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SilverCherry – Ticklish Naked Newcomer

Sexy skinny Sophia is a newcomer who is going to experience what it’s like to be tied spread eagled and completely to the bed and tickled! I start at her size 7 feet and tickle them for a few moments. Her soles were so soft, it was hard for me to pull away. Plus I loved hearing her giggle and laugh and squirm against the restraints. I move up onto the bed and use my fiendish fingers to tickle the 21 year old’s slender nude upper body. Her ribs, sides, belly and underarms are thoroughly worked over. Then, after tickle her upper body for a while, I make my way back down to her ticklish feet. I really wanted to feel those soft tender bare soles under my fingers some more!

Duration: 9:49.699
Size: 448,507 Mb

Download – Ticklish Naked Newcomer

SilverCherry – Tickling Roxie

19 year old Roxie is a newcomer and when this scene was shot, she was about to experience being tied spread eagle and tickled for one of the first times ever. I start briefly tickling the bottom of her big soft size 9.5 feet before I move up to Roxie’s upperbody where I tickle her underarms, ribs, belly and sides. Roxie smoked a little bit before she arrived and was pretty high during this. Her reactions are cute, but are pretty subtle and not really too explosive. Still, it was fun tickling Roxie on her naked upperbody as well as her pretty bare feet!

Duration: 6:47.250
Size: 307,849 Mb

Download – Tickling Roxie

SilverCherry – Big Soft Feet Cuffed and Tickled

I have Ama’s ankles cuffed securely and attached to the bed. As I remove her shoes, the anticipation of tickling her extremely soft, big bare soles is intense! Once her shoes are removed, my fingers waste zero time and I begin tickling her flawless, sensitive feet. Ama’s feet are slightly sweaty, so tender and soft as silk! It’s truly a treat to be able to tickle beautiful Ama’s big ticklish bare feet!

Duration: 5:05.849
Size: 229,403 Mb

Download – Big Soft Feet Cuffed and Tickled

SilverCherry – Beautiful Big Soft Ticklish Feet

5’10” tall blonde beauty Vika is sitting on the bed with her ankles cuffed together. Her large size 10 feet are bare and ready to be thoroughly tickled. Her big feet are seriously soft and very ticklish! I loved feeling the soft skin of her soles and toes under my fingertips as gorgeous Vika laughs with no choice but to take it!

Duration: 5:29.472
Size: 248,12 Mb

Download – Beautiful Big Soft Ticklish Feet

SilverCherry – Taylor’s Nails on Ama’s Soles

Ama is on the bed and has her big size 9 bare feet secured together and attached to the foot of the bed. Taylor is sitting right in front of Ama’s feet and she’s about to have some devilish fun! Taylor is going to use her sturdy fingernails to rake the soft sensitive soles of Ama’s ticklish bare feet!

Duration: 6:59.662
Size: 408,883 Mb

Download – Taylor’s Nails on Ama’s Soles

SilverCherry – Stiletto Nails on Stocking Covered Feet

Kitty is in the recliner with her pantyhose covered feet tied together and secured and ready to be tickle ! Mia is equipped with her VERY effective stiletto fingernails and she intends to tickle Kitty’s ticklish pantyhose feet. And from the instant Mia rakes her sharp, sturdy nails over Kitty’s sensitive soles and toes, Kitty reacts violently! It was very interesting watching Mia, who’s so sweet and soft spoken, be so devious with her nails that were meant for foot tickle !

Duration: 5:56.099
Size: 268,489 Mb

Download – Stiletto Nails on Stocking Covered Feet

SilverCherry – Dacey Tickled in Thigh Highs

Dacey is bound to the tickle table and will be undergoing a lengthy full body tickle torment while topless and wearing thing high stockings. Her underarms, ribs, sides and belly are thoroughly worked over before I remove her heels to begin tickling her stocking covered feet! To make matters worse for poor helpless Dacey, I use a hairbrush to intensify the ticklishness of Dacey’s feet. By the time I was done with tickling Dacey, she was completely worn out!

Duration: 10:04.080
Size: 592,458 Mb

Download – Dacey Tickled in Thigh Highs