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Fettish – No Safeword – Cheyenne Jewel

A new vic — guest arrives! Hot AF brunette Cheyenne Jewel said she was down to undergo the challenge. I probably shouldn’t call it challenge because you don’t get a tap out here. It’s more of an endurance test that you can’t fail. Anyway!

She’s strapped up tight in the sack, which is belted to the table. I had tickled her prior, so I knew her ‘good spots’. So, this time I taped her feet up so she couldn’t budge while I concentrate on said good spots.

Struggling, gagged, and headstrapped…no way out, full ride.

No Safeword.

Length: 15:26
Resolution: 1440×814

Download – No Safeword – Cheyenne Jewel

Fettish – Invertickle – Ama Rio

Next up on invertickle – insanely ticklish and dime, Ama Rio.

Not only do I work her feet over, but since she was in a sports bra I went ahead and threw in upper body / underarms for those who love that! Does she suffer in this intense setup? What do you think…

Length: 9:25
Resolution: 1440×808

Download – Invertickle – Ama Rio

Fettish – Hogtied, Hairtied, Tickled Duo

Length: 9:30
Resolution: 1440×812

Download – Hogtied, Hairtied, Tickled Duo

Fettish – Violet Gein – Tickle Totter

Length: 10:40
Resolution: 1440×814

Download – Violet Gein – Tickle Totter

Fettish – Totally Helpless – Indica

Hot AF Indica Jane arrived and was down for whatever I threw at her! That’s what I love to hear! Once we shot the Tickle Table, then No Safeword (unreleased as of right now…it’ll be here, promise!) I offered up Totally Helpless. She smiled, shrugged and said let’s do it!


Straightjacketed, panel gagged, deafened, and blindfolded, her legs are strapped in leather, with her bare feet bracketed, fully exposed. Time to make the donuts!

If you’ve seen this series at all you know what to expect. Her senses taken away, she only has one place to concentrate, making her ordeal far worse. Poor girl.

Length: 12:27
Resolution: 1440×816

Download – Totally Helpless – Indica

Fettish – The Tickle Table – Paula Diamonds

I hadn’t worked with Paula prior to this and wondered what it would be like to put a girl who is more on the wrestling side of fetish into this situation.

I have to say, pretty fun! She’s strong of course, so I had to strap her in extra tight, and of course give her the tickling she deserves! I don’t care how strong anyone is, you aren’t getting out of that bag!

Length: 23:46
Resolution: 1440×810

Download – The Tickle Table – Paula Diamonds

Fettish – No Safeword – Ama Rio

As miserable as Ama Rio very likely was doing this, she is a definite sport. Strapped up, gag and headstrap included. Incredibly she says she will take 15 minutes of this, which I did not expect!

The girl is so ticklish that she makes it easy. I start off on with my rotating feather brush, and yes it only gets worse from there….up up up goes the intensity.

Length: 16:18
Resolution: 1440×816

Download – No Safeword – Ama Rio