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HannahInFetishland – Diablo Strikes Again Pt. 1

Diablo finds Hannah's suite and goes to snooping around. Hannah comes at a convenient time and walks right for the bathroom. Diablo is hiding on the other side of the sink and pops out at Hannah scarring her but she remember Diablo from a previous encounter. Hannah thought she had prepared herself for anything to happen. Diablo is not going to let Hannah get away easily. They begin fighting and Diablo is surprised that Hannah has a little fight to herself this time. Unfortunately, Diablo has the upper hand regardless and he is able to pin Hannah down after getting her with some belly punches. Diablo begins attacking Hannah with tickling. Hannah struggles and tries to get away from him. Diablo doesnt allow it though, he gets mad and starts hitting Hannah and getting her down. Diablo has complete control over the situation and Hannah is going to be getting tickled. Whether she likes it or not. 

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HannahInFetishland – Tickle Torture for One

Rachel has a couple of her friends over. They are hanging out in the living room having a conversation when unexpectedly, the doorbell rings. Rachel answers. She opens the door, screams oh my God, and shuts it quickly behind her. She walks back to the living room. Her friends asked who it was. Rachel tells them it's her creepy neighbor Hannah who has shown up to her doorstep with a couple of feathers prepared to tickle her. She explains that Hannah accidentally saw her boyfriend tickling her through her windows recently and has been teasing her ever since. Her friends say it's rude to not let her in. One of them walks over to open the door. Hannah walks in Italy with the feathers and immediately goes for a tickle torture session, handing feathers off to her friends and inviting them to help her. Rachel can't stop them; they are far too amused by this. She lightheartedly resists but it only ends up in something worse. Just moments later, Hannah and her friends have Rachel topless and tied up on her bed. They each rotate through and take a turn at tickling her different body parts. Rachel is helpless in this 3 on 1 tickle attack!

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HannahInFetishland – Sleeping Foot Fantasy

Hannah and Sarah are hanging out doing their homework. Sarah leaves the room to make a phone call and Hannah dozes off. When Sarah returns Hannah is asleep and Sarah sees this as the perfect opportunity to indulge her fantasy. She has always had an attraction to her friend's feet but was too shy to say anything. Now she is free to explore as she pleases! Hannah's feet are conveniently propped up on the desk where Sarah was sitting, giving her full access. Hannah keeps pointing and wiggling her toes. Interestingly enough, her feet respond to Sarah's commands! Sarah tickles them and runs her fingers over her soles, insteps and toes. She even plays music and manages to make Hannah's feet dance to the beat! Sarah has a field day with this, all the while, Hannah remains in a steadfast slumber.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 10408 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 31:28.052
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HannahInFetishland – Pillow Talk Tickling

Hannah and Cali are lovers playing together in bed. The scene starts off with Hannah sensually teasing Cali with light caresses on her belly and thighs. Cali is a very good and submissive ticklee. Hannah straddles her and continues the tickling but makes it more intense, digging her fingers deep into Cali's belly, boobs , armpits, then her thighs. Cali laughs and wiggles while Hannah enjoys herself. This goes on for quite a while. Hannah flips around and gets Cali's lower half, starting with her thighs and working down to her feet. She focuses on the soles and toes for a while. Now Kelly turns the tables. She flips Hannah around and straddles her. She begins with her belly and moves upper torso working her neck, chest and armpits. She flips Hannah onto her stomach and sits on her lower back, grabbing her feet and targeting Hannah's very sensitive soles. Hannah laughs uncontrollably but does not resist too much. This does end in a bit of a tickle war though. Hannah overpowers Cali and the two end up in a sexy mess on the bed making out. They mix in some light foot play/worship along with tickling while they make out and strip each other out of their bras. Some more mutual playful tickling. They make out some more.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 10680 kbps, 29.971 fps
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Duration: 13:02.615
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HannahInFetishland – Diablo’s Greatest Hit FULL VERSION

Diablo the assassin is at it again, and this time he's got Hannah in his crosshairs. It's during the day and she is working unassumingly in her hotel room. Meanwhile, Diablo stands just hundreds of feet away, reviewing her stats one last time and planning his upcoming attack. Hannah walks over to the bathroom. A few minutes later she emerges. By this time, the assassin is already waiting behind the wall for her. As she walks past, he gets her with a blow to the back and she stumbles forward. This starts a long battle between them with Hannah getting a few swings in, but mostly getting dominated by Diablo. At some point he rips her shirt open and exposes her bra. He strikes her with punches, slaps, and knees. She goes down several times. He takes these opportunities to pin her down in various ways to give him a range of angles for doing the attack he's best known for: tickling! He traps her in different positions to allow for neck, face, armpits, feet, ribs, belly and knees to all get tickled mercilessly. She gasps for breath and begs for a reprieve as she winds down. Finally he knocks her out.

When she wakes up, Diablo's tickle attack is just getting started. Hannah finds herself barefoot and partially stripped with her hands taped to a small table. Diablo comes from behind her and pulls her shirt down further, exposing her shoulders. He primes her for another tickle torture session with some armpit and rib tickling. Hannah has nothing nice to say. He chokes her and gives her a few good belly punches before trying something else. He continues experimenting with her and figuring out her soft spots, tickling her belly chest, face and neck. In between breaths Hannah bags for reprieve. Diablo shows no mercy. He moves down to her feet and Hannah bucks and kicks, Landing her a few heavy blows from Diablo to subdue her. While Hannah is slumped to the ground, Diablo tickles her some more. She struggles hard and manages to break free from her binds. She spins around and gives Diablo two good punches. As she stumbles back, he catches her in a sleeperhold and takes her down. 

In the final chapter of her nightmare, Hannah awakens with wrists and ankles tied to a chair with rope. Diablo walks in and begins circling and taunting her. Hannah resists and protests his attacks. Diablo doesn't put up with it for long and so shuts her up with a punch to the belly. Then he resumes his tickle attack, first targeting her thighs. He moves up to her belly and further weakens her. He moves around to the back side of her and digs into her armpits again. His torture continues with a little added humiliation. Despite her objection to it, he puts a mask on her. She sasses him a bit for it but this only gets her tortmented even more. He makes his way around her different body parts. Hannah struggles to get free. Eventually she gets her ankles free from the ropes. She kicks at Diablo. He laughs it off and bends down to get a good grip on her feet. This begins the foot tickle torture. He ends this part by knocking her out in a sleeper again. She awakens tied spread eagle on the bed. Diablo menacingly comes up to her and straddles her. He begins with a slow torturous caress with his fingertips all over her belly and chest. Taking advantage of this compromising position, he makes her big boobs jiggle around while focusing on her pits again. To step it up a notch, he puts a pair of pantyhose over Hannah's head. He continues tickling, taunting, and humiliating her now with a pantyhose encasement covering her face. After a few minutes, he removes the pantyhose. He ask her if she's had enough. He grabs her face in his hands and warns her not to cross paths with him again, lest the punishment be greater next time. He  leaves her tied up, throws the pantyhose in her face, and walks out. Hannah is adorably pathetic in this tickle crime thriller! 

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Duration: 44:55.269
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Download – Diablo's Greatest Hit FULL VERSION

HannahInFetishland – Tied and Tickled

This is a 1-on-3 girl tickling! Hannah takes turns on 3 lovely topless tickle victims tied up on a bed.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 10609 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 317 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 23:25.237
Size: 1 830,392 Mb

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HannahInFetishland – The Pedi Tickle Attack

As she's winding down for the night, Hannah walks into her room on the phone and recounts the night's events to her caller. She's talking about her weird experience at the nail salon. Her pedicurist had noticed that her feet were ticklish, so she purposely kept tickling them. Hannah was so embarrassed and traumatized that she couldn't stop giggling until halfway home. As she's wrapping up her conversation though, the pedicurist appears in her room and quickly gets control of her! It seems the nightmare has followed her home. Hannah wakes up tied to the bed spread eagle and endures another "gitchy goo" session at the hands of her predatory pedicurist!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1280×720,, 8009 kbps,  fps
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Duration: 16:54.490
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