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SlammCreations – Francesca Le, Kristal Summers and Mary Jane Green – Francesca and Kristal’s Ticklish Torment

Mr. Big told his number one submissive, Francesca, to prepare his mansion for the big beach party, and to bring sexy blonde Kristal as well.  But Mr. Big didn’t like it when Francesca had her toes painted the wrong color, and that Kristal was wearing the wrong shorts…well, the clients still want Francesca and Kristal as their entertainment later on, and Mr. Big wants the submissives to be prepared for the clients and also punished for the indiscretions.  He has the ladies hogtied in their beach shorts and bare feet on the bed, and brings in his top mistress, Mistress Mary Jane, to punish the subs and also to prepare them for the clients.  The helpless women are to be tickled on their bare soles for an hour!  Mr. Big leaves, and Mistress Mary Jane begins the tickling.  Both of the helpless submissives are tightly hogtied, and there’s no escaping, no matter how much they struggle.They beg the Mistress to let them go, but Mary Jane starts tickling their feet with her educated fingertips.  Both women are forced to laugh as Mary Jane expertly runs her fingers up and down their soles, at times concentrating on their toes. The Mistress gives the helpless twosome a break…but returns with two electric toothbrushes!  She teases them by letting them hear the vibrating brushes before descending on poor Kristal’s feet.  Mary Jane is an expert at tickling, and Kristal begs and pleads for mercy as Mary Jane uses both toothbrushes to cover every crevice on each of Kristal’s sexy soles. Francesca can only watch in horror as her friend is mercilessly tickled.  Francesca tries to escape, but she’s bound too tightly and cleverly.  Just when Kristal seems exhausted, Mary Jane gives her a break. She moves over to Francesca and unexpectedly tickles her ribs, which drives Francesca into hysterics! The Mistress seems to have it in for Francesca…Mary Jane leaves to let her captives catch their breath.  But she soon returns with a very large and powerful electric spinning scrubber!  The scrubber is very loud, driving fear into the submissives.  And then Mary Jane turns the spinning brush onto Francesca’s feet!  Francesca laughs and struggles as the Mistress expertly works on Francesca’s foot.  And stops when Francesca can’t take it anymore.But that was just on one foot!” she informs Francesca who reels in horror as the Mistress starts using the tool on the other sole!  It’s Kristal’s turn to miserably watch her friend’s tickling, and then beg for mercy when Mary Jane turns the brush on her own sensitive soles and toes.  Kristal squirms and pleads but the Mistress doesn’t care. In fact, she teases poor Francesca by threatening her with the spinning scrubber, quickly running the tool along Francesca sole causing spasms of laughter before returning back to Kristal’s tickling torment. Finally, Mistress Mary Jane gives the exhausted women another break…but threatens to bring back something bigger and better to tickle them with! The subs beg for mercy.  All the ladies are barefoot in shorts, and Francesca and Kristal hogtied feet are visible throughout the video.  It’s three of the best fetish models ever on one video!

Duration: 16:56.930
Size: 1 229,302 Mb

Download – Francesca Le, Kristal Summers and Mary Jane Green – Francesca and Kristal’s Ticklish Torment

SlammCreations – Angella Faith, Mary Jane Green and Nikki Fierce – Tickling Tune-Up

Blonde Angella and brunette Mary Jane, wearing striped bikinis, are bound to a bed next to each other with leather cuffs locked around their wrists and ankles and leather straps binding them tightly to the bed frame.  Scantily clad as they are, they’re very worried about why they’ve been left with a different mistress than their own. Mistress Nikki enters and reads them a letter from their mistress.  They’ve been left bound helplessly and exposed so that Mistress Nikki can tickle them to ‘tune’ them up for a later tickling appointment for their mistress! Both of the helpless submissives recoil in fear at the mere mention of the word ‘tickle’…Mistress Nikki, on the other hand, is more than ready to meet the request of her fellow mistress. Mistress Nikki begins by running her flickering fingertips at the bare feet and soles of the trapped submissives, which has them both screaming in ticklish torment!  “Oooh, I like screamers!” Mistress Nikki says. After receiving the desired reaction, Nikki methodically tickles her way up the exposed bodies of Angella and Mary Jane, producing quivering giggles and screams at a mere touch of the knees, thighs, hips and tummies of the sensitive beauties.The Mistress begins working on Mary Jane’s armpits, causing the dark-haired beauty to buck and squirm at a hopeless attempt to escape. Angella is forced to watch her companion being tickled, knowing that she’s next!  Just when the slaves seem to be exhausted from Nikki’s fingers, she produces an electric toothbrush, and attacks anew!  Nikki slides the vibrating toothbrush up and down the captives’ soles, bringing desperate screams from Angella and thrashing from Mary Jane.  How much tickling can they take? Nikki eventually returns to using her fingers to tickle the submissives, pronouncing them properly sensitized for the tickling session later in the evening. Lots of lovely views of all the ladies, along with close-ups of their bare feet and soles being tickled.

Duration: 9:21.847
Size: 494,764 Mb

Download – Angella Faith, Mary Jane Green and Nikki Fierce – Tickling Tune-Up

TickleNail – Between 2 tied ticklish girls – Barbara tickles Angel and Larissa

Barbara squeezes herself between two beautiful ticklish tied girls – Larissa and Angel. She first tickles them over socks using her long fingernails and tools such as a hairbrush, the claw, and a toothbrush for when the socks are off, one by one. Barbara shows off her big feet as she has fun tickle torturing Larissa and Angel.

Duration: 9:36.781
Size: 571,733 Mb

Download – Between 2 tied ticklish girls – Barbara tickles Angel and Larissa

SlammCreations – Olivia Chase, Francesca Le and Mary Jane Green – Two Lovers in Ticklish Trouble

Bikini-clad sexpots Francesca and Olivia are having a torrid make-out session when they are interrupted by sweet, innocent Mary Jane. Mary Jane suggests that she could help them have even more fun, which the two lovers happily agree to.  Soon, Francesca and Olivia are bound spreadeagled to the bed in a double X configuration, only able to touch each other at the wrist and ankle in the center of the bed, unable to kiss and make out anymore.  Olivia complains that this position is not fun.  Mary Jane says “Of course it’s fun – for me!”  Mary Jane begins tickling her captives’ tummies…”She tricked us!” Francesca is able to blurt out between her giggles.  Mary Jane now has two helpless women bound to a bed, scantily clad and super ticklish, and she explores each of their most sensitive spots!  She uses her sharp fingernails to rake and caress the ticklish captives’ armpits and necks, forcing them to jump and squeal.  She even uses her bare toes to tickle the bound ladies!  Olivia and Francesca try to regain control of their situation by “forgiving” Mary Jane.  But Mary Jane demands kisses from the helpless ladies, which Olivia readily agrees to.  But Francesca refuses, which gets a concentrated bout of tickling from Mary Jane, until she does agree to kiss her.  Mary Jane acts hurt that both women didn’t kiss her sincerely.  So, she renews her tickle attack, this time on their sensitive bare feet and soles, which really drive the women into hysterics.  Mary Jane is in control, and she uses it to get what she wants.  Perhaps she’s not as sweet and innocent as she comes across!  Three all-time great fetish models, super sexy, bikinis, bare feet, tickling and kissing – what more could you ask for?

Duration: 15:11.927
Size: 1 060,638 Mb

Download – Olivia Chase, Francesca Le and Mary Jane Green – Two Lovers in Ticklish Trouble

SimplyTickling – Terra Mizu & Megan Jones Feet Cuffed Tickle

Terra Mizu and Megan Jones are back and Kalesie is going to start the fun by tickling both girls feet! Both are in cuffs and laying face down while KalesFie tickles with her nails, feathers, and the brush all over the girls soles and toes. Teasing them the entire time as she remembers the most ticklish spots.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 4028 kbps

Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 160 kbps

Duration: 7:03.633

Size: 211,527 Mb

Download – Terra Mizu & Megan Jones Feet Cuffed Tickle

SimplyTickling – Kalesie Tickles Three Girls Soles

What better way to show off Kalesie’s tickler skills by having her tickle three pairs of ticklish feet! Kalesie lays in the middle on top of Allie and has access to Mackenzie and Gianna’s ticklish bare soles too. Tickling all over from their heels to toes with her long nails, the feathers and the brush. Gianna has fun tickling both Kalesies foot she can reach and Allie’s armpits and sides, while Mackenzie does the same from her side. So it just turns into a ticklefest with all 4 girls.

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1920×1080, 10017 kbps

Audio: 0x0161 (WMA v2), 44100Hz, 320 kbps CBR

Duration: 6:37.742

Size: 485,748 Mb

Download – Kalesie Tickles Three Girls Soles

SimplyTickling – Four Girl Barefoot Tickle Buffet

With all four of the girls together, why not have them all tickle each others feet at once? Kalesie, Gianna, Allie, and Mackenzie sit in a 2×2 format on the floor and have fun tickling eachothers feet and wherever else they can reach! The girls all team up on one another, Tickling feet, legs and sides. Trading tickles back and forth. So many ticklish feet at once!!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080, 4068 kbps

Audio: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 160 kbps

Duration: 6:33.400

Size: 198,281 Mb

Download – Four Girl Barefoot Tickle Buffet