in Spread Eagle Position on the Bed with PVC Segufix Straps and Tickled

Length: 12:12
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Young Japanese Girl in Underwear Bound in Spread Eagle Position on the Bed with PVC Segufix Straps and Tickled