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RomyFetish – Melle enjoys her new “tickle chair” with her slave

Today Melle wants to experiment a new furniture she just received : a tickle chair and she is willing to punish her slave Romy on it. First of all, she ties her laying under the chair, her feet up, and ankles tied separately. Romy wears a ballgag so she can’t talk, and a leash like a good little slave. Melle sits on the chair, remove her slave’s ballerinas, and start to tickle her feet. Romy whine and laughs, but she can’t escape at all the new tickle chair. Then, Melle starts to play with a candle under her feet, pouring hot way on her sweaty soles.

Melle knows that Romy’s feet are sweaty and stinky, so she decides to make her smell the inside of her shoes, then she ties the ballerina on her head so her nose is obliged to smell the nasty feet. It’s now time for some slapping under the soles with a whip, and Melle is making it painful. Romy begs and drool with her ballgag still inside her mouth. To finish, Melle tickles her feet again with her sharp nails, and then she takes off her boots since she feels too hot in it, and make Romy smell her sweaty feet.

Length: 11:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Melle enjoys her new tickle chair with her slave

RomyFetish – Intense tickling interrogation for captive DEA agent Romy

Romy is an undercover agent from the DEA. Her task is to infiltrate a dangerous organisation in crime, she managed to do it but let’s say things didn’t go as planned… She got caught, and now she is in a basement to explain herself about the information that leaked. Her bosses are mad, and first she spent a little time with the muscle named Boris. But his “archaic” method didn’t work, Romy didn’t say anything for now. So, they decided to move on a different way to interrogate her. She is brought by Boris to two interrogation specialists of the organisation. And they planned an hardcore tickling interrogation in order to make her talk. So first, Romy is sit on a chair, her ankles are tied to a small table, and they begin the interrogation with tickling on her socks. Then they take them off and tickle her barefeet, and oil them as well. Romy laughs and begs under her tape gag, but she still doesn’t want to talk.

So the crew is heading on a much more harder punishment : they tie her toes spread so she can’t move, and they tickle with their nails, paintbrush, electric toothbrush and many other tools. Romy is tired, she can’t resist this extreme tickling until she fainted. Both ticklers let her rest, and then come back with some fresh water to wake her up, and tie her on reverse on the chair, and tickler her again with all the tools to break her.

So, will Romy talk after all this ?

Length: 36:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Intense tickling interrogation for captive DEA agent Romy

RomyFetish – Extreme tickling therapy at the Clinic – Full mummification and feet torment for Patient number 45

Today, in the Extreme Tickling Clinic, Nurse MelleMFootfetish is in charge of Patient 45 (Romy). 45 has been interned in order to follow some nerve tests. So Nurse Melle decides to see if her precious little patient has still reactions to the tests she prepared.

She begins with nail and feather tickling on her feet, then prick her feet with sticks, wax play with a candle, and she finishes with the more cruel : an electric toothbrush under 45’s oily feet. It’s a really hard punishment for Patient 45 since she is locked in a straightjacket, her legs are wrapped in a film, and she is secured with straps even on her head.

Certainly a must see for extreme bondage and tickle lovers!

Length: 8:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Extreme tickling therapy at the Clinic – Full mummification and feet torment for Patient number 45

RomyFetish – Extreme feet and upperbody tickling in mummification

Today Master John and Mellemfootfetish want to play with their favorite tickle slave. They mummified Romy to the table on her legs and her arms above her head, so her most sensitive spots can be fully exposed : feet, belly and armpits.

They start slowly with the upperbody, Mel uses her sharp nails on her armpits, and Master John uses various tools to make Romy laugh loud and beg since for once, she doesn’t wear any gag in her mouth. Then, her belly and bellybutton are too.

Quickly, they move to her pretty little feet, Romy is toetied, and she can’t move a lot. They use various tools : feather, nails, toothbrush and to finish the worse tool : the tickle glove. Romy wiggles and beg under the punishment, she can’t go anywhere, and her vicious ticklers do everything they can to make her laugh.

At some point, Mel uses the candle for some wax play on her slave’s feet and belly. They finish the treatment with both tickling Romy’s feet at the same time… Quite delightful with such a ticklish slave!

Length: 11:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Extreme feet and upperbody tickling in mummification

RomyFetish – Two cheerleaders in torment – Tickling and Whipping

Master John is still in the dungeon, and he continues punishing both poor girls. He has secured Romy on the cross, and MelleM on the tickling bench. He tickles them with his fingers and with feathers. Both girls are gagged and tied up and there is nothing to do to escape… They have to accept their faith. Then, John starts whipping them, and decides to wrap an electric toothbrush under their feet, so they can be punished even without his service.

Poor cheerleaders are struggling and begging for mercy but John is really sadistic, and pushes them as far as he can, keeping the tickling and finishing with a wax play under MelleM’s feet.

Length: 13:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Two cheerleaders in torment – Tickling and Whipping

RomyFetish – Taxi driver kidnaps 2 girls to tickle them into his car

Today, Romy and MelleMFootFetish are heading to an appointment in town, so they planned to took a taxi to drive them to their destination. But once they jump in the car, doors are locked, and they fall resting with a nasty gas. They realize quickly that they just got in a trap…

After a 30 min drive, they are in the middle of nowhere, alongside a forest, with no one around. They are all nicely taped up in the trunk, hands and ankles, their feet are trapped in the headrests, and they are blindfolded and tape gagged on their mouth. What’s the machiavelous plan of this creepy taxi driver ? Tickling their feet of course! Romy has still her socks on, so the guy starts slapping their feet, then he gets to the tickling with his fingers. Then he takes off Romy’s socks, and begin the sadistic tickling with a hairbrush, electric toothbrush, and even oil their feet to make them more sensitive. The poor girls are wiggling and struggling to escape the punishment, but they can’t. The taxi driver is evil and tickles them relentlessly with no mercy.

At the end, he jumps back in the driver’s seat and leave the place. Looks like he isn’t finished tormenting those pretty girls…

Length: 14:42
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Taxi driver kidnaps 2 girls to tickle them into his car

RomyFetish – Sadistic “escape tickle challenge” for two cheerleaders in trouble

In the last part of this series, Master John decides to finish the game with his cheerleaders with a small sadistic game… A tickling competition of course! Both girls are tied on the bench next to each other, on their stomach. Their ankles are tape tied to the bench, wrists too, and they have tape on their mouth as well. Also, the girls have blindfolds.

Master John announces the competition. It is pretty simple : Romy and MelleM will have to tickle each other’s feet, until one of them beg for mercy. And the one who will win the game will be released, and the other one will stay in the dungeon with John. He starts to oil their feet, then untie their wrists, so the tickling can begin!

Both girls are restrained so they can only use their hands and nails, and during the tickling, John enjoys whipping their ass and feet to add more punishment! Then later, he brings an electric toothbrush to Romy to make the game even more exciting. Get ready to take your bets on who will escape the dungeon…

Length: 9:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sadistic “escape tickle challenge” for two cheerleaders in trouble