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TickleIntensive – Vika’s Beach Day

Age: 24

Foot Size: 10.5



Big-footed Russian blonde beauty Vika is spending her morning at the beach with her boyfriend. He thought it would be cute to bury her in the sand, and he must have really gotten into his task, because she can’t move an inch! He tied her toes together, took a few pics, and despite Vika’s protests, LEFT HER BURIED IN THE SAND while he ran off to the boardwalk to grab some drinks for the two of them…

Unfortunately for Vika, her head and sensitive feet sticking out of the sand attracts the attention of a female passerby and she happens to be in a sadistic mood. Kitty takes the time to remind Vika that digging holes isn’t allowed on the beach… and she decides to teach the trapped blonde a lesson by SUBJECTING HER BIG EXPOSED SOLES TO A PUBLIC TICKLING! She rakes Vika’s soles with her sharp nails, eliciting peals of hysterical laughter and frantic begging, but that only attracts more attention to Vika’s ridiculous plight, and Ama Rio soon joins in on the fun to double team her ticklish feet!


Kitty and Ama completely destroy the helpless blonde – the poor girl whips her hear back and forth, her long blonde hair flying everywhere as she’s tickled into total exhaustion!


Length: 9:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Vika’s Beach Day

TickleIntensive – Scarlett’s Beach Feet

Age: 32

Foot Size: 7


Scarlett wanted to go on a beach vacation for Memorial Day Weekend, but she’s rolling with the Tickle Intensive crew, and they only visit the beach for one thing – TICKLING! She soon finds herself buried up to her neck in wet, tightly-packed sand. She can’t move an inch and her bare size 7 feet are exposed and toetied.

Kitty tricked Scarlett in being buried with the promise of building a sand castle on top of her, but when Scarlett complains that she’s stuck and she can’t move, Kitty says her arms are tired from burying her, so instead of digging her out, she’d rather tickle Scarlett until she gets herself out of the hole! Of course, the sand is far too heavy, and there’s no way Scarlett can get out by herself! But before she has a chance to protest, Kitty viciously tickles Scarlett’s exposed soles, using her long red nails to scratch at her arches and tickle her vulnerable toes. The helpless hottie bursts into peals of hysterical laugh as her sensitive soles are tickled without mercy, her body shaking and jerking like crazy, but she can’t move an inch so the tickling goes on and on, no breaks!

Scarlett’s sensitive beach feet are tickled until she’s completely wrecked! Kitty uses her fingernails, the comb, and the hairbrush to tickle Scarlett’s sandy soles, driving the sensitive redhead crazy until she’s screaming with laughter! The tickling only stops when her tormenter gets thirsty and leaves her buried on the beach to get herself a drink. Scarlett gasps for air, grateful for the short reprieve… for now.

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Scarlett’s Beach Feet

TickleIntensive – Ama’s Ticklish Toes

Age: 29

Foot Size: 10



One of Ama’s nightmare scenarios is a foot tickling that focuses on her incredibly sensitive toes – and at the request of one of our Custom Clients that’s exactly what she’s made to endure, courtesy of vicious ticklers Courtney Cummz and Kitty Quinn.

Ama’s locked in the stocks with all ten of her toes toe-tied individually, assuring her tormenters have complete access to each of her toes and the sensitive spaces in between. Courtney’s brutal with her tickling technique, using her fingernails, the comb, toothbrushes, and the hairbrush to tickle Ama’s toes and soles until the poor girl is a hysterical mess! The ticking goes on and on without a break… and when Courtney does finally stop for a second to allow Ama a sip of water, there’s a heavy price to pay – Kitty Quinn joins the scene and both girls proceed to tickle Ama’s feet all over again! “YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CRY!” AMA SCREAMS, BUT THE GIRLS JUST LAUGH AND TICKLE HER EVEN HARDER!

The girls persist in tickling Ama until she’s complete destroyed – her toes and soles tickled a bright pink, Ama herself drenched in sweat, her hair and makeup a mess as the girls leave her locked in the stocks for another day…

Length: 20:08
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Ama’s Ticklish Toes

TickleIntensive – Do You Love Your Country?

Age: 28

Foot Size: 10


How much do you love your country? It’s a question Southern belle Ama is going to be made to answer, whether she likes it or not!

Clad in patriotic swimwear, Ama is strapped to the bed and viciously gang tickled by Courtney, Vika, and Kitty. They demand to know how dedicated she is to her country, but no matter much she professes her genuine love for the USA, the girls don’t seem to believe her! They tickle her NONSTOP on her big sensitive soles, her hyper ticklish inner thighs, and her upperbody, making her scream at the top of her lungs with PURE HYSTERIA!

“USA, USA, USA!” the girls chant as the gang tickling goes on and on without respite. Poor Ama’s tickled until she’s reduced to a quivering, hysterical, albeit patriotic, mess!

Fans of watching a hot girl being broken by tickling will not want to miss this scene!

Non-Stop Gang Tickling.

Length: 9:54
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Do You Love Your Country?

TickleIntensive – Ama’s Beach Day

Super ticklish southern belle Ama Rio is at the beach today with her friends, and she was having a great day… that is, until her friends buried her in the sand and left her trapped to go get some snacks!

Ama’s looking for a helping hand to get her out of the same, but too bad for her that Kitty Quinn spots her head and ticklish feet sticking out of the sand… AND SHE JUST CAN’T RESIST TICKLING HER FEET! Ama screams with hysterical laughter and whips her head back and forth frantically, begging Kitty and the random passerbys for help, but her cries go completely ignored and Kitty tickles her feet to her hearts content!

Just when Ama thinks it can’t possibly get any more humiliating, Adara Jordin joins Kitty in tickling Ama’s bare soles, using her long to nails to trace ticklish patterns all over her big sensitive soles! Her friends haven’t come back yet and it doesn’t look like the girls are going to stop tickling her anytime soon! POOR AMA – ALL SHE CAN DO IS LAUGH AND LAUGH AS THE INTENSE TICKLING REDUCES HER TO TEARY-EYED WRECK!

Non-stop Foot Tickling.

Length: 10:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama’s Beach Day

TickleIntensive – Ticklish Step-Sister



AGE: 18


Krystal is Kim’s ticklish younger 18-year-old step-sister. She only came to the shoot to “observe” and watch her step-sister get tickled… but after a LOT of pushing and prodding from her older step-sister Kim, she finds herself agreeing to take a turn in the stocks too!

Dacey gets the honors of popping Krystal’s bondage/tickle cherry and she doesn’t go easy on the new girl – she rakes her soles with her nails to make her laugh and beg, she uses the comb and chopsticks on her soles and between her toes to drive her crazy, and she scrubs her soles with the brush to make her scream! The Violet Wand is also used on Krystal’s sensitive soles and it has a curious effect – it seems to TICKLE AND TURN HER ON AT THE SAME TIME, making her scream with a mixture of laugher and moans as the sparks snap and dance across her silky soles!

This 18-year-old hottie’s upperbody is irresistible and Dacey mercilessly tickles EVERY INCH OF HER EXPOSED SKIN! She tickles her armpits, sides, stomach, and thighs, each area making her victim scream with different patterns of hysterical laughter. In a hot breathy voice Krystal begs for the tickling to stop, EVEN CALLING DACEY A TERRIBLE TEASE, but her pleas are ignored and she receives an even harder tickling for her troubles!

The tickling goes on and on, and by the time session’s finally over, Krystal is gasping with exhaustion, her gasps of relief are punctuated by tiny moans… the tickling turned her on, and you know she’ll be back for more, and maybe a little revenge, too…

2/3 foot tickling. 1/3 upperbody tickling.

Length: 9:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish Step-Sister

TickleIntensive – GRAB HER BY THE PUSSY!




AGE: 37


Bondage Prep: A Trump supporter is tied to the bed spread eagle for a non-stop gang tickling… unless she changes her vote.

KITTY QUINN IS ONE LOYAL TRUMP GIRL. She goes to the President’s rallies, she buys his flags and shirts, she even has that damn Trumpy bear – so when Onyx Kim, Courtney Commings, and Ari Parker tie her to the bed and inform her that she’s either going to change her vote or suffer through an endless gang tickling, she scoffs – IT’S GOING TO TAKE MORE THAN EMPTY THREATS TO CHANGE HER MIND! Unfortunately for Kitty, the girls are more than happy to make good on their word!!

Kitty is subjected to the worst tickling she’s ever suffered through. All three women gang up on her and sadistically tickle her without a trace of mercy. They viciously rake their sharp nails across Kitty’s bare soles and tickle every square inch of her upperbody until she’s shaking and screaming with peals of hysterical laugher! She breaks out in a cold sweat as the brutal tickling goes on and on without a break – “ARE YOU GOING TO VOTE BIDEN?” “NO!” More tickling. “READY TO CHANGE YOU VOTE? NO?” More tickling. They even concentrate on tormenting Kitty’s EXTREME TICKLISH INNER THIGHS AND PUSSY!

The girls taunt a hysterical Kitty as they tickle her thighs and pussy. “YOU’RE TRUMP GIRL SO YOU MUST LOOOOOVE BEING GRABBED BY THE PUSSY!”

Kitty gets pushed WAY beyond her limits in this scene – she grows furious with the girls, but there’s no stopping and she has no choice but to take the brutal tickling! She screams with equal parts anger hysteria as the tickling goes on and on – until she finally breaks and promises to CHANGE HER VOTE!… or does she??


Brutal non-stop gang tickling.

Length: 10:24
Resolution: 1920×1080