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TKLCLAWS – Birthday Tickles Pt 4

Regardless of how ticklish someone may be, some people just have the personality to be a good ticklee. She has it, and those cute, extremely soft feet were all mine, and now for you to enjoy.

Length: 6:07
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Birthday Tickles Pt 4

TKLCLAWS – Birthday Tickles Pt 3

She loves having her feet tickled more than it actually tickles, but she can’t help but burst out laughing every once in a while. She starts speaking in Spanish, and has the biggest smile on her face the entire time. Her soft soles are so much fun to play with, she spreads her toes, and welcomes all the tickling I give her.

Length: 3:02
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Birthday Tickles Pt 3

TKLCLAWS – Birthday Tickles Pt 2

She’s one of the few people I’ve tickled who thinks it tickles more without them. This was a very playful session, she giggles, smiles, sits back and enjoys her birthday tickles.

Length: 2:39
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Birthday Tickles Pt 2

TKLCLAWS – Birthday Tickles Pt 1

This young Latina just turned 26, so what better way to celebrate her birthday than with a good tickle session. She’s been tickled before, but not on her cute, size 5 feet. I tie up her toes, take the claws, start to stroke her very soft soles slowly, and she says “That’s actually a good feeling.” She quickly found out that she likes having her feet tickled, especially with the claws.

Length: 7:54
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Birthday Tickles Pt 1

TKLCLAWS – Bella’s Right Foot

For my 2nd session with Bella I decided to focus on each foot by itself. I start off with her right foot, and tease every inch of it. Her sensitive sole was my playground, as I switched up between slow, soft tickles, and more aggressive ones. Her feet are incredibly ticklish, but not only that, she can handle a lot of it, and she likes it! The way her toes spread when her feet get tickled is really hot, it seems like her feet were just meant to get tickled by me.

Length: 7:02
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bella’s Right Foot

TKLCLAWS – MILF Cinnamon – Auntie’s Too Ticklish Pt II

Have you ever had an aunt whose feet you just always wanted to play with? Cinnamon reminds me of that auntie I always wanted to tickle. She has extremely ticklish feet, and even though she claims to hate being tickled I believe deep down that she kind of likes it. Regardless, a part of our deal with me tickling her meant I had to give her some massages, and foot worship. In this video you’ll watch a segment of the massage I gave her, however, I couldn’t help, but mix in some tickling.

Duration: 6:21.831
Size: 222,7 Mb

Download – MILF Cinnamon – Auntie’s Too Ticklish Pt II

TKLCLAWS – MILF Cinnamon – Auntie’s Too Ticklish Pt I

Cinnamon might be the most ticklish person I’ve ever tickled. I haven’t had to give someone so many breaks in one session. The slightest touch with my claws to her soles had her laughing like crazy. She told me she was too ticklish to get tickled our entire time together so I told her I’d worship, and massage them throughout the session. I started rubbing her toes and she lost it…even that was too ticklish. She was so hysterical at one point she apologizes for laughing so hard. I love her strong, loud laugh too, I wore her out so bad she fell resting from a massage I gave her afterwards.  This is one you do not want to miss.

Duration: 11:48.824
Size: 297,623 Mb

Download – MILF Cinnamon – Auntie’s Too Ticklish Pt I