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BrazIlianTickling – Shirley’s Revenge

Shirley will take revenge, now her thief friends are dominated and tied and everything that Shirley suffered they will suffer, now as the tickler she will make the ticklish girls to laugh a lot, the brunette and the blond both are very sensitive and they laughs a lot, later Shirley’s revenge continues, her thief friends are tied and blindfolded on the bed, Shirley comes to tickle the both and have more fun, Shirley will explore their most ticklish spots for a great tickling F/FF action, FULL HD VERSION!!!

Duration: 39:50.246
Size: 2 316,796 Mb

Download – Shirley’s Revenge

LaPrincesasTickling – Paola Tickles Destroys Tia and Yuruby

Paola wanted to have the two newbies at her mercy after last weeks double duo clips and did she ever. As everyone knows by now, Paola is one ruthless and super cute tickler and she just loves to introduce new ladies to her tickling affairs.

Here she has her step-mother and her step-cousin stuck in a double chair feet in your face type of situation and they are not liking it one bit, because pig tailed Paola is having a blast making these two suffer. Tia is the first one to react with her lovely giggles and facials expressions that won’t make you stop looking for more.

During the first 30 seconds Yuruby, you can see that Yuruby is not containing all the tickles and some laughs are coming out but she’s about to explose and as soon has she does, the guffaws start and never stop, they are also noticed by Tia who simply yells “aiiiiii noooooooo” all while laughing and these clips is on it’s way for another classic with Best Tickler Paola.

Paola pours the baby oil and she keeps using her cruel mini fingers up and down the soles of our newbies who are in absolute terror of this, but it’s not over yet….well not until the 5 minute mark and by that point both Tia and Yuruby are absolute spent.

I haven’t been able to convince any of these two to come back after Paola played them like a fiddle, maybe some day…but for now, this had them laughing for days 🙂

Duration: 5:59.934
Size: 369,536 Mb

Download – Paola Tickles Destroys Tia and Yuruby

UKTickling – Toni, Melissa & Michelle 1

This is clip 5 from Ticklish Body Paints….Introducing Tiffany, in her first tickling experience. She just wants to get the little flower in her belly button duplicated in paint……but she didn’t realize it would be that ticklish! She has two painters on her, and she’s trying not to move or laugh, but you can see the agony on her face! Bella pulls out the electric toothbrush to help “penetrate the paint” and this becomes absolute for Tiffany….and absolute heaven for the painters and for YOU!!

Duration: 7:29.340
Size: 274,046 Mb

Download – Toni, Melissa & Michelle 1

TicklingParadise – Wonder Woman tickles the spies!

This is clip 4 from Ticklish Fairy Tales….Wonder Woman (6 foot tall, Bobbi!) catches two of Joker’s girls (Harper and introducing Monette), sneaking into her house. She catches them and puts them in side by side stocks for a little “questioning”…..of course, that questioning comes with a lot of tickle both on bare feet and exposed armpits! You already love Harper’s laugh and you will also love Monette’s deep throaty laugh! Wonder Woman is relentless until she gets them to crack….but only one cracks…’ll have to see this to find out who that is….and to learn of the “message” Wonder Woman wants them to take back to Joker.

Duration: 11:17.309
Size: 1 030,956 Mb

Download – Wonder Woman tickles the spies!

PolishMistressClips – Weronika Tickle Feet Of Emilia And Her Friend

Duration: 13:05.584
Size: 473,824 Mb

Download – Weronika Tickle Feet Of Emilia And Her Friend

TickleAbuse – Musical Feet

If the voice is the best instrument, than laughing is the sweetest music. Keri, Cali, Danielle and Rachel are all on the sofa, on their backs with their bare feet hanging up. Tasha is going to play musical feet, tickling one girl at a time, sometimes too, basically making a symphony of their laughter! She uses her fingernails and to change it up, sneaks in the brush. The winner is Rachel, but she doesnt realize that the winner just gets gang tickled in the end!

Duration: 9:49.164
Size: 267,495 Mb

Download – Musical Feet

SensuousSubmission – Burglar Whitney Morgan Tickles Paris’ & GiGi’s Feet

There’s been a burglar on the loose in the neighborhood.. And this burglar apparently has a thing for TICKLING FEET! Paris Love and GiGi Lyn have recentely moved into a new house and feel like they’re being watched, in fear they snuggle up to bed together for the night.. hoping to have locked the doors tight. Not tight enough, Whitney Morgan creeps in to see their socked feet dangling from the covers while they slumber. She can’t help but give them a little tickle with her finger tips.. they giggle and stir. She slowly slips off their socks one by one to tickle those soft wrinkled soles of theirs. She knows they’ve awoken, yet they try to remain quiet laughing through snoring, but Whitney tickles them more and more on their bare feet with fingers and feathers.. convinced they WILL give the code to their safe so Whitney can sneak out before the police arrive..

Duration: 24:25.197
Size: 1 375,504 Mb

Download – Burglar Whitney Morgan Tickles Paris’ & GiGi’s Feet