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TicklingAndLaughingExperiences – Eve’s evil plan

Rose and Eleonore have been invited for a drink at their colleague Eve’s house, but Eve is angry with them because they got an unfair promotion. She then lures them into the trap, and once they are immobilized, she has a diabolical plan in her mind, she wants to bullying them with a tickle allover their soles by triggering each other’s sensitive points, and finally when they are exausted by this intense tickling she makes the callto quit!

Length: 24:46
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Eve’s evil plan

RussianFetish – Lisenok dominates two girls – Tickling, bastinado and some slapping

Lisenok leads two prisoners in torn clothes on a chain, walks a circle with them and sits them on a leather mattress. She is strict and pulls off clothes from both beauties. Both girls are very cute and sexy, they are Agata and Kelly .

Kelly, with a tanned body and firm breasts, sits timidly next to Agata, who is shaking her big boobs and waiting for orders of their Mistress. The girls bend forward with their heads. Lisenok takes a cane and slaps the girls’ butts, then their feet, then a paddle hits their feet again. Then she takes handcuffs and puts them on the girls behind their backs. She lifts her slaves and tickles their bodies from behind. Then lightly slaps on their breasts and between the legs with a flogger.
Then Lisenok takes both girls by the collars and positions them standing, slightly bending forward. She takes a long whip and slaps the girls’ asses.

Lisenok then takes a big feather and tickles their bodies with it. She leads them by their leashes back to the mattress and uses a Wartenberg’s pinwheel. Then the Mistress tickles both girls’ sides again.
She bends her slaves again upside down and slaps their feet, and then takes a candle and drips hot wax on their soles. She then tickles them with her sharp fingernails. After that, she orders the girls to caress each other while she sits down and watches them from the side.
Later, Lisenok puts the girls face down on their stomachs and stretches their legs so that they are angled and placed on a bar. Here she puts a toe-cuffs on their big toes and handcuffs on their ankles.
Here she again uses the pinwheel and an electric brush on their feet. She then slaps them with the whip. After a couple of minutes, she tickles the sides of both girls, and then connects the handcuffs on their ankles with the handcuffs on their wrists. In this position, she gives the last slaps to the girls and tickles them, and then leaves them alone.

Length: 41:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lisenok dominates two girls – Tickling, bastinado and some slapping

UKTickling – Natasha & Jay Take The Tickle Quiz – Custom

MissyJay and Ruby get together with Natasha for some 3-girl tickle fun in this hot custom tickle challenge! Ruby is both the quiz master and the main tickler as Jay and Natasha go head-to-head in a quiz. Stripped down to bikinis, both ladies are cuffed standing side-by-side with their arms overhead. Taking turns, Ruby asks each of them a question and they have only seconds to answer or get tickled! Each wrong answer earns them 30 seconds of body tickling and each correct answer gives them a point. At the end of the quiz the winner teams up with Ruby as the loser goes into the stocks for five minutes of tickle punishment from both of them!

The quiz begins and both girls are soon laughing as they earn some tickles from Ruby. Natasha emerges in the lead as Jay has some disastrous fails in the first few rounds, but soon they are almost level and the quiz gets more intense! They are both blindfolded for the next part, which only makes it harder as they go into the quick-fire round – questions are asked to both and the first to answer correctly wins the point. They both get plenty of tickling this time and Ruby has a lot of fun, even tickling both ladies together as they get the answers so wrong! (amazingly, neither could say how many legs a spider has!) In the end, however, it is Jay that wins by a whisker (getting the last answer right but not in time to avoid another tickling!) and it is Natasha that must receive the forfeit! Unfortunately for Natasha, her feet are her weakness and Ruby and Jay are very mean ticklers! She’s more than a little nervous as she sits in the stocks and, with good reason! When the tickling begins, she crumbles in no time, howling and shrieking with laughter and even swearing as Ruby and Jay torment her bare soles with their long nails! This is a very long five minutes for Natasha and she’s a complete wreck by the end! A very hot end to a very hot clip – you’ll love this!

Length: 18:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Natasha & Jay Take The Tickle Quiz – Custom

TerrasTemptations – Tickle Turnaround

SABLIQUE VON LUX and TERRAMIZU are STRUGGLING when the boss, ORIAS BASTET, comes in. Sablique is confused about what’s going on in her new workplace that she’s gotten stuck in the middle of. Orias BLINDFOLDS and TIES Sablique and Terra together before she removes their SHOES and starts to TICKLE their FEET! Orias uses a FEATHER and an ELECTRIC TICKLER to try to get Terra to issue a retraction. But when Terra & Sablique break free, they get their REVENGE on their boss and TIE her up so they can remove her HIGH HEELS to reveal her NYLONS and TICKLE her FEET in return! Will Terra & Sablique get Orias to agree to their terms?

Length: 19:19
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tickle Turnaround

TerrasTemptations – Tickle Out The Truth

ORIAS BASTET has set up an INTERVIEW with the writers of a controversial article, MIKAYLA MILES and TERRAMIZU. They have tried to RUIN Orias’s career, and she’s out to get REVENGE! Mikayla and Terra have been BOUND and BLINDFOLDED ahead of the INTERROGATION. Orias removes their SNEAKERS as she presses them to share her side of the story, but Mikayla and Terra won’t agree. Deciding to use more persuasive methods, Orias begins to TICKLE their FEET! Will the writers finally agree to share Orias’s side of the story?

Length: 17:47
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tickle Out The Truth

CaliLogan – Employee Training

Sahrye KC and Megan Jones are trying on some new stock in the back of the lingerie store they work in. Megan has a sexy periwinkle blue bra and panty over her black pantyhose, and Sahrye has on a plaid set! The two compare how sexy they look when their boss, Cali Logan, scares them in the middle of the act! Sahrye and Megan are suppose to be on the floor selling lingerie, not trying it on!!

Sahrye tries to say there was no one in the store, so they were trying things on as quality control! Megan totally agrees! But Cali isn’t having it—she demands the two kneel on the couch! She’s taking this physical! These ladies thought it was cute to misbehave… so Cali sits between them to TICKLE their feet with a feather!! The two ladies laugh so hard and kick their feet around trying to avoid the feather but Cali is there to give them a tickle punishment! Naughty girls!

Cali carries on by tickling each lady’s thick booties, and the two laugh as their asses jiggle around! They’re under Cali’s total tickle control! Next, Cali uses her nails to tickle each bum! But wait! Cali has more tickle punishment planned! Not only does she tickle Sahrye’s and Megan’s pussies with the feather… she also TIES them up to a bed with rope for even more tickle punishment!! Cali uses a feather on the bottom of their feet, then her nails, and then she moves on to tickling their armpits and tummies with the feather while all tied up!! Hopefully these ladies learned their lesson during their employee training tickling session!

Length: 12:13
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – Employee Training

BrokenShellFantasies – Pussy Tickling Misty & Maria

Making Misty and Maria hold their legs wide open in the air, Akira dances her fresh sharp nails across their sensitive skin in a teasing, tickling manner… “Can you feel the quivering of your butt holes? Are you gonna tell me what I want to know, or not? I’m gonna tickle your pussy and butthole until you scream out your secrets to me.” Akira tells the girls, as they start to shriek and shiver in ticklish delight. Akira has freshly sharpened nails, that makes the feeling extra satisfying and tickling! “How does it feel that you could not protest or do anything to make me stop? I’m gonna tickle you all day long if you do not spill it out.” With Misty and Maria’s legs stretched out in midair, that just only gives Akira the free pass to tickle and squish their pussies out ‘til they squirm in extreme pleasure and humiliation! “Flex those soft, long legs of yours so I could caress it all I want! You surely are fucked…”

Length: 11:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Pussy Tickling Misty & Maria