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RFStudioProduction – Tickling Ambush for cyber-Lisenok on an inquisition chair and bondage plus trying to escape

Cyber-Lisenok sneaks into the criminal’s lair to retrieve the secret chips. She scans the area through her glasses and finds an interesting place.
Lisenok joyfully opens the green bag and pulls out two chips, but then she gets grabbed by someone. Soon she wakes up.

Lisenok finds herself on a large chair. Her eyes are blindfolded and her hands and feet are tied. She tries in vain to get out as the head of the corporation approaches her. He taunts her, pokes her for information, and then puts a special helmet on Lisenok’s head. Then he tickles the poor cyber-girl. After all, it is her weak spot.

After reading the data on the weak points, the man uncovered Lisenok’s body and starts tickling her breasts and sides. She laughs embarrassingly.
Then he stands behind her and tickles her sides, then her belly again. Later he exposes the girl’s feet and tickles them with his massager and hands. Lisenok can’t stand it anymore but still doesn’t say anything. The ringleader left her alone…

Lisenok wakes up on the same chair with only her panties on. She sees a costume next to her and hastily puts it on, zipping it up. But there’s the ringleader waiting for her in the ambush.
Now Lisenok is hogtied on a bed, blindfolded, and gagged with a rag. The man mocks her with tickling. Then he left her alone. Lisenok moos and tries to get free. She almost does it and now her hands are free. Then she brakes free and tries to run out the back door.

Length: 28:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Ambush for cyber-Lisenok on an inquisition chair and bondage plus trying to escape

RFStudioProduction – Lydia vs Kelly – Tickling upper body and feet with oil on the bench

Tonight we’re presenting a tickling showdown between two beautiful girls, Kelly and Lydia. The girls will be in the same positions, taking turns tickling each other on the bench. They will be tightly bound by their arms and legs, and their thighs and knees will also be in leather cuffs. They will be wearing shoes on their feet at the beginning.

Part 1. Lydia is a ticklee
Kelly lightly tickles Lydia and then moves to her feet, removing her shoes and socks and gently tickling Lydia’s soft heels. But Kelly can’t wait to lick Lydia’s beautiful feet and starts biting her delicate toes, making Lydia burst into laughter.
Kelly gets comfortable and continues to nibble on her feet, tickling them with her tongue. Now she moves to Lydia’s upper body, tickling her armpits and sides while Lydia laughs non-stop.

Part 2. Kelly is a ticklee
The girls switch places, and Lydia takes on the role of the tickler for the first time. She heads towards Kelly’s feet to remove her white boots. Kelly’s bare feet are very tempting, and Lydia gently tickles her legs before oiling them up and continuing. Then Lydia sits on top of Kelly’s feet and tickles her big feet more vigorously.

Later, Lydia switches to Kelly’s upper body, oiling her flat stomach and tickling her belly button and armpits. Later, she lifts Kelly’s shirt, exposing her sexy breasts. She tickles Kelly’s ribs even harder, making her laugh even more. And in the end, she walks away.

Length: 33:25
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lydia vs Kelly – Tickling upper body and feet with oil on the bench

RFStudioProduction – Angela’s hysterical tickling by Agata and Alla + Four-handed tickle on massage table

This is a classic upper body and feet tickling using a special tickling technique with hands, which is practiced by Agata and Alla.
Angela is on the massage table. She is topless, wearing only panties. Her hands are tied behind her head and her feet are locked on corners of the table
Alla and Agata will alternately tickle her, then they will tickle her together.

Agata the tickler
Agata is also topless, she slowly and measuredly begins to tickle Angela and gradually accelerates. She plunges her fingers into her armpits and makes Angela into hysterics. She squirms and laughs. Then she tickles Angela under her panties and moves to her flat stomach, pressing her fingers against her sides.
Then Agata goes over to her feet and tickles Angela’s small feet for a while.

Alla the tickler
Alla comes in and starts tickling Angela with her beautiful long fingers, biting into her body. She also uses the technique of plunging her fingers into hollows of armpits and tickles her sides, pressing hard on the ribs. Then she also tickles Angela under her panties.
Angela wriggles hysterically and Alla stands behind Angela to reach her body and tickle her more. Then she tickles her feet.

Agata the tickler 2
Agata comes again and adds oil to Angela’s body and smears it. Then she tickles her body and breasts with her sharp nails and then sneaks under her panties. Angela’s slim body is completely at the mercy of the strong Agata.

Alla and Agata together
Both ticklers begin to drive Angela crazy. They tickle her together, standing next to each other. Then they separate and tickle the girl from different sides, making Angela completely exhausted.
In the end, the girls tickle her feet from different sides and leave.

Length: 42:33
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Angela’s hysterical tickling by Agata and Alla + Four-handed tickle on massage table

RFStudioProduction – Alevtina in stocks gets tickled by gagged Astrid and Leya in catsuits

Length: 15:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alevtina in stocks gets tickled by gagged Astrid and Leya in catsuits

Perverstage – Tickle Test for a First Timer

Perla is a 19-year-old girl who claims to be very ticklish, it will be her first time in a session of this type, but she says that it is not the first time that her feet have been tickled, although not with a fetishistic connotation.

The test begins with her lying on the examination table, her feet size 5MX 8USA, a small foot considering her height of 1.75 meters, the test begins the same as with Melissa, first hands, then feather, makeup brush, pinwheel, tartar remover, electric toothbrush, hairbrush, pet gloves, silicone massage gloves, her laugh is hilarious, and her big smile with braces is irresistible don’t keep tickling her feet to get that laugh.

Session without bondage, just a tickle test and a little interview at the beginning.

Length: 20:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Test for a First Timer

Perverstage – Mitsi a MILF with extremely small feet

Mitsi is a 39-years-old MILF, she says that she has already experienced some things before, such as foot fetishism, bondage, and tickling will be a matter of luck, because she does not know how ticklish she can be, the session begins with a foot worship, she puts her little feet on the table, she wears size 5 US, she begins the lollipops and licks on her feet, her expressions of anxiety indicate that everything is on the right track, what will become of her tied and gagged? let’s put her to the test, let’s take her to the Stock, first her feet together to make a subtle test with a feather and light touches, it seems that if she is ticklish, she tries to bear the laughter, but once blindfolded, gagged, toes tied, oiled soles, the tickler will manage to drive her to total despair.

Length: 20:13
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – Mitsi a MILF with extremely small feet

Perverstage – Janny’s sexy laugh at her first time

Janny is a 35-year-old MILF, once she attended a party in our studio, she was delighted to take selfies with the BDSM furniture and bondage devices, so we decided to convince her of a session, she gladly accepted, her first experience will be bound and gagged, the tickler will taste her bare feet that turn out to be very ticklish, but far from disliking him it seems that she got horny when she felt the tongue between her toes, we will have to add more challenge, the Tickler starts tickling waist poor Janny, who turns out to be very ticklish, suffers and quickly shouts the safe word, we thought she would resist a little longer, but unfortunately for her, the tickling does not end here.

Length: 10:44
Resolution: 1440×1080

Download – Janny’s sexy laugh at her first time