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MAFFetishStudio – Venus – Super Sensitive to Tickles Pee While Tickled (FULL VIDEO)

In this video, the beautiful Venus is submissively lying on the ground with her hands tied, only wearing panties and a t-shirt.
Who commands this action is F, and he will explore the body of this beautiful girl by tickling her armpits, belly and soles of her feet.
Venus is super sensitive to tickling, reaching almost despair, a situation that F controls with severity, always reverting to pleasant moments of agony and pleasure!
The white t-shirt that Venus is wearing is very baggy, and in several moments it reveals perfect breasts, which F manipulates with his bamboo pole.
At one point, F realizes that Venus wants to urinate, and makes it a personal challenge. While Venus struggles to get rid of the tickle, F also squeezes her belly, making the urge to urinate unbearable, to the point that Venus can’t hold back and urinates all over, wetting her panties and the floor with her pee!
There is so much to enjoy in this video! Enjoy!

Length: 22:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Venus – Super Sensitive to Tickles Pee While Tickled (FULL VIDEO)

MAFFetishStudio – Tickle and agony for Venus (FULL VIDEO)

The beautiful Venus is tied to the bed by her wrists and feet. Her legs and arms are spread out and stretched out, providing a very sexy view of this beautiful woman.
F threatens her with the bamboo pole, but what he really wants is to explore that beautiful woman’s body with his hands! The tickling starts in the armpits, then it will be on the belly and soles of the feet.
When she gets tired of being tickled, F cuts off Venus’ panties and stimulates her vagina with a “magic wand”!
F also plays with the girl’s breasts a lot, stimulating them with the bamboo pole.
Venus reacts to all stimuli with great agony and ecstasy. She is super sensitive and even before being touched her body is reacting! She squirms, but can’t move!

Length: 19:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle and agony for Venus (FULL VIDEO)

MAFFetishStudio – Tickle Akemi’s soles and armpits (FULL VIDEO)

Akemi is tied to the couch. Their knotted and joined wrists and legs make the perfect position for tickling the soles. She has a charming way of being tickled. M and F explore her sexy body with their fingers, bringing sensations of agony and ecstasy to this mixed race girl of exotic beauty.
One of the coolest moments is when F reveals her pert breasts and explores Akemi’s nipples with a metal fork!

Length: 21:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Akemi’s soles and armpits (FULL VIDEO)

MAFFetishStudio – Intense tickling in the armpits and soles of sexy Venus

Venus needs to be tied up for a tickling session, as she is so sensitive that she loses control of the situation! But MAF01 loves this challenge, and tames this beautiful girl causing her to explode in agony every time her fingers touch her soles and armpits!
And speaking of soles, have you ever noticed this girl’s soles? The perfection of her feet, from the color, through the smell and ending with the shape, everything about these feet is perfect and made to be touched!
And the body of this princess… what to say about this sensual sculpture of nature? MAF01 is one of the few that can enjoy this beauty, having it entirely at their disposal!
This is a ticklish sequence intense, sexy, sensual and all the adjectives you can find for something very, very exciting!

Length: 20:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Intense tickling in the armpits and soles of sexy Venus