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Fettish – Tickling in Suspense

Megan is strung up in a suspension; her feet high and in a great position for tickling! I was going to simply video her in her suspension but why not modify it a tad? She is a gorgeous girl, with ticklish feet, and her laugh is so cute!

Length: 6:22
Resolution: 1440×872

Download – Tickling in Suspense

Fettish – Tickle Trivia

If you’ve seen her prior work you know just how insanely ticklish Daisy is on her bare feet. What better then, to be fair and give her a chance, than to offer a game of trivia! She gets to (sorta) determine her destiny! I get her in a cross ankle hogtie, add a hair tie, grab a couple of implements and let the questions begin! She had to get 3 right to have the hell stop. Her reactions are diamonds!

Length: 12:35
Resolution: 1440×838

Download – Tickle Trivia

Fettish – Tickle Mummies

Big feet, little feet? Got em both! These two are wrapped up tight in mummification, neck to ankles, toes tied and the fun begins. A wide variety of instruments (including fingers of course) are used, including oil – as always you decide which are most effective. Good fun, good laughs!

Length: 19:23
Resolution: 1624×1080

Download – Tickle Mummies

Fettish – Sage meets the Tickle Table

Gorgeous goth girl and dancer made a remark about being ticklish when I talked with her about shooting together – her mistake! Second error was trying to pull that ‘goths don’t smile’ thing. Ok we shall see! I rope her down to my table, secure her feet and tie her toes back to my customized bracket, and let the games begin! I’ll just say this, she smiled.

Length: 13:07
Resolution: 1624×986

Download – Sage meets the Tickle Table

Fettish – Sara St. Clair – Planked and Tickled

GORGEOUS Sara St. Clair told me she was really sensitive on her feet. Good and noted. She’s taken to my ‘kidnapper attic’ and belted down to my suspended plank, her toes bound together and the fun begins as always. Sara gets the full treatment and EVERY instrument brings wonderful reactions. Wait until you see the reaction from the oil and scalp massager… Possibly the most perfect bare feet you’ll ever see on a gorgeous girl with sensitive soles. What more could you ask for?

Length: 20:04
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Sara St. Clair – Planked and Tickled

Fettish – Michelle Meets the Tickle Table

Well I have to say it was a fun filled weekend! Of COURSE I had to take advantage and at some point tickle those delicious feet of hers. So wrapped, strapped, and toetied I begin to go to work on this cutie! All the usual testing and probing is included here; fingers, brushes, oil are all applied. Which do you imagine worked best? I keep going until I found her ‘spot’ that really set her off!

Length: 14:45
Resolution: 1624×948

Download – Michelle Meets the Tickle Table

Fettish – Daisy Lynns Ticklegasm

Yeah I can’t say I expected, nor ever experienced this. Second Daisy Ive worked with, and this the second one where a feather was actually effective. However…this one ends with a slight twist. The title gives it away obviously and WOW! Hot! You hadn’t lived until you’ve had a girl cum from having her feet tickled!

Length: 23:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Daisy Lynns Ticklegasm