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TheFootRoom – Christinas Sensual Lickle Tickle

So I have always been in a rush when working with Christina. But this time I have a LOT of time and was able to REALLY worship her feet. So Christina starts off giggling and making a few jokes but I really love her feet so I get INTO it heavily and she starts to wind down. As she is enjoying it I can see she starts to get REALLY excited playing with her lips and tongue as I lightly tickle and suck her toes. This is actually a great chemistry and worship between me and a queen with phenomenal feet!

Length: 5:37
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Christinas Sensual Lickle Tickle

TheFootRoom – Lylies Lickle Tickle!

Lylie has THICK sexy size 9s! Her feet are SUPER sensitive so worship is super difficult but she gets through. As I suck her toes she giggles and holds onto herself. She goes from covering her mouth to hiding her face to laughter. Big feet lovers this is a must!

Length: 5:35
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lylies Lickle Tickle!

TheFootRoom – Marylous Welcome Back Lickle Tickle

So Marylou is a VERY ticklish model with REALLY cute sensitive feet. So I get her shoes and socks off exposing her slender feet. Now I have licked Marylous feet in the past but THIS is different. I have never done a full on worship with her. For her it TICKLES so her reactions are HILARIOUS. Her face the whole time is meme worthy. I love it though. Her feet are so amazing to get into I cannot stop. I love every second of it as she struggles to not laugh.

Length: 5:49
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Marylous Welcome Back Lickle Tickle

TheFootRoom – Mature Priscilla “Its Too Sensitive!!!”

Mature Priscilla is a VERY under rated mature model. Her size 6.5 feet are SUPER sensitive and hyper ticklish. She loves foot worship and gets VERY into it BUT she just got the WORST tickling ever so her soles are SENSITIVE. She has very MEATY feet so they are wrinkly and every part sends her into an overly horny mood. Well after her tickle its WAY to much for her like when you orgasm and someone continues. She tells me its too much as you see her twist and try and keep her composure as her hair gets more and more messed up.

Length: 6:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mature Priscilla “Its Too Sensitive!!!”

TheFootRoom – Queen Dalvinas Bratty Lickle Tickle

So from the Tickling Videos me and Dalvina have an already amazing chemistry. The way we work together and banter is hilarious. So I am VERY nice and many models say that but I am also VERY dominant. I rarely show a submissive side ever and Dalvina LOVES to be a brat. She is all about it. So the moment I start worshipping her DELICATE and SEXY size 7.5 soles she is talking smack. She starts with how do they taste and then quietly “You gonna deep throat them too?”. So I actually do and before she can even FINISH her next joke I run some fingers along her soles and she hysterically bursts. Every time she tries to slow down I get her going. This is one sexy and funny Lickle Tickle with an amazing model I cannot wait to see again!

Length: 5:48
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Queen Dalvinas Bratty Lickle Tickle

TheFootRoom – Nicoles Hysterical Lickle Tickle

Nicole is a stunning 20 year old Domme with SEXY size 9 feet. She has long slender toes and long thick soles. The MOMENT my tongue gets in those toes she is a giggling mess. She is trying SO hard to stay still and as I bite those soles she is SUPER hysterical. Poor Nicole has REALLY thick and sensitive soles. This is a SEXY worship all the same because her moving her feet shows how beautiful her feet are. Her laugh is so sexy and watching her FIGHT to keep it in and failing miserably it just hits different. Honestly this is one that is VERY sexy for those lickle tickle fans.

Length: 5:28
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Nicoles Hysterical Lickle Tickle

TheFootRoom – Rosies First Foot Worship “It Tickles So Bad”


For all of my major fans supporting the Foot Room thank you so much! Now Rosie is a HYPER ticklish model who NEVER lets anyone near her feet let alone worship them. On all videos where I implement lickling and worship she goes crazy. But here Indica rides the wave. Indica has a HARDCORE foot fetish and is easily one of the best foot worship models I have ever seen. She wastes NO TIME peeling off a sock of Rosies foot. Rosie is SUPER nervous and you can see it. Indica gets RIGHT INTO IT holding Rosies foot down. She gets in her toes before sucking them down. But she realizes she has neglected the other foot. This is one SEXY foot worship video you do NOT want to miss!

Duration: 6:07.500
Size: 676,916 Mb

Download – Rosies First Foot Worship “It Tickles So Bad”