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TheBKTickler – Lucie’s Tickle Table Return – Full Body

Lucie yang is one of the most ticklish women that I have came across… and that say a lot.. so when she got strapped to my tickle table for a second helping of some intense tickling, she knew that it was be a moment that she was hoping to survive. Everything on her person is ticklish, and before I had a partner (shoutout to megan Jones) to help give her the business. And once again, I have her all to myself. So her ticklish armpits, neck, belly, inner thighs, knees, etc. we’re not safe from my fingers, along with other tickle tools, didn’t stop her from reacting the way I was expecting… in nonstop hysteria. That’s the best way to describe it in a summary. More is explained once you watch the video that you can’t miss out on purchasing.. so get to that so you can see this beautiful Asian get more tickling than what she bargained for!

Length: 13:10
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Lucie’s Tickle Table Return – Full Body

RealBareSoles – Shy SAKURA’S public tickling embarrassment!

Shy little Japanese girl SAKURA is so cute and bashful! She’s just sitting in a chair minding her own business when you see her running shoe soles and you just HAVE to see what lies beneath! So you go over and sit right at her feet — and pull her track shoes right off her feet! She’s shocked, stunned even, but too meek to do anything but wiggle her socked feet in dismay.

And THAT makes you want to see her bare soles — very badly indeed. So now each sock has to be pulled off and if she was surprised that you took her shoes off, you can imagine how she reacts to the socks as they peel off her meaty little feet! Soon her sexy soles are bare to the world, cool air tickling across her warm fragrant sock soles. She wiggles them around for a while, often sheepishly looking at you sitting so close to her sensitive soles.

And of course THAT drives you totally wild. They’re so close, so sensitive — you just have to reach up and tickle them! So…YOU DO! Even though they start at very quick darting tickles, you can tell how sensitive, how vulnerable the soft bottoms of her bare feet are. Just look at her facial expressions! So startled! She doesn’t want anyone to hear her laughing and so she bottles it up — pure ! This delights you and your tickling of her poor helpless soles gets longer and more devilish. Eventually the tickling gets to be so excruciating and so long, even this passive little bunny can no longer bear it and gets up, takes her shoes and socks from you, hastily puts them back on, and flees the scene, her poor sensitive soles still tingling as she flees!

Length: 17:11
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Shy SAKURA’S public tickling embarrassment!

TheTickleRoom – Dias Foot Games Pt 2 “Punishment and Dreams!”

Here is Round TWO of the CRAZY Dia Foot Games. Poor Dia lost the challenges too much and her tokens sent her to the massage table! But….I am not the one Dia no no. For 10 minutes she will be at the mercy of her admirer…Valerie! She has loved Dia for a VERY long time and this is her FULL opportunity to get her fingers and tongue on Dias sensitive soles! Val wastes no time. She is both insanely excited and nervous as she tickles poor Dia. Valerie never really had an experience as a Ler before this day so I let her have fun while occasionally coaching her! Valerie uses the brush and Dia SCREAMS laughing how she HATES Valerie but Valerie taunts her before swapping to Dias hyper sensitive upperbody making it WAY worse. Dia is already spent but Valerie ends it with a full on brush lickle tickle combo sending poor Dia WAY over the edge!

Length: 11:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dias Foot Games Pt 2 “Punishment and Dreams!”

TheTickleRoom – Dias Foot Games Pt 1 “Losing and Lickling!”

So heres an oldie and custom with Dia! The Foot Games custom has become something of a regular for most Tickle Room regular models and sometimes models breeze through it, some have a rough time, etc. But mostly models make it through and do really well normally not losing…..well in Dias case….that was not the case. She has a REALLY hard time STARTING with the infamous no moving challenge. I remove her shoe and start tickling her socked foot. Dia is ALREADY struggling saying it is WAY worse. Her eyes keep going wide as I slowly push her sock up tickling her bare foot. Then I move to her other foot and she IMMEDIATELY starts punching her leg. But she makes it through! Now its this little piggy time…..only issue is Dia has no clue what it is lol. I play it in Mandarin for her but she still messes it up. But for the language barrier on this one I let it happen….but then the next game is actually even more mean for her. She has to do tongue twisters…..and shes still learning english. Poor Dia keeps messing up on this one and she HATES THE DENTAL FLOSSER. But every time she messes up she has to suffer with the dental flosser. She messes up A LOT lol. Peter Piper messes her up BAD and alot. Then there is the money challenge. She does decent on that but after it all….its punishment time as I get her toes in my mouth and go CRAZY With the brush. This is an awesome foot tickling clip especially for all you Dia fans out there! But Dia did mess up so….its punishment time!

Length: 25:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dias Foot Games Pt 1 “Losing and Lickling!”

SexualAlexis – Nyssa tickled by Nadia

Length: 11:40
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nyssa tickled by Nadia

AsianFetishClub – Sexy asia sole Vietnamese model zhongyi`s TK24

Length: 19:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sexy asia sole Vietnamese model zhongyi`s TK24

AsianFetishClub – Sexy asia sole Vietnamese model ny`s TK15

Sexy asia sole Vietnamese model ny`s foottickling The studio officially started the work of TK feet

Length: 18:39
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Sexy asia sole Vietnamese model ny`s TK15