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TickleIntensive – Dalvina’s Workout

Age: 19

Foot Size: 7.5



In this custom request, Dalvina’s been a little too flirty with Kitty and Courtney’s boyfriends at the gym, so they’re going to give her a special workout – Tickle Intensive style! They tie her to the bed in her cute gym outfit and subject her to a BRUTAL TICKLING , making her laugh so hard that by the time they’re done with her, her abs are sore and she’s dripping with sweat!!

First, the girls double team Dalvina’s sweaty bare soles, and fresh from their workout they’re extra sensitive to the touch. From the moment their manicured nails touch her ticklish arches, DALVINA’S SCREAMING WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER! Scrubbing her sensitive soles with dual brushes REALLY drives home how much Kitty and Courtney want Dalvina to stay away from their boyfriends, so they tickle her feet with them until she promises to keep away.


But her promises aren’t enough for Kitty and Courtney. Next, they work on her upperbody, mercilessly tickling Dalvina’s pits, ribs, stomach, bellybutton, and her sensitive hips! Her gym outfit affords her no protection from her tormentors’ nimble fingers, and she soon finds herself twisting and struggling in a futile effort to avoid their ticklish touch, but there’s no escape! All she can do is SHRIEK WITH LAUGHTER as the tickling goes on and on without a break.

The girls return to Dalvina’s feet and give her one last workout, whether she wants it or not! They tickle her sensitive feet until she’s COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED – gasping for air, dripping with sweat and intent on switching her gym membership.

Length: 9:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Dalvina’s Workout

TickleIntensive – Sadistic To Sahrye

Extreme content.

Desperately ticklish Sahrye is strapped to the bed for one of her most sadistic sessions yet. This fiery latina’s size 6 feet are explosively ticklish – probably the most ticklish soles we’ve ever had the pleasure of tormenting. SAHRYE TRULY HATES TO BE TICKLED, SO MUCH SO THAT SHE ALMOST DIDN’T COME BACK FROM THE LAST TIME WE TICKLE HER! But Bianca has a way with words, especially when she’s planning to drive a hottie like Sahrye crazy with a combination of foot tickling and licking!

Bianca begins by worshipping Sahrye’s bare foot, running her tongue up and down her silky soft soles, making her moan with pleasure and really believe that this time the tickling won’t be so bad. “MMM… DO YOU LIKE THIS?” ASKS BIANCA. “WELL, I LIKE THIS TOO!” BEFORE SAHRYE CAN ANSWER, BIANCA VICIOUSLY TICKLES HER BARE SOLES, HER TO LET LOOSE WITH PEALS OF AGONIZED LAUGHTER!! Sahrye is finding out foot worship makes her feet even more sensitive than usual and Bianca uses this to her advantage, working Sahrye up with some skillful foot worship before destroying her with extreme tickle Sahrye shrieks hysterically, pleading for mercy and threatening Bianca all at once, but the tickling only gets worse! Bianca punishes her soles with the comb and hairbrush, making the desperate woman even more hysterical! Sahrye hips shoot off the bed as her sensitive soles are treated to a merciless and seemingly endless tickling!

Sahrye’s extremely ticklish upperbody is also thoroughly explored. Bianca delights in tickling Sahrye’s vulnerable armpits, sides, stomach, hips, and ESPECIALLY HER EXCRUCIATINGLY TICKLISH INNER THIGHS!! Begging and pleading do nothing to stop the tickling and Sahrye is soon covered in a shiny sheen of sweat as she is tickle beyond the point of exhaustion.

Sahrye’s feet are incredibly sexy, especially when Bianca is licking them, and that’s the area the sadistic redhead concentrates on the most. She licks up and down her soles, devouring Sahrye’s toes, making the horny latina shake her hips involuntarily as pleasurable sensations shoot up from her toes to between her legs. But the pleasure is short-lived – Bianca punishes her soles twice as bad as before, tickling them a combination of her nails, the comb, and dual hairbrushes! SHE TICKLES HER FEET UNTIL SAHRYE IS GOING SO CRAZY SHE’S SCREAMING HYSTERICALLY AND RIPPING THE BEDSPREAD APART! When she’s so exhausted she can’t laugh anymore, Bianca finally relents. Sahrye is left strapped to the bed, drenched in sweat and desperately gasping for air, the tickling over… for now…

Length: 10:41
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Sadistic To Sahrye

TickleIntensive – Ticklish After Her Workout

Jade Indica just finished an intense workout and her entire body is sore and sensitive, but that’s not getting her out of her tickling session with Storm. She is strapped to the bed in her gym outfit and sweat-soaked socks for post-workout gang tickling.

Jade laughs uncontrollably when Storm’s pointed nails tickle her size 8 soles through the sweaty socks. She slowly strips off her sock, revealing a very sweaty and sensitized foot. Jade is soon laughing hysterically as Storm mercilessly tickles her bare sole. To make matters worse, Bianca joins in on the fun, peeling off her remaining sock and attacking the freshly exposed sole with her nails! Jade screams with laughter and pleads for mercy, but the only answer she receives is when Jenna starts in on her upperbody, squeezing and scratching at her sides and pits. THREE VICIOUS WOMEN TICKLING HER ALL AT ONCE IS DRIVING JADE CRAZY, BUT THERE’S NOT A HINT OF MERCY TO BE FOUND! The girls rotate positions so everyone has a shot at Jade’s sensitized body.

They completely ignore Jade’s protests and tickle the dark haired babe, using their nails, baby oil, and brushes to punish Jade’s sweaty soles and body. By the time the girls are finished with her, Jade is more exhausted than when she left the gym.

This clip contains brief sock tickling and intense gang tickling.

Length: 9:10
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Ticklish After Her Workout

TickleIntensive – Torture In Spanish

Extremely sensitive Sahrye is strapped to the bed for a long-overdue tickle session.

Storm drives her crazy, tickling her size 5.5 feet with her pointed nails, making her hysterical in seconds flat. Storm tells her it would be sexy if she begged in Spanish, but Sahrye is in no mood to satisfy the redhead’s whims, and she refuses. This, of course, gives Storm the perfect excuse to tickle her as much as she likes. When another round of intense foot tickling fails to convince Sahrye to beg in Spanish, Storm invites Bianca into the scene to help change the stubborn Latina’s mind! WITH TWO VICIOUS WOMEN TICKLE HER FEET WITHOUT MERCY, IT DOESN’T TAKE LONG FOR SAHRYE TO BREAK, AND SHE’S SOON PLEADING IN SPANISH LIKE A MADWOMAN! The girls chuckle at Sahrye’s pathetic attempts to get their sympathy and move to her upperbody. They double team her sides, pits, stomach, hips, and inner thighs until Sahrye is babbling in Spanish and squealing with laughter.

When Sahrye makes the mistake of pleading in English, the girls decide to GANG TICKLE her as a punishment! Autumn joins in, cruelly attacking Sahrye’s sides and thighs, while Storm and Bianca concentrate on her feet. The end result is a gasping, hysterical Sahrye that doesn’t know whether to beg in Spanish or scream with laughter.

The girls tickle Sahrye until she’s a shuddering, sweat-soaked wreck.

3/4 foot tickling. 1/4 upperbody/gang tickling.

Length: 9:12
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Torture In Spanish

TickleIntensive – Ama’s Been Naughty!

Foot Size: 10

Age: 29



Ama’s been naughty this year, and she finds herself fully mummified, barefoot, and toetied in a rug under the Christmas tree for a special punishment reserved for Naughty Girls – TICKLING!!

Dacey and Kitty Quinn find Ama under their tree – a gift from Santa, who left instructions to give their gift “a few laughs.” Ama’s big and EXTREMELY TICKLISH bare feet are sticking out of the rug, toetied and completely vulnerable. The girls don’t want to disobey Santa, so they proceed to tickle Ama’s big feet without mercy! Both girls just had their nails done for the holidays and they’re DEVASTATING when they’re used to rake up and Ama’s soles!


“You better bet you’re gonna be good!” teases Dacey. They up the intensity – taking turns holding Ama’s soles taut and tickling her helpless feet with their nails, dual combs, and dual hairbrushes until she’s SHRIEKING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS WITH HYSTERIA! The Christmas morning tickling goes on and on and ON UNTIL AMA’S TICKLED TO TEARS!!

Length: 10:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama’s Been Naughty!

TickleIntensive – Adriana’s Size 10 Soles

Age: 28

Foot Size: 10.5



Adriana is tall, hot big-footed MILF who’s never been tickled before, and Courtney Cummz is all to happy to wrap and strap her to the bed for the most intense tickling of her life!

Courtney knows Adriana is brand new to the world of tickling and bondage, but she doesn’t go easy on her, to the contrary – she gives her a BRUTAL introduction to tickling! S HE RAKES HER NAILS UP AND DOWN HER BIG SOFT SOLES, causing her to scream with peals of uncontrollable laughter! Adriana’s laughing so hard she can’t breathe, but Courtney’s not letting up! She uses the comb and brushes to tickle her big bare feet, getting even more intense reactions from this ticklish hottie! She even uses the Violet Wand to ZAP HER FEET, and boy does Adriana scream when the sparks tickle her soles!!


But the tickling doesn’t stop. Courtney moves to her upperbody and mercilessly tickles her armpits, sides, bellybutton, and even her hips! Shrieking with hysterical laughter, Adriana struggles like crazy, BUT THERE’S NO ESCAPING HER TORMENTOR’S NIMBLE FINGERS! All she can do is laugh and beg as Courtney has her way with her sensitive upperbody! She finishes Adriana off with another round of foot tickling, tormenting her soles with her fingernails and dual brushes until she’s tickled to COMPLETE EXHAUSTION!!

Adriana lays on the bed sweaty and gasping for air, grateful that the tickling is finally over, but wondering what comes next….

Length: 11:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Adriana’s Size 10 Soles

TickleIntensive – Carmen Valentina’s Beach Day

Age: 35

Foot Size: 7.5



Carmen Valentina’s friends buried her at the beach and left her to go get lunch. She thought she could get out but she’s buried good, and all she can do is wiggle her feet and yell for help. Ama Rio and Janine Jericho discover her and are intent on keeping her occupied while her friends are away – MAYBE THEY’LL EVEN HAVE A FEW LAUGHS!

Ama cleans off the bottoms of Carmen’s toetied feet and she laughs. “Don’t do that, I’m ticklish!” she says. “OH REALLY??” laughs Ama. With a mischievous smirk, she proceeds to rake her nails up and down Carmen’s bare soles, making her shriek with laughter. “Oh, this is gonna be fun!”

Ama cruelly tickles Carmen’s feet with her sharp nails, laughing as she cackles and begs for mercy, but her reactions are just too entertaining for her to stop! Janine hears all the laughing and soon joins in on the fun, with Ama holding her toes back while both women use their nails on her taut soles, concentrating on the arches and ball of her feet. CARMEN SCREAMS WITH HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER , whipping her head wildly, gasping and cursing with frustration!


You’d think someone would hear her cries and help Carmen, but no one seems to care that she’s being tickled out of her mind, and the girls have their way with her ticklish feet long into the afternoon…

Length: 10:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Carmen Valentina’s Beach Day