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RomyFetish – You should never have teased me!

As a neighbour of Romy for long years now, I always loved to see her going in the pool, or when she is exercising… Her nice ass in her leggings is making me crazy. And I love watching her taking off her shoes after a long sweaty sport session.
I’m sure she’s doing her workout outside in purpose to tease me. She loves being admired!

I wonder if those sweaty little feet are ticklish… I would love to catch her and take her into my garage, strap her on my table, and tickle her ass and her lovely little feet. Her nice toes as well, between them, and also try my massage tool on her taped feet. Oh! And I wonder if they are more ticklish when they are really sweaty…

That’s a lot of fantasies, right ? I… I can’t stand it anymore. I have to do it!
Well Romy… You should never have teased me…

Length: 19:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – You should never have teased me!

RomyFetish – Romy has to endure a very hard tickle situation

Slave Romy is held by her Mistress Mellemfootfetish in the dungeon, and today’s schedule is some renaissance style tickling. Romy is secured in stocks with her head and hands locked. Her knees are on a bench, and her feet are chained together. She has also a blindfold and a ballgag. Melle starts to tickle her exposed belly, she slaps her ass too with her hands and a whip.

Then she moves to Romy’s feet, and take off her sneakers. Her feet are already sweaty, her socks are almost wet yet. Melle tickles her socked feet, and then take off the socks. She puts some oil, and use the paintbrush on her feet to expand the oil all over. Then she uses her nails and the electric toothbrush to make Romy laugh. She can’t move a lot, it’s one of the secure bondage she ever endure, since she can barely move her toes. Melle enjoys her tickle toy it and slaps her feet too, and finish the tickling with an hairbrush. Romy is desperate and drool a lot with her ballgag, laughing under this nasty tickle punishment!

Length: 11:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Romy has to endure a very hard tickle situation

RomyFetish – Dissipated student learns how to focus in detention

Today Mellemfootfetish puts one of her student in detention. You wonder why, right ? Because she doesn’t study well of course. Melle is a very successful teacher and she can’t stand bad students. She wants the best, always the best. Only results matter!

Romy is working at her desk and Melle comes in to see how she handles her exercises. Poor Romy is struggling with it, so her teacher decides to make her more focus. How ? With some tickling! While Romy is dangling her ballerina flats under the chair, Melle enjoys tickling her pink soles with her nails, and also with a feather. She orders Romy to keep working, and remain concentrated.

Romy is wiggling and laughing, but Melle insists, tickling is the best way to be focused. Since her student is squirming too much, the sadistic teacher tapes tie her feet together so she can’t move anymore.

The poor ticklish student can’t escape the tickling from her teacher, but since she isn’t focused anymore, Melle decides to punish her, by tape tying her hands behind her back, and some more tickling with her nails, feather and also a paintbrush on her victim’s worst spot : her toes.

Great video for those like us who had this naughty school fantasy!

Length: 14:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dissipated student learns how to focus in detention

RomyFetish – Urbex explorers Romy and Melle got trapped and tickled by 2 sadistic men – Hog-tied, mummification, tape bondage, extreme feet tickling

Romy and Mellemfootfetish are 2 friends who love adventure and thrills. They go to an old abandoned depot to explore. Bad luck for the girls, they are not alone and meet 2 men determined to play with them in a strange way : they are caught, tied in hogtied with ropes and tape on the ankles, wrists, but also their eyes and their mouths, to prevent them from screaming too loudly.

John is delighted and torments the feet of his new toys for a long time, tickling them sometimes with his fingers, then with oil, brush and an electric toothbrush. The hog-tie bondage also gives John the possibility to tickle Melle and Romy’s belly and ribs. He loves hearing the fear of the young damsels, while his buddy Kevin immortalizes this moment by filming. At the end of the first act, he offers Kevin to reverse the roles, and play with the girls.

In the second part of the video, they decide to take the captives to the abandoned skatepark to continue their sadistic game : this time, Melle and Romy are completely mummified with wrap film and tape, including on their mouths and eyes. They are lying on their backs, their feet fully offered. John will tickle these feet for a long time with many tools, until he is satisfied.

Urbex can definitely be a dangerous hobby dangerous sometimes…!

Length: 17:20
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Urbex explorers Romy and Melle got trapped and tickled by 2 sadistic men – Hog-tied, mummification, tape bondage, extreme feet tickling

RomyFetish – Ticklish cutie hogtied asked for foot punishment

Today Romy is at her mistress’ house, MelleMfootfetish. And she has the fantasy to be played beyond her limits. Of course, she asks kindly Melle, and heads down to the punishment room.

She is on a table, laying on her stomach, and her mistress nicely hogties her with ropes. Romy can’t escape, her feet are bound, and her whole body is at the mercy of Melle. The mistress starts to remove Romy’s shoes, and her socks too. She uses a sock to gag her tickle slave, and adds up some tape so she can’t scream.

She starts tickling her feet with her nails, Romy moans and begs under her gag but it’s too late : she asked for it! Melle continues with some slapping on Romy’s poor soles with a whip.
A few minutes later, Mistress Melle changes her tapegag with a ball, to be more efficient. She loves seeing her cute girl drooling!
She continues to tickle her helpless feet after tying her big toes together, and has fun to lick and bite them a little.
Then, she puts a bigger ballgag in her slave’s mouth. To finish, the poor little slave has to endure some toothbrush tickling under her sweaty ticklish soles!

You can a little moment of “untying” at the very end.

Length: 15:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish cutie hogtied asked for foot punishment

RomyFetish – Tickle Master plays with his 2 submissives

Today Melle and Romy are held in the dungeon of Master John. They are kneeling on their bed, ready to be used. He comes in, cuff their hands behind their back, make them lay down on their stomach, and tape gag their mouths. John gets their feet through the bed bars, and rope ties their ankles to the bars.

The master starts to slap their asses and feet with the whip, and then begins the tickling treatment : he starts slowly with a paintbrush, then a nice yellow feather. The girls are giggling gently since it’s nice tickling for now.

It’s now time for John to oil their feet, and he is using an electric toothbrush, then another one, and a nasty little hairbrush. The girls are laughing harder under their gags now, but they are wiggling a little too much their feet for the master.

The last part is the hardest : John rope ties their big toes together, and their pinky toes all spread on the bars. Now Melle and Romy can’t move their feet at all. John slaps their feet again, and tickle them extremely with his metal claws, and the worst of the worst : the glove.

His submissives can’t stand this punishment.

Length: 18:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Master plays with his 2 submissives

RomyFetish – April O’Neil tickle interrogation

The famous reporter April O’Neil has been caught by Don Turtelli and his crew, who are looking for a special Kimono.
She knows where the Kimono is hidden, and her ennemy is determined to get her to confess to the exact location with his special method : tickling.
He tickles her barefoot with feathers and fingers.
April is brave, but she can’t stand the tickling, her feet are way too sensitive!
The journalist ends up confessing and releasing the information.
Unfortunately for her, Don Turtelli is a sadistic man, and enjoys having the famous April O’Neil at his mercy.
He sends his men to steal the kimono, while he has fun with his guest by tickling her armpits, bellybutton, her ribs and her feet.
The poor April won’t be saved by her friends Ninja Turtles this time…

Length: 20:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – April O’Neil tickle interrogation