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Fettish – The Tickle Table – Lora Cross

Yes the tickle table has returned! No gags in this series, just the heavy bondage you’ve come to expect and laugh out loud girls 🙂

This time a twist! Many have asked for a female tickler and you got it in the form of KimChi! But, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t double up on her right? I mean…there’s a pair of helpless soles in my face. It’s only fair.

Length: 13:39
Resolution: 1440×814

Download – The Tickle Table – Lora Cross

Fettish – The Tickle Table – KimChi

That video I just posted prior? The one with Lora being tickled by KimChi and I?

Yeah well here’s the sequel where Lora gets her revenge! I put Kimchi facedown and strapped her up, tied her toes and let Lora have a go, taunting and tickling her soles. Kimchi is known to be really really ticklish. So, she got the Bees of Doom treatment! Multiple brushes stuck between her toes while we tease her soles! She lost it.

Length: 11:55
Resolution: 1440×812

Download – The Tickle Table – KimChi

Fettish – When The Box Is Rockin

…don’t come knockin’!

Actually you wouldn’t have to because she’s rocking it enough herself while she’s going through this 🙂

Poor Mia Hope arrives again and being the little worker bee that I am, modified the box even more. A post has been added along with eyelets to keep sensitive and ticklish vic…uh, models, in place! She’s leather belted at the ankles to post, cuffed, and locked in the box, then her big toes bound as well to prevent any actual resistance.

She begs for a new method like so many others before and I ask…are you sure? She makes the mistake of once again insisting yes. Eeeeeveery-time I’m going to choose to make it worse, silly girl!

Eventually, I ask her which she prefers, she says none. I tell her I’ll ask again to choose, but if she says none, she gets gagged. Guess what happened.

Length: 20:58
Resolution: 1440×814

Download – When The Box Is Rockin

Fettish – Ticklemania 5

You’ve waited for it and it’s here! The tickling extravaganza that cannot be beat! The 10th wonder of the world! The event of events! And this time….it’s your favorite ticklish hot goth and part time clown (yes really) with the wonderful laugh – Violet Gein!

If you’ve seen her before you know exactly what to expect! Ticklish feet for days, on a model who probably regrets each shoot, but she’s a great sport!

You’ll see her boxed, chaired, tabled, and totter’d!

You’ll see her oiled, dry, tools, no tools. All to differing effects, but all effective! One thing is certain, the level of restraint in each case demands she endure her situation!

Length: 57:18
Resolution: 1440×810

Download – Ticklemania 5

Fettish – HOSTickEL – Lil Mizz Unique

Adorable, with a laugh to match her name, LMU visits! First up, the box! She’s locked in place, soles are based and like the others, it begins with nowhere for her to go from a locked box!

Length: 16:11
Resolution: 1440×828

Download – HOSTickEL – Lil Mizz Unique

Fettish – HOSTickEL – Brigitte

Playmate Brigitte undergoes being boxed.with me; her incredibly soft size 6.5s left exposed, toes tied back and her head locked in place. Padlocks prevent her escape.

Then it begins. I’ve never tickled her before, so it took a bit of testing to see what eventually worked best.

Don’t worry. I got there.

You know the drill.

Length: 17:48
Resolution: 1440×822

Download – HOSTickEL – Brigitte

Fettish – No Safeword 3

Fair warning: if you hadn’t seen any of this series yet it’s for the hardcore tickle crowd only. This isn’t your cutesy, tap out when you want to sort of series. Prior to the shoot, I tell the models the deal: Give me a duration you think you could last being tickled, while strapped in a canvas sack, fully strapped up,your toes bound, mouth gagged tightly, and even your head locked in place.

The time agreed upon is usually one of regret. Because once the camera begins recording, there’s no going back. No edits, no camera tricks – nothing… and anything short of a house fire won’t stop it. They can beg, plead, and struggle all they want. They aren’t getting out of their bondage, and the gag will not come off – because this is No Safeword.

Length: 22:21
Resolution: 1440×812

Download – No Safeword 3